nightbane down!
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Posted on 2007-10-01 10:56:00
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The night started poorly with two people getting locked outside of Netherspite's room and people being kinda cranky in general. However, we downed him on the next attempt and killed the Prince after a few attempts. (oh, and the free loot from the Chess Event) We had grinded up our Thrallmar rep so we could run Heroic Shattered Halls and summon Nightbane for the first time.

Nightbane, despite what I read somewhere, is not about as hard as Prince - he (?) is much harder. The tricky parts for us caster DPS in the ground phase are mostly avoiding the Charred Earth (or moving out of it when it hits your spot) and trying to stay out of the AoE fear. The air phase is tough - we finally figured out to collapse on the tank, wait for the Rain of Bones, then move back to where we were standing and kill the skeletons, and stop doing anything when Nightbane lands to avoid pulling aggro (this happened a lot). Oh, and don't stand too far apart when killing the skeletons otherwise you get the Fireball barrage. The landing is definitely the trickiest part - at first we would always wipe on landing or shortly thereafter.

Anyway, on something around our 12th attempt (anyone have a more accurate count?) we finally got him. There were a few close calls before that - got him to 14% a few times before - so I had hope, but man is it tough.

I got two pieces of loot for the night (T4 helm and Jewel of Infinite Possibilities) so I'm pretty happy.

Finally got started working on the Clue Solver again and I made some progress on the GUI for once. Figuring out parts of the Google Web Toolkit - I guess it's neat to wrote JavaScript code in Java but I'm a lot more comfortable in JavaScript (and not so comfortable in Swing-like GUIs) so it's not hugely efficient. Maybe it's more of a win on bigger projects or something.


Comment from cifarelli:

Grats on nightbane down.

He is a lot nastier than prince in what he can do, but prince seems so much more luck based with the random infernal landing spots.

Comment from gregstoll:

Our tank seems to have found a safe spot to tank him where the healers and caster DPS don't ever have to move. (and we only have a few melee people) It would definitely be harder if we had to bounce around a lot.

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