ngrams away!
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Posted on 2007-05-08 09:40:00
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I couldn't help myself and ordered the Google n-gram set. Don't know when it will arrive, but I'd suspect it will take a while. Maybe 6-8 weeks? :-)

In the meantime I'm working on algorithms and running them on the data set Peter Norvig used for his spelling corrector. Did you know "the" is the most common word? It's true! Tonight I hope to compare the distribution of words to Zipf's Law. (which is a very cool law!)

If you like MST3K, you'll probably like RiffTrax. (NYT article) We should try this sometime!

As I post, the #3 bestselling book on amazon is The Secret, which is about the secret to getting everything you want. Apparently it's (spoiler!) just wanting it enough. Oh, and if you get sick or bad things happen to you, it's your fault for not thinking about good things enough and you should be shunned lest your lack of good thoughts spread! Slate does a nice Human Guinea Pig about it.


Comment from wonderjess:

aw, I was totally going to get you and david a rifftrax as a surprise! I had it all planned out. but I guess I should not be shocked that you also saw the story.

but now you're thinking, oh, the surprise is ruined, she got out of buying us a gift. but wouldn't that make the surprise even bigger? MAYBE! see now either way you'll be surprised, only more pleasantly so if you end up with a rifftrax.

Comment from gregstoll:

Whoops, sorry!

(but good point!)

Comment from wonderjess:

ooh, the site has free samples! very fun.

Comment from djedi:

gah, what a stooopid book.

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