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Posted on 2007-09-10 09:59:00
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I felt fairly blah on Saturday, feeling a real lack of drive and not wanting to do anything or start anything. I expected to be plunged more into blahness yesterday since djedi was leaving, but listening to music I don't get to at work while I read a good book (Three Fortunes in One Cookie - highly recommended!) helped a lot.

In the evening I had football on while I totally rethought my approach to the clue solver. The whole specifying everything in terms of logic just wasn't working at all, and I didn't want to give up on it, so I'm rewriting things to do my own inference, etc. It actually doesn't look that hard and I can take advantage of the fact that some things are much easier for me to understand (one and only one suspect did it) than to specify it in propositional logic, which is what I was down to.

Spent the remainder of the evening installing Galleon and getting rid of my way old program for listening to music on the TiVo. (which didn't shuffle playlists at all) It took me a while to get it working correctly for who-knows-what reason, but it works now.

Kara run was pretty successful - we downed all the stuff we had earlier, plus Curator (hard fight!) and the Chess Event. (which, as Sepp said, was "free loot!") Took a shot at Netherspite for fun and he (it?) kicked our collective asses, finishing at 100% thanks to crazy portals and beams and whatnot.

djedi's interviewing at NI today - wish him luck!


Comment from cifarelli:

Netherspite is just a crazy crazy fight with so many ways for things to go wrong. My personal problem with the fight is his agro can be wonky and I get randomly eaten.

But kinda fun once you get it down.

Comment from gregstoll:

The best part was fighting for 2 or 3 minutes and having him finish at 100% health :-) It was 2:30 AM our time by then so I certainly wasn't up to such a complicated fight...

Comment from cifarelli:

Yup. I think its the green beam that heals him if no one tanks it. I'm often on blue beam duty depending on how many warlocks are along. I've occasionally jumped into the green beam as asked since I have no mana bar to lose. Not sure what the red beam does since the tanks always use that one.

But the key to that fight is managing the beams (easier said than done) and everyone learning to not die to all the forms of AoE does (the black circles are death till people learn to watch the ground)

Comment from gregstoll:

As a mage I get to stay clear of the beams since we have plenty of warlocks. (until we start to die, then I tanked him in the red beam for a hit or two :-) )

Are the black circles that tough? They're just like the ones that Zereketh the Unbound does in Arcatraz, right? Admittedly they were a little tricky at first but we got the hang of them. I guess avoiding those while staying in a beam could be tricky...

Comment from cifarelli:

Not that hard. We just have a person or two who need to be reminded before they fight every time.

We had one warlock guilty of dieing in the circle far more often than he should. But I expect in general its more a healer problem as they can zone out watching health bars and forget to watch the actual stuff going on screen.

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