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Posted on 2007-12-02 18:43:00
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Friday started pretty crappily (as I noted), then we went to see Beowulf 3D with people. It was better than I expected - I guess 3D technology has come a ways since I last saw it. The movie was pretty typical action fare, except it was all motion capture CGI-y. It was pretty well done - you could tell most of the time that the characters weren't real actors, and some of the emotions didn't come through as well as they could have, but not bad.

The music was also surprisingly good - the few themes they used are pretty catchy, and the "main" song was sung during the end credits by Idina Menzel! (the original Elphaba in Wicked)

Saturday was spent being cranky for a large part of the day for various reasons. We did get to start Super Mario Galaxy which is a lot of fun, and hang out with wildrice13 in the evening. I worked on my arena rating graph which is coming along nicely - got some statistics to show. (did you know we are much better against teams with 0 mages than teams with 1 mage?) Next step is making it so you can choose criteria (say, matches where the opponents had at least one hunter and paladin that we played in Blade's Edge) and show statistics based on that. Should be fun.

Today was church and then house-hunting. After talking for a while about the way things work (helpful if a bit long), we looked at 6 houses. Unsurprisingly, our top choice was one that looked kinda OK on paper, and our #1 choice on paper was OK but not great (and is under contract anyway so we can't buy it). I took a ton of pictures that hopefully will help us remember the one we liked. It was pretty good but not super amazing or anything. I guess in the future we'll just get more listings from our agent and periodically look at more houses. It's a bit anticlimactic.


Comment from destroyerj:

Hey so one piece of advice re: pictures. When you get home from a house-viewing trip, immediately sort the pictures into some identifiable form. What might be best actually would be to take a picture of a printout about the house before the pictures of the house.

I took lots of pictures to help remember them, and then later when I was reviewing them they sorta blended together ("wait so this bedroom.. was it for this house or the one after?").

Anyhoo don't put it off cause it very quickly gets forgotten.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah, yes, that is good advice. I heard that from somewhere else and was mostly successful - ended up trying to get a picture of the front of the house with the street address on it for identification purposes. I took almost 80 pictures in total which is a lot considering there was only one house we were excited about...

Comment from djedi:

Yeah, I think the biggest letdown after the fact that the ones we liked on paper sucked in real life is the fact that we get to shop and shop and shop until we find a really good one.

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