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Posted on 2007-03-15 07:55:00
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It hit 70 degrees here yesterday! It was absolutely beautiful. Of course, it's going to be cold again tomorrow, but it was nice to have a touch of spring.

I finished and posted my latest WoW guild data project. It was fun, but nothing too tricky about it.

So I read about the Amazon Unbox downloads on the TiVo, so I signed up. (free $15 if you link the accounts by the end of April!) We rented A Scanner Darkly to try it out (you have to watch it within 30 days, and once you watch it it expires in 24 hours), and it downloaded in like an hour. Very very cool stuff. It's also neat because if you buy something, Amazon saves it and you can redownload it at any time. (except if the stupid copyright holder doesn't let you, grr) Also, they have a small number of TV series including 24, Firefly, and Arrested Development.

My attempt at comprehending Haskell continues. I read through A Gentle Introduction to Haskell which, despite the title, is not really gentle at all. I'm also looking through the Haskell Wikibook which is a little too slow-paced for me, but it's a nice change of pace after the other one! I'm starting to get some of the ideas, and remembering why functional languages are so cool. As a crazy example, you can do something like

y = x * 2
x = 2

and it will still work, since variables are only assigned to once, so I guess it can figure out the order things should run in. (I should note that I can't find the reference for this anymore, so it may not be true. Also, this seems like a crazy thing to do in a functional language anyway.) Maybe my next Haskell project will be to write a bot for WoW! (*)

I've gotten in to work at 7:45 every day this week, surprisingly enough. I've also been to the gym every day.

I got two nice "Congratulations!" cards in the mail from my relatives for my engagement. Yay!

(*) - Just kidding. My next project won't be WoW-related. Also, this is borderline crazy to try to do.


Comment from bobacita:

Awesome! Congrats on the family support :)

Comment from wildrice13:

Yay for family support :D And good work at getting to the gym so much! I really need to start working out more, myself.

So I guess that other guild's info tables only look for characters 60+...

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, it looks like it's configurable. Man, that table looks a lot nicer than mine!

Comment from wildrice13:

Ah, so it is configurable. Yeah, theirs is pretty, but yours has the benefit of organized columns and sortability. If you want more detailed info theirs is good, while yours is a good overview :)

Comment from wonderjess:

hey, who are the cards from? I'm guessing aunt & uncle B for one.

Comment from gregstoll:

Correct! (and they wrote a nice letter with it) The other was uncle N & aunt M.

Comment from wonderjess:

haha, the only conservatives in the family (or what passes for it), I'd say you're home free, reaction-anxiety wise. :)

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