On Weight Watchers
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Posted on 2005-01-17 13:36:00
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So I joined Weight Watchers today - they started meetings at work, which is very cool. It worked for me before, and I was within spitting distance (10 pounds or so) of my goal weight, and then I graduated college, and getting to meetings got more inconvenient and getting high-calorie foods became easier. So I'm back up to around where I was where I started. But I'm gonna make it work this time!

Anyway, one thing that I don't like about Weight Watchers is the female/male ratio - there were 25ish people at the meeting today, and exactly 2 guys (myself included). It makes me...uncomfortable, I guess. I dunno.


Comment from winocas:

Hey! I just saw you on livejournal! (I had no clue you had one!)

Comment from gregstoll:

Yeah, I just started one last week. How have you been?

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