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Re 5 years of fatalities: You can see the shift in sunset time throughout the year on the monthly pedestrian fatality chart. Interesting...

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I know I've gotten some odd looks occasionally when I've openly mentioned gay friends (Talking about Kindles & I told the story about how you guys took an extra suitcase to Hawaii for your honeymoon to carry all your books ;) Or when we are talking about taking kids to weddings and I mention the only one Matthew has ever been to was for 2 guys. I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm going to do.
AMD is still a bit of a boys club; I think that might be subtley skewing things. I see it a bit from being one of the few women, and I know that when push comes to shove, everyone very much supports all of the women that work there. And that's been empowering to learn.

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I will admit that I don't know anyone at my company who is out. Statistically, there obviously must be gay people at my company. I try to be as open/accepting as possible (stuff like openly talking about going to you guys' wedding or mentioning hanging out with gay friends). I think there's one lady who is gay, but she has never said anything definate (though there were plenty of easy opportunities). So the question for straights (who are pro-gay) is how can we help those closeted feel more comfortable coming out to us? (Note, my coworkers are now predominately Indian, and so if any(some) of them are gay, I suspect they are very deeply closeted for add'l cultural reasons. I have very few single American coworkers who I would consider likely closeted gay canidates.)

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Loved the article on Deadwood. Can we have an old/new game night where we play both versions?

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You need some women in the enginnering video, fyi. Not all engineers are geeky looking guys. Really. I promise.

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Then there is the argument of enjoyment. You treat the shoe nicely (tie/untie), and it's more comfortable for longer & looks better. How much value do you place on your appearance?
You can cram your foot into your shoes, save maybe 5 seconds (I agree with Jonathan) during each shoe insertation, and end up wearing broken down shoes which look bad for longer. Oh and you don't really save much time w/the untying/retying since they loosen and you have to readjust the ties occasionally.

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I need to put you in shoe boot camp with my boys. Untie before taking off. Don't cram - hold the heel while you put your foot inside. Tie carefully and don't walk on your laces.
Matthew managed to break one of his laces this morning & Alex is contantly getting in trouble for no untying.
As a mother, I give you an eye roll

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Let me know if/when I can help!

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I'll help you w/bridge AI if you want...

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How'd audition go?

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The guy who owns the Mystery Machine is a friend of a friend from work. That is assuming that it's the only Mystery Machine in Austin. If there are more than one, then there is something just wrong w/this city ;)

BTW, I know you joined Groupon recently - if you see a coupon for flying lessons (like airplane flying) in the next few days - that's another friend of mine's company (Step Up Aviation).

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The idea is slow - one new deal per day. You can't go and say "I want to look into housecleaning" and get a good deal on it. It supports impulse purchases. Just not my cup of tea :)

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I know ppl who like & use Groupon. It looks interesting, but a little slow.

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An elementary school in my district had a planetarium. We all went there 2 or 3 times a year for field trips. Plus the one at Fair Park. One at UTD I think. And that's just what I remember off the top of my head w/no research. I didn't think planetariums were any big deal growing up because of it, but now I think they are really cool.

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Note to self - don't go to the Grand Hotel. We usually do Residence Inn (right next to AMD), Plaza Suites, or The Biltmore. But those are also on the company's roll, not my money.
There's a great burger place that was about 3 1/2 miles walking from your hotel.

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I didn't realize that you were heading out to SV - I could have clued you on to some great restaurants. Which hotel were you at?

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Didn't really look at most of them :) Just saw the one of us and noticed the ???'s. Have seem most of them on the photog's site before anyway.

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And I'm hungry and am now craving yogurt, thankyouverymuch

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Yes, that's Alex (Matthew & David had already gone home, plus Matthew's hair doesn't stand up like Alex's does...)

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1) Apply has always been a closed system. Even back in the day of Apple IIE and stuff, the "tinker'ability" of the Apples was horrible. Doesn't surprise me as what they are doing now w/iP**s.

2) I heard about that. How stupid and horrible. I can't believe parents participated and encouraged such mean behavior. And I can't believe there were no students who spoke up (unless most of them didn't really know about the double cross). I'll make a promise to you - I promise that I will raise nice children who will not do something like that.

