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Posted on 2006-08-07 15:28:00
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(the asmc-related subjects will taper off, I'm sure...)

Work is starting to die down, and I'm spending more of my time on quitting-related activities. Which means I'm probably not going to finish the last project I wanted to, but so it goes. Also, I was amused to find they're going to use my BCD clock for a demo at NIWeek, which starts tomorrow.

Due to my resurgence in baseball interest, I've been reading Fire Joe Morgan, a blog about bad sports writers and announcers. It's pretty negative, but also extremely amusing. (I bet spchampion would like it!)

Speaking of spchampion, I've added two new feeds of non-LJ blogs - spchampionblog, which is spchampion's (Stanton's) blog, and haunspergerblog, which is Doug and Teresa's blog. You can add them to your friends list and their posts will show up like normal friends posts. You'll have to go to their blog site to comment on them, though. (well, you can comment here but they'll have to know to check here to find them, which sounds annoying)

Cricket Explained (An American Viewpoint) - I like watching the occasional (every 5 years or so) game of cricket, and I learned a lot from this article.

Computers just can't seem to get past Go - an article about how not good computer Go programs are. I'd like to play more Go...

Iran to supply Hezbollah with surface-to-air missiles - this seems seriously bad. How far from this to an Iran-Israel war?

Virginia is for Haters - Andrew Sullivan points out the Virginia is the "most anti-gay state in the union", as it denies gay couples even the right to "legally-binding private contracts to help them support their relationships". That sounds fairly unconstitutional to me. Anyway, I would have figured some other state (Mississippi? Tennessee?) would be worse, but maybe not...


Comment from spchampion:

I had no idea you could syndicate like that (and I looked around for it). Could I make this easier and just syndicate my blog into Livejournal without making people add a new friend?

Comment from gregstoll:

It looks like that is not possible.

Comment from yerfdogyrag:

Virginia is funny - somewhat just the opposite of Austin. Here, we have a somewhat conservative legislature in the middle of a liberal city. Richmond tends to be very conservative (I'd call it backwater) compared to Northern Virginia but most of the decisions are made by the Richmond folks. I'm not sure if it's still this way, but when I lived there you could only buy alcohol from an ABC store and they're only allowed to be open 6 days a week, and not too late into the evening.

Having said that, you can get just about anything in DC.

Comment from omega697:

Here in Kansas, Kendra and I saw a bumper sticker that read: "Kansas: as bigoted as you think!"

Comment from gregstoll:

Hah! How depressing to put that on one's bumper. (unless you wear it with pride?) In any case, I hate Kansas.

Comment from gerdemb:

Hey how did you syndicate Stanton's and Doug and Teresa's blog in LJ? I've been using a separate feed reader to read !LJ blogs, because I didn't know they could be added like that.

Comment from gregstoll:

Here's the pertinent FAQ - the catch is you have to have a paid account. (I do - if you'd like me to add some, just let me know!)

Comment from gerdemb:

ah that explains why i didn't know about it. i guess briton has the only other blog that i read outside of lj. it's here:


Comment from gregstoll:

Actually, I have that one already - it's at brittonblog.

Comment from onefishclappin:

What did I start? (I pestered Greg to see if he would set up Stanton & the Haunspergers' blogs a few days ago)... everyone seems very excited about the new blog syndications... Props to Greg for paying for his LJ unlike the rest of us schmucks and taking care of setting these up for us!

Comment from cifarelli:

I've also set up feeds for dakao and timdanner, if y'all are interested.

Comment from spchampion:

I'm actually a little unhappy about it. LiveJournal now allows people to comment on my blog on LiveJournal, but those comments never migrate back to my blog. So now I have to check two places to see if there are comments to my postings.

I would much rather not have commenting enabled on the LiveJournal feed.

Comment from cifarelli:

Most people realize that commenting on a feed is pointless as the person whose feed it is will likely never see it. If you're concerned about it (or people ARE commenting on your Livejournal feed) you could make a post telling people not to do such as you won't see it, and if they want to comment, they should instead click on the link to your actual blog and comment there. That should generally take care of the issue.

Comment from gregstoll:

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to turn this off. You could do something like this and make a "special" LJ feed that has text telling people not to comment here if you'd like, but that kinda sounds like a pain.


Comment from djedi:

I'm confused. Can he not turn off comments in LJ? Also, if every post ends with a direct hyperlink to your real journal, maybe it'll be just as easy for people to comment the right way.

Comment from gregstoll:

You can't turn off comments in a syndicated feed (they're not "real" accounts).

Comment from spchampion:

I'm pretty much stuck with the RSS as it is. The version of Textpattern I'm running doesn't let me customize it. I think newer versions do.

Very, very annoying that LiveJournal does not allow disabling of comments.

Comment from onefishclappin:

Agreed. We (being the people reading this who are likely the main ones reading your syn. blog) will just commit to not commenting on LJ and if we have a comment, then we'll go to your site. That being said, people have in the past been notoriously bad about bothering to go off LJ to comment, so don't expect a ton of comments...
It is easier to see the new posts as they come up instead of having to remember to check your website (along with the 20 other sites of people I try and keep up with, some of which get updated a couple times a week, others which get updated every couple of months... complain complain complain...)

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