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Posted on 2006-05-25 12:42:00
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If you haven't seen the winning Eurovision song, and you like seeing people from Finland dressed as Klingons (or something), you owe it to yourself to check it out!

So I saw in my referrer logs that some MySpace page was using my spade image (), so I decided to look at the site. Aaand...wow. I think my eyes exploded just looking at that.

I made some good progress on the palm to google calendar thing - it's mostly working and the server is updating status as it goes. Now I need to figure out why the client doesn't poll for status until the server is done, and make the client display status in some nice and friendly way. Oh, and make it a bit more secure, too, just in case. Hopefully in another week or two it will be doneish!


Comment from djedi:

Wow to both.

Comment from fairydust1:

I must ask - is there such a thing as a "nice" MySpace page? All the ones I ever see referenced are pretty baaaadd.

W00T on the Palm/GCalendar thing. I'll be a willing guinea pig if you want to test it sometime on someone else's stuff. :)

Happy Thursday!

Comment from gregstoll:

Absolutely - you can be the first beta tester :-)

Comment from destroyerj:

I created a myspace page last night (to get someone to shut up trying to make me create one). I used a little editor I was pointed to to customize it. I stayed away from any options trying to put images in various places and just messed with the colors. Let me know if it's ok enough to be considered "nice" :). I was told by one person that it's at least readable ;).

Comment from gregstoll:

I'm not a big fan of the dotted lines enclosing the boxes.

But compared to my other myspace experience, you're the google of myspace. (in terms of looking nice and not being ridiculously complicated, mind you, not searching)

Comment from onefishclappin:

Eww, black hurts my eyes. The contrast makes me squint on my work monitor.
Sorry, but no go. (This all being said, I haven't looked at any other myspace pages, so it might be the Holy Grail of myspace, in which case, I want nothing to do with the site.)

Comment from destroyerj:

Mmk, I made a quick run at changing the color scheme. Hopefully contrast issues should be gone (aside from the blue links which I haven't discovered how to change yet). I'm not entirely thrilled with the color scheme yet, but it'll do for now when I should be doing work ;).

Comment from gregstoll:

Ooh, I like it better. The inconsistent spacing of the boxes on the right (some of the titles are aligned, some aren't, not all boxes are aligned) bothers me but I bet that's really hard to fix.

And, yeah, ouch the blue links :-)

But cool!

Comment from destroyerj:

Yes, the way to change these things is very odd, since you're just inserting stylesheets in the middle of a page as far as I can tell. (Like I told you before, you put the stylesheet stuff in the "About me" box of your profile).
If/when I care enough about it, I'll try to find more information on stuff like that (I noticed the annoying table inconsistent box issues too right away).

Comment from gregstoll:

Oh, great, they're images. That'll be more tricky...

Comment from destroyerj:

K, gimp temp one up for now. Yay for funky hacks.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Better, but for the blue, agreed.

Comment from wildrice13:

Yeah, you're right about that page you linked: "wow". Not only wow, but also ouch. Makes you wonder why he was looking at your page such that he found that spade in the first place, no?

Comment from gregstoll:

Probably ganked from some other page - I've seen the heart picture linked to from myspace, but I couldn't load it for some reason...

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