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I remember believing a lot of strange things as a child. I makes me wonder how I'm screwing up my kids.

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1) Why were you nervous at Olive Garden?
2) Insomnia sucks

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Happy anniversary! Have a good time.
And I agree re. 16GB for $35 - I remember being so pumped when I got a 1.2G drive my freshman year in college. Not to mention being so excited when we got a computer with a hard drive to begin with - no more floppy shuffle!

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I was called once in Dallas when I lived in Houston for school, so got an out. Since then, I've not been called. I might be on a black list somewhere, having been married to a prosecutor once upon a time.

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My parents were just talking about that. I think my dad got a shot, but I don't think my mother did, as she was pregnant w/me at the time.

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I'm still planning on leaving them.

Comment on post dentistry and cable bandwidth caps:

I've been wanting to ditch TW for a while, and this might push me over the edge.

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That being said, my parents have one in Dallas & there are tons around their house & they all produce like crazy and no one ever does anything special or even bothers watering them. I promise that I'll help you shell your pecans :)

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Yup :)
The Natural Gardener is the other nursery that we go to in Austin.
Both are down near us - so you have to visit us if you go to either ;)
We got an oak. I don't see a lot of pecan around here; I don't know how well they grow here. I guess we should ask Stanton.

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It's About Thyme is where we bought ours.

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The thing where when you hover your mouse over a link (or in this case, a picture that's a link), it pops up a preview of what's behind the link. Of course, since I never use standard systems or browsers, it never works properly and just means that I get random popup things when I move my mouse around.

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Nephew not cousin, right?
Mini-pictures are fine, except for the stupid snapshot thing, which isn't really your fault.

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Once again, I answer my own question:
Thank you wikipedia. And no, she doesn't get a penny for every use of that picture, but apparently, she (and Playboy) are ok with that.

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What's up with that - I remember that as always being the example graphics picture from back when I in college. I hope she gets a penny every time some prof makes everyone in the class alter that pic in some way.

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Thx for the link - I sent it to my parents who introduced us to Big Bang Theory. When they first showed it to us, they explained it in terms of "That one is Dustin, that one is Lewis, that one is Matt" - all guys I knew from HS and college. I really do feel like I know some of them, and they are absolutely right about Sheldon demonstrating classic Asperger's symptoms, though I had not thought of it in those terms previously.

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I get them on my cell phone which pisses me off because it's illegal & eats my minutes. Grr. (I have learned to be hard hearted about not answer it unless I know the number or it's at least an area code that I expect someone strange to be calling me from.)

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I've been meaning to ask - have you considered combining your reception & ceremony locations? Since you aren't going to doing it with a church with which you have a strong association, what do you think about just having a preacher do the ceremony at the reception site. Has advantages in terms of cost, travel (since ppl only have to go one place, you don't have to make sure the places are close together, & you can go further afield as well). Just something else to stress/worry about ;)

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That's the name of the place that they Gregory's got married at (I have a mental block on that name, for some reason.)

Comment on post attention world:

If you can get the reception place you want for the weekend you want it, then you can do it. Everything else isn't nearly as time critical (it's not like you have to worry about alterations on a wedding dress or anything.)

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You don't get a great feel, but this was just in one of the random gazebo like things around the grounds.

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1) The castle place: I've been there. It's owned by a friend of a friend (my friend being a Weissman & AMD fellow). My friend & the owner had a join Halloween party there a couple of years ago, and it's really neat. Definitely something unusual & memorable. I would say that a requirement would be holding it during good weather because 1/2 of the fun is wandering the grounds.
2) Driskell - I hate to say it, but I wasn't overly impressed. Loved the Harpers wedding and had a blast, but once we were in the main reception room, it was pretty generic banquet hall. The "going away" bit was cool though - down the marble stairs and all. I don't remember the food much, but they did do well w/food allergy issues (since you'll have at least one gluten free person to worry about...)
3) Can't remember the name, but where the Gregorys had theirs was nice, but far away (off Lake Travis, I think).
4) Green Pastures - I liked it a lot. Nice grounds. Nice buildings. Conducive to being indoors & out.
5) Wildflower Center - neato outdoors & nice indoor spaces too. Expensive & no smoking anywhere on grounds (not that that would be much of an issue...)

