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Posted on 2005-12-29 10:03:00
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Just a quick note - I put some more pictures from Christmas up, including the first ones taken with my new camera!

I'm having this new chamomile tea that my mom bought for me in Rochester. It's good, but it kinda tastes like soap. I'm having a hard time reconciling those two facts. Mmmm...


Comment from djedi:

Since when does soap taste good?

Comment from gregstoll:

Since this morning, apparently!

Comment from krikwennavd:

I thought you could also get chamomile soap. Are you sure you read the package right?

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, good point!

*checks package*

Well, it looks like tea, but it only specifically says "Chamomile" on the package...

Comment from krikwennavd:

Well, then. It's good for cleaning inside and out, apparently.

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