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Posted on 2007-10-05 23:51:00
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Just kidding! (I have multiple problems, of course)

A problem of mine is that I can have trouble living in the moment. When I'm experiencing something I enjoy my thoughts wander to making the experience permanent somehow - buying a souvenir of a trip, arranging another get-together, buying the DVD when it comes out of a movie I'm watching. Even though I know a lot of the fun is tied up in the particular experience I'm having then (and watching a movie the second and third time is rarely as good as watching it the first), I naively try to capture it. Unfortunately, no DVD can capture the people I'm with, the anticipation of the event, the people I'm with. (except maybe Blu-ray?) And letting my thoughts wander in this direction can actually take away from the experience. Letting go and just realizing that I'm enjoying myself is worth the while.

I'm declaring a hiatus on clue solver work - every time I try to sit down and work on the UI I just can't. It's as bad as writing English papers back in college. If I were just trying to get it done I'd start over and do it in Javascript, but part of the point is learning about Google Web Toolkit. (I'm learning that I like and know Javascript better than Java, but oh well) Maybe I'll sketch out some mockups and pick it up in a week or so.


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Comment from skimmerduk:

Tee hee...I have an equal yet opposite problem. When I'm experiencing something lovely, I almost inevitably focus on the impermanence of it all (i.e. its inability to be captured) and start worrying that the pinnacle of the activity has already passed, thereby almost ensuring that the pinnacle HAS already passed because it's hard to have the best moment of the evening when you're analyzing whether the current moment is the best moment of the evening. I hate being analytical.

Comment from wonderjess:

Sometimes I'm thinking about how I'll tell the story of what is happening now to other people later. Although sometimes that's good -- when I'm really scared or worried (cf. lost in St. Petersburg in the middle of the night) I think about telling the story while exaggerating my freaked-out-edness in an amusing way. haha.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, and that's what that story's so great :-)

Comment from tehfanboi:

But but but I wanted a clue solver! I'm never going to know who murdered Mr Boddy, in which room. with which instrument of death!

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