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There's where the Haunspergers had their reception, if you remember that.

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You got me. That being said, when we were coming up with baby names, I googled the name, possible misspellings, initials, reordered, nicknames, etc etc to make sure I wasn't naming my kid the same name as some mass murderer or porn star or something. But baby naming is a little more important than website naming. (And whoever bought (don't click there) was an evil genius.)

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I'm amused by the porn thing.

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This was a hard week for Week of Happy for me too. And maybe that makes it better that we did it this week. I'm glad that the tooth is slowing improving.

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1) Coins are more expensive to make, but last a lot long (50-100 years, not 2-5 years). The whole "recyclable" claim is strange. The points is that we don't need to recycle them for a long time. But, over time, the assertion that coins are cheaper is true.
2) If you are carrying around a lot of money, large paper bills are king. No one should argue differently. But just like you don't carry $100 worth of paper money in singles, you wouldn't in dollar coins.
3) Coins' biggest benefit is tollways where you can pay w/out an attendant & not carry around (and throw) 5 coins, but 2 (assuming a $1.25 toll). Similar argument for vending machine.
4) In general, if you are interested in helping the government reduce waste, streamlining the world, eliminating life waste, then doing most of your purchases with credit card and using dollar coins would help. But this is a fuzzy feel good thing, not a concrete "if I do this, I will benefit" thing.

The benefit to you personally; pretty much nil. This is why I'm arguing that by the government trying to "sell" the idea of dollar coins to consumers is flawed. They can sell all they want, but it will not change anything. They need to figure out how to get them into circulation via banks and businesses & people will use them when they get them.

I would be curious to track the flow of dollar coins. How do they leave the bank/mint (personal withdrawals, like Greg made or businesses buying cash for change)? Where do they go from there? I have a sneaky feeling that businesses don't withdraw dollar coins and any they receive just get thrown into the weekly cash deposit. I bet most don't have a slot in their money drawer for dollar coins and they are just considered a pain. Therefore, the whole idea of getting dollar coins for yourself and using them to "get them in circulation" isn't really valid, unless you use them at companies where you think they will then use them again & not just deposit them.

So, does anyone know any small business owners? Can you convince them to make a push for dollar coins (only using them for change, deposit their bills & get slugs of coins?)

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Comment on post $1 coins!:

How many dollar bills do you really carry at one time? One or two or three. Easy enough for a pocket or coin slot in a wallet. You can still carry plenty of cash in your standard wallet - I somehow don't see dollar coins leading to man bags :)

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I'd be happy to use dollar coins, but how? I never get them from stores. The only place I seem to get them is if I use the self serve machines at the post office. If stores give them to me, I'd use them. If they give me dollar bills, I'll use those. How to fix this?
If I ran a store, I'd ask the bank for dollar coins. As a consumer, what can I do?
If the mint did something like let stores buy dollar coins at just under a dollar (99 cents, for instance) (in limited quanities, for a limited time period), would this introduce enough dollar coins into circulation in order to get it off the ground.
By giving away free tshirts to consumers, I feel like maybe they were talking to the wrong people. They should have been in the stores instead. They should be working with the vending machine companies to make sure they allow and encourage dollar coin use. (Vending machines are one case where dollar coins could rule - one coin instead of 4!). I think we need to think trickle down economics here.

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Good for you!

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That's cool! You need to send them a picture of yourself though - you are the only one w/out one.
I wish I would get more involve in mentoring type stuff, but I'm always "too busy". I know there are lots of good opportunities as a "woman engineer", but ... me lazy.
You go Greg!

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See for a discussion on how Palin is reminiscent of Bush's attitude.
Also, I discovered that someone registered
Hehe - I'm taking over your post with my linkies which I'm too lazy to post alone :)

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There's already reports of people getting rescued who defied the orders. Worst part was that some of the family members stayed at the house after the frail, old people were last minute rescued. It makes me really frustrated that these people are so willing to risk other people's lives and resources that could be helping people who were in danger which was no due to their own damn stupidity and stubbornness. Rant.

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All I hope is that first responders aren't put in danger or get hurt trying to save some of these selfish people who decided to ride it out in mandatory evacuation zones...

