Life imitating xkcd
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Posted on 2007-02-08 16:19:00
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I so want to solve this problem!


Comment from djedi:

First, I'm the sort of person who thinks about this a lot in social situations...t the lunch table at work every day, at the movies, etc.

Second, that would be a really cool programming project. :) Seems like something you could do with discrete hill climbing maybe.

Comment from anonymous:

That does look like fun. I really ought to start doing programming puzzles like this to get my skills up to speed.

One interesting thing about this puzzle is that the matrix could have been a triangular matrix (I don't remember the actual math lingo for a matrix that is triangle-shaped) if it didn't have the feature of one-way crushes, since the other four relationship types are mutual.

Justin is gay or bi. I wonder which gender PLod is.

Comment from anonymous:

that was abstractseaweed, btw. apparently i'm not logged in.

Comment from gregstoll:

I love the fact that Eve has a crush on Bob, but Bob is an enemy of Eve. Drama!

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