moving on
Mood: sad
Posted on 2007-09-15 23:30:00
Words: 7

I hate saying goodbye. I'll miss people.


Comment from spchampion:

Goodbye. We'll miss you.

Oh wait, you're moving to Texas? Hello! Welcome! How's it going?

Comment from gregstoll:

Are you in Texas now? I can't keep track of everyone!

Comment from spchampion:

Yes. San Antonio working as a product manager for Rackspace. Great company.

I need to get my webpage back online so I can go back to making blanket announcements about what I'm doing.

Comment from gregstoll:

Ah - neat! I very nearly applied there before I got my old job back.

Comment from djedi:

Neat! I'm so behind. Glad to have you back in Texas! (said I guess from the perspective of being back myself soon.) Congrats though!

Comment from winocas:

Coming back to texas, eh? Gimme a call sometime, I'm in the DFW area. My phone # is in my facebook profile.

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