Comment on post Ike:

You'll always have people who refuse to leave. Some will live and say "Why did everyone freak out so much" and others will die and people will say "What a shame". With this hurricane, I don't think anyone who wanted to leave (and made even the slightest effort to do so) wasn't able to. Yeah, there might be some people who decided to stay and then suddenly in the middle of it, after the last bus left & the roads are impassible, say "Oh wait, I want to leave. What? The city/government/troops/police will not help me? This is an outrage!".
In Katrina times, there seemed to be a lot of people who wanted to get out but couldn't (jobs, lack of car, medical issues, traffic etc). Those were the people who showed up at the Superdome *before* the hurricane started. I don't think there are a lot of those people in this hurricane. I know the government's plan is to have none of these people left. If you wanted out & make a minimal effort before the storm starts, then you could get out.
Rant rant. I'm mean and cruel, but I have very little sympathy for the people who intentionally stay in places like Galveston. I feel really bad for their friends and family who did evacuate and are now panicking over their loved one's poor decision.

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We would never watch TV if it wasn't for the TiVo. Now, I don't know if that's an argument for or against it.

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I think it varies by states (and by hospitals). But yes, it's "AMA" (against medical advice) to delay after water breaking.

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Yes, "water breaking" and "leaking amniotic fluid" are the same thing (or at least at end stages of pregnancy). Basically "water breaking" usually indicates large amounts of amniotic fluid leaking & the bag of waters is mostly gone. This indicates that the baby has to be born soon. "Leaking amniotic fluid" can happen due to small ruptures, but sometimes it's decided that if enough fluid is left, the baby is sufficiently premature, and the mother is closely monitored (like in the hospital) for infection, they try to extend the pregnancy in order to give the baby additional time to gestate. (This is sorta what happened to Dawn, if I remember correctly, though hers also had some bleeding associated.) At 36 weeks, I think almost all doctors would go ahead and deliver the baby instead of trying to prolong the pregnancy (37 weeks is considered full term), due to the risk to both mother and child. In other words, "leaking amniotic fluid" at 36 weeks falls into the "must deliver within 24 hrs" rule.

But given the advanced maternal age (anything over 35 is considered medically high risk), the downs syndrome, the extended flights & travel, & bypassing bigger and better hospitals... I really question her decision on this one. And that bothers me a great deal as a mother.

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I have an issue w/both candidates regarding "Families are off limits" because they seem to really mean "Families are off limits, except when I want to drag out my cute kids and have them show how [human|warm|loving|etc] I am." In other words, the bad parts of families aren't to be talked about, but stay away from the controversy.

Barak has been very bad about this, from what I can tell.

Part of Palin's appeal and reputation is partially built on her being a mother & a family-woman. I have a hard time if she wants to tout that, but then wants us to ignore the fact that she really failed her daughter wrt family planning. I guess I see it as not her daughter's scandal, but Sarah Palin's herself's since the critique of of her parenting skills. It's like a coach who teaches a little league team in his free time & is trying to showcase his major league talents. If the kiddie team is just merely bad (as in unskilled, untalented, weak), I think they don't factor in, but if said team cheats, intentionally fouls,etc, I think they should factor in when judging the coach.

Plus, on the "trash Palin" side, I want to know more about the birth of her 4 month old son. In the initial "scandal" (which the announcement of the pregnant daughter was refuting), people were asserting that Palin's baby boy was really her daughter's baby & they faked Sarah's pregnancy to cover up the daughter's. Part of this was (and I don't know the validity of this), Sarah Palin going into labor (water breaking), giving a speech, & then flying 8 hrs back to Alaska & driving 2 or 3 hours to her local hospital. They used this absurd behavior on her part to help justify the fact that it wasn't her who was really pregnant, but her daughter back in Alaska giving birth & they needed to get fake mama there. If the travel is true & Sarah Palin really did give birth under these circumstances, it is almost criminally medically negligent. Most states require that babies be born within 24 hrs of water breaking (except in extreme monitoring situations like major prematurity, in which case the mother is hospitalized) due to risk to the baby due to infections. Most airlines will not fly women past 7 months pregnancy without a note from the doctor (and the report was she didn't tell them she was pregnant, much less that she was in labor). The baby was premature (36 weeks) & known special needs. You don't travel like that, bypassing 2 major cities with spectacular NICUs to go to a small regional hospital. If any of this is true (again, I don't know, internet rumors and all), I find it really hard to trust this woman. People talked about Clinton being political, cold, calculating, single minded, overly driven, to the exclusion of all else. This seems 100 times worse since it points to her putting her political career ahead of clearly evident medical risks to herself & child.

