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Posted on 2006-01-18 08:20:00
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Oof, it's early. And to think I used to get in to work so early regularly...

My mom is in town, so I did breakfast with her (hence the earliness). I had a productive night - took care of a bunch of odds and ends, and I made a breakthrough on my planned WoW mod. The most important part was the name - I came up with the gem "GwyddenTelMod", which I think I'll stick with (the name of our guild is "Gwydden Telaid", which means "Beautiful Trees" (or something close) in Welsh). Anyway, I can save guild data and parse it in Python, so now I just need some code to generate an HTML page and some way to automate the uploading somehow. But those are less difficult than what I've already done. Woohoo!

Mmm...good music (see above, or below if your friends page is different from mine!)

If you're a friend of fairydust1, you can add fairydust1blog to your friends list, and there will be a post there every time she posts on her "real" blog. The first time it ran it picked up all of the posts, but that shouldn't happen anymore, hopefully.

There's a neat hip-hop mashup of the Darth Vader theme video thing. As seen on jwz, who I've friended (he's Jamie Zawinski, who was an original hacker on Netscape back in the day, and his home page has some interesting rants).


Comment from wildrice13:

Man, you really throw yourself at projects! Sounds really cool, looking forward to seeing it work :)

Comment from gregstoll:

I do, as djedi can surely attest. But this is so cool!

Comment from fairydust1:

When I clicked on my most recent posting, using your link-thingy-ma-jig, it only showed me the top two paragraphs of the longer post. Is that what happens to y'all when you do the same? :(

Comment from gregstoll:

Interesting...it does seem to only show some of the post, not all of it.

The problem is that the RSS feed (http://blog.rootaction.net/?q=node/feed) is only showing some of the post, and LJ just picks up on that. So if you can get the RSS feed to show the full posts, not just the first two paragraphs (or something), we'll see all of them.

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