I would like to marry The Daily Show
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Posted on 2008-09-04 10:24:00
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(with thanks to omega697)


Comment from omega697:

I'm sorry Greg, but I define marriage as between a human and a human! None of this human/television show stuff!

Comment from gregstoll:

I just want the freedom to love my favorite TV show! Why is that so hard for you to accept??

Comment from omega697:

Because next thing you know, people will be wanting to marry books, and then magazines, and then maybe just blank pieces of paper! We can't have that! [/rick santorum]

Comment from djedi:

Wait, wait, you can't channel Rick Santorum without throwing in a bestiality reference. The guy really seems to get off on that stuff.

Comment from omega697:

I thought about it, but we had already gone beyond living things.

Comment from djedi:

Yes, it is awesome stuff. The Daily Show is the best news show ever...or so I hear.

Comment from omega697:

They have The Best News Team On The Motherfucking Planet(TM)!

Comment from liz_gregory:

a wonderful example of our "liberal media" of course...

and I do mean wonderful ;)

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