Sorry, this ended up being a rant.

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I don't tend to give to panhandlers. I don't like people wandering around traffic, especially feeder roads during rush hour.
To that end, I absolutely refuse to give to any "charitable" organizations who use the same tactic. To this end:
1) Why do you send your 16 year old daughter to hustle money on a street corner wearing a crotch length skirt? Now this is called "fund raising" for cheerleaders or drill team or whatever. I call it pimping out the jail bait.
2) The fire fighters who wander around w/boots to fill? Are they on the clock or are they on their own time? If the are on the clock, they aren't ready to go fight fires having spent the last 3 hrs on a street corner panhandling. If they are on their own time, do they reimburse the city for the use of the fire engine (gas, insurance, lack of it being available for real emergencies, etc). Oh, and in my parents neighborhood, they ride around running the siren to get people to look outside and give them money - this dilutes the meaning of the siren IMHO. I support their cause, I don't support their methods.

Also, more to topic, general panhandlers and/or people who ask for money:
1) In Austin, apparently there are people coming around offering to do stuff like mowing your lawn for cheap ($10, compared to the normal $40). They claim they need money for food, but refuse to take food saying that they can't carry it. They typically are casing your house & backyard.
2) Sob stories, con artists, etc annoy me. They aren't just asking for spare change or a dollar - they want $20 to pay for gas or a tow and swear they will pay you back (to the point of getting your address, etc). I don't even bother being polite to these people.
3) True homeless looking panhandlers - I try to be polite, but rarely give money. I'll give a smile and a wave or a peace sign, and shake my head. I try my best to treat them like people, without feeling obligated to give away my money.

I have seen a panhandler in Austin get picked up by a friend in a Benz. Cracked us up.

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Ok, I wasn't sure if we had solidified. I know that was the most recent plan, but...
I'm sleepy.

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

I'm fine w/you attending any time. The only consideration is when we are planning on returning from Houston after this weekend? If Monday afternoon, then this is fine.

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If you go to the friends and family show you aren't taking a seat away from a kid who could otherwise go see it. That being said, we are going to a regular show (we are out of town for F&F show & it's pretty late for the kids anyway)

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

We can't do that night but we'll want to hit you or someone up for tickets to one of the kid shows. 9th or 10th, 4:00 show. Who do I need to talk to?

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The growth of Walmart display is great. I'm with you on data visualization!

Comment on post best day ever:

How has there been totally no coverage on all the wedding that happened last night on CNN?
Oh, and I like your analysis of Fly Me To The Moon. You're right - that really is dumb and insulting in ways.

And when you alluded to it maybe being "best day ever" I was almost wondering if you guys were going to elope or something. (Which I would have been peeved about since I'm actually in CA right now :)

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Comment on post gay marriage in california!:

Yeah, but I can handle being 2nd. It's being 3rd that's an insult. I'm mean, Alaska doesn't really count anyway. It's kinda like being the 2nd tallest kid in the class behind the mentally handicapped son of a basketball player.

Comment on post gay marriage in california!:

Largest number of people. That is usually refered to as "most populated state" or something. Largest usually refers to area. Grumble from a Texan :)

Comment on post gay marriage in california!:

The California Supreme Court has overturned a gay marriage ban in a ruling that would make the nation's largest state the second one to allow gay and lesbian weddings.
In what world is California the nation's largest state?
That aside, woohoo!

Comment on post moved in, such as it is:

Just don't tell me if you aren't wearing underwear :)

Comment on post moved in, such as it is:

But you were talking about how lonely you were - we should have warrented a edit "Hey - Christi and David visited us, so now I'm not lonely!" right?? :)
It was fun - I enjoyed getting to see the house!

