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Posted on 2006-04-28 15:35:00
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What a crazy crazy crazy week.

White House press corps member asks Air Force One to change TV's from Fox to CNN - hehe. It's also amusing because it's an article on cnn.com :-)

House Speaker Hastert gets out of a hydrogen car and back into his SUV a few blocks away from hold a press conference talking about high gas prices. Classy!

That's about it, I guess. Checking in code today that I've been working on for almost a month (yay!). Backwards compatibility is sweet for users and a pain for developers...


Comment from fairydust1:

wicked politicians. I think that's pretty lame to pretend you care, only to get back into a gas-guzzler. But, the kicker for me was the fellow looked like he could stand to lose a few pounds and it said "to drive the few blocks back to the capitol." Avoid both cars why don't you and walk!? :)

Comment from cifarelli:


Comment from wonderjess:

hey! do you like the cd?

Comment from gregstoll:

I like it! (and I wondered if you'd catch that :-) ) Thanks a bunch!

Comment from wonderjess:

I think that's the best song on it. I also like simple, rebel yell, and anthem of our dying day. a guy I use to know who sang in it said once that unlike some groups, the ramblers are really a performing group--they're better in person than on cd. and I think that's true. part of the reason I enjoy some of the songs is because I've been there when they've performed them, so I'm thinking about more than just the sound. anyhow. glad you like it!

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