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Posted on 2006-08-01 14:49:00
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Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It... - date a geek or nerd today!

Rice is adding two more residential colleges, to which I say "pah".

Late addition: a horrible commercial type thing for Appalachian State University. Apparently it's HOT! HOT! HOT! Also, if you're going to throw out "best in the country" and you're not an Ivy League school, you might want to clarify or qualify that statement somehow. Otherwise you just look like a big liar.


Comment from wildrice13:

Perhaps they think that pronouncing it "Apple-atch-ian" puts them in the same league as "Haaaaaah-vard"? Oh, and that video was BAD, BAD, BAD!

Comment from cifarelli:

I'll add a 2nd Pah! to your first on.

Expand the student body by 30%?!?!?

Comment from onefishclappin:

If you ever want a rant from me, ask me about the new Dean of Engineering.
And vote #3 for the Pah!

Comment from cifarelli:

Oh, a rant from Christ? Excellent.

So, how about that new dean of engineering, who I have never met and know nothing about?

Comment from onefishclappin:

:) Well, why don't you guys come out and visit us sometime and I'll give it too you (a little longer than I feel like typing today...)

Comment from cifarelli:


Hmmm, because I have a certain tired wife who likes her comforts and naps at home? *shrug* Something will be done somewhen.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Hey now - I can pull the pregnancy card too! And the kid at home card! I'll just throw a whole deck at you ;)

Comment from gregstoll:

Don't make me stop and turn this thread around! I'll do it!

Comment from cifarelli:

Hmm, and drive it where?

Comment from gregstoll:

Back where it came from? Off a cliff? I'm open to suggestions...

Comment from onefishclappin:

But Ddddaaaaddd! I don't wannnnaaa stop. He was looking at me. You all hate me!

Comment from cifarelli:

Of course you can. That's what makes it ironic and fun to taunt you with.

Comment from fairydust1:

I had to turn off the ASU vid (snickersnorts). Wow - I think the Dean's 9 year old kid musta done that one!

As for the "Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It", I respond with "amen!" Having been in the midst of the geek circle in college, unawares that I was until it was "too late" I truly appreciate the well-educated nerd [looks across the desk at Jay]. ;)

Comment from gregstoll:

Aww :-)

Comment from cifarelli:

Okay, half of that video was enough torture for me. (Andrew was screaming at me to turn it off after about 5 seconds of the audio...)

Comment from onefishclappin:

Matthew liked it. He even sang along. I'm very very sad now.

Comment from liz_gregory:

Britton said "I'll go hide over here, tell me when it's done"


and an addendum to "Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It" - not just as boyfriends, they make excellent husbands and daddies :)

Comment from abstractseaweed:

While I provide an additional "pah" to the general idea of growing the student body, I do approve of the Lovett/WRC/SRC servery. The detriment to the college system that resulted from only half of the colleges having serveries will hopefully be rectified. Will Ricers won't feel the need to dine at Hanszen, and Hanszenites can reclaim their commons from the masses of foreigners.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, it makes sense that there should be serveries for all or none. I'm not convinced about the "all" answer to that, but given that some exist, WRC certainly deserves one :-)

Comment from fairydust1:

can I be a nerd here and ask WHY Rice calls dorms "colleges" and (I assume) cafeterias "serveries"? Or, is this more elitist Rice talk of which I am not qualified to speak upon? (wink wink nudge nudge)

*big grins*
Us Boilermakers wanna know!

Comment from cifarelli:

Rice uses the 'college system', more commonly used by universites in england. Your a member of your college, and while people ask to switch colleges its extremely rare. Each of the colleges have their own government, rules, traditions, sports teams, and chosen rivals.

In some ways it doesn't sound all that different than dorms... but it is mostly by the mindset that the college system has.

As for serveries.... *shrug* your probably right. The label is new for being applied to the area's that serve more than one college. Which is a relatively recent development.

Comment from onefishclappin:

The explanation that I hate, but everyone uses is "It's like the houses at Hogwarts".
I think they switched to calling the cafeterias ("CK" in our day, short for Central Kitchen) "serveries" when they started building one serving area to feed multiple (2 or 3) different eating areas. I don't know how good/bad this ends up being - I never liked the idea, but I never lived with it and the current people don't seem to hate it.

Comment from cifarelli:

I had the painful brainspark while writing my reply above that the english college system most americans would be most familiar with would be the Harry Potter one, and promptly banished using it as a point of reference.

Comment from gregstoll:

but...but...but...Harry Potter!

Comment from abstractseaweed:

As someone who spent half of my Rice time with the servery system and half without, I attest that the serveries severely damaged the culture of the colleges - Wiess and Hanszen worst of all, but all of the others to some extent as well. (Brown and Jones were spared by the fact that they had little distinguishable character to begin with, and their mutual identity was strengthened by the common servery.) With serveries there is much more interaction between people of different colleges, but a weaker social network within each college.

Comment from onefishclappin:

That is exactly what we (we being Weissmen who were vaugly asked for input about the new Weiss building, which was promptly ignored) were afraid of. I really hate to see the college system as diluted as it is now. I'm not been happy with the direction that Rice has been going the last few years, including academically. Sigh.

Comment from djedi:

Yeah, this was exactly what we Wiessmen feared, and I think overall the outcome is more acquaintances and fewer friends.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Oh, and please feel free to ask us for definitions when we break into too much "Rice-Speak" - we aren't meaning to be rude, but have a bad habit of forgetting that not _everyone_ knows what Baker 13 is or all the other lovely Ricey things.

Comment from fairydust1:

That's okay. You all have no clue why Boilermakers flock to "The Chocolate Shoppe" on weekends, I'm sure. And while, at the moment, I can't think of any great lingo to share from my university, I'm sure there is some that would make you guys go "huh"?

When the "Gold Coats" are coming, it means that the waitstaff in the Purdue dorms are loading up the foodlines in the caefterias. (yes, they wear gold jackets.)

The lions roar for every virgin who walks by them on campus. (They are stone statues ...)

Fountain runs were the craze when I was going to school. (we used to run through a fountain designed to be "interactive".)

The people who worked the computer help desk were called the Purdue Daemons (haha, and yes - they used the BSD Beastie as their logo).

Yeah, I'm sure they're kinda lame, but that's MY school. :-D

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