Comment on post moved in, such as it is:

Hey hey - we don't get a shout out???

Comment on post I still dislike moving:

Comment on post this is the beginning of the end (of moving):

FYI, I'll be on the late-ish side tonight, as I'm going to eat dinner with the family. But I should be up there by 7:00 or 7:30 hopefully, ready to work!

Comment on post merrily I roll along:

I figured, I just had to harass. I'll see you tomorrow night - looking forward to getting to work on someone else's housework!

Comment on post merrily I roll along:

Yeah yeah yeah. Well, you'll have to come over and work on it some evening when you need a break from packing/unpacking.

Comment on post merrily I roll along:

Hmmm... time to re-play and pass 100-man melee, but no time to come to game night. :-P
We did a puzzle all night. And people stayed late (past my bedtime, I bailed at 10:30). Pretty quiet, but people seemed to enjoy themselves.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

I'm a little curious - are you concerned about Clinton winning the nomination with underhanded tactics (ie. you would feel like she didn't win fairly) or would you be disillusioned by a democratic defeat in the White House (Why can't the dem's choose a candidate which can actually win??) or are you just tired of caring and thinking that you are backing a good candidate only to have them be defeated or what? How would that compare with how you would feel if Obama got the nomination and went on to be defeated by McCain?
I think that the Reps made a good move by nominating McCain - he was their only shot at the White House, even though many Rep feel he's too far left or isn't a "true conservative" or whatever. Unfortunately for the Dems, the Reps nominated a very electable candidate and they don't have a good story to beat him yet.
As much as people get scared off by Clinton's political nature, I personally feel it will make her a more effective president. If nothing else, the last 8 years should have taught us that electing a nice guy, someone you can "trust", makes for a very poor president. It was interesting that one of the recent polls in Texas was actually showing Obama garnering more negative opinions than Clinton. That bodes very poorly for the Dems in the general election - they need to get through the primary season with their candidate unscathed. People need to feel that it's the best of 2 good options, not the better of two mediocre or bad ones.

Comment on post vote, etc.:

I can just see the FAQ now:
Q: Will there be adequate parking at the polling stations for my horse?
Q: If I can't carry my guns and vote at the same time, can my sidekick accompany me to the polling station while I vote?
Q: If a twister carries off my polling station, where should I go to vote?
Q: If Mexican banditos take over my polling station, can we round up a posse to evict them?

Comment on post Vote and caucus tomorrow!:

My older work friends (50-60) seem to be anti-Clinton. Not pro-Obama or McCain, but vemonently anti-Clinton.

Comment on post Vote and caucus tomorrow!:

We haven't gotten phone calls (to the best of my knowledge) from anyone, but I see a lot more Obama ads (internet sites for local newspapers, TV, etc) around. Personal people support (bumper stickers, car signs, t-shirts) seem to be split 50/50. Interesting.

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Hehehe - cute!

Comment on post Website redesign:

You need a little rainbow box above the "show all" :)

Comment on post accomplishments this weekend:

I got a new phone recently too, and if I don't charge it every night, it dies the next day. The ironic thing is that I replaced my old phone because it was getting cruddy battery life. Might go return this one too, since that sucks.

Comment on post a day of unnecessary stress:

I had fun playing with you last night! And our biggest negative swing on the first round was our partners fault, not our :) Actually, I didn't see anywhere that we made a "big mistake" just lots of piddly little ones. Hope you join us again.

Comment on post happy v-day!:

Uh oh - I just bought 8 zucchinis! I'm going to be arrested!

Comment on post happy v-day!:

I remember seeing one which was labeled as a "novelty cake topper". It was a 8 inch large red rubber dildo. I'm trying to imagine that cake...

Comment on post happy v-day!:

:) Change your name to Kennedy and get elected! They've had people who happened to have the same (or similar) name to some who had held office, but died, who have successfully been elected.
Change your name to Dell and you are likely to get better service around Austin.

Comment on post happy v-day!:

Obama is just one letter off from Osama
I can promise you that that scares people, whether they admit it or not.

Comment on post *twitch*:

I think it's a stress thing. Not a big deal, as long as it doesn't drive you crazy. If it gets bad enough