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Posted on 2009-01-21 10:31:00
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Well, I'm asking for feedback on now. I guess that means I'm about done with it!


Comment from wonderjess:

Can you add Rochester? I would put in stuff! And maybe other people in my department, too.

Comment from gregstoll:


Comment from wonderjess:

Added some restaurants! Will add more (and more info) and try to recruit others soon. :)

Comment from gregstoll:

Cool! Thanks :-)

Comment from medryn:

The link "About" is broken unless you are at Austin. For instance, it links to "" instead of to ""

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah...I just made that cities URL change and broke a few things. I'll fix them tonight.


Comment from onefishclappin:

I'm amused by the porn thing.

Comment from gregstoll:

Seriously, who would have guessed??

Comment from onefishclappin:

You got me. That being said, when we were coming up with baby names, I googled the name, possible misspellings, initials, reordered, nicknames, etc etc to make sure I wasn't naming my kid the same name as some mass murderer or porn star or something. But baby naming is a little more important than website naming. (And whoever bought (don't click there) was an evil genius.)

Comment from medryn:

You have: Fast Food, Cafeteria, Buffet, Sit Down

I would highly recommend adding (or perhaps replacing cafeteria with) "counter service" The vast majority of places I eat lunch at fall into this category, and not really into one of the other 4.

In fact, this would be a feature that is missing from Yelp. I always want to search for only counter service restaurants.

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, "counter service" is really what I meant by "cafeteria", so I went ahead and fixed the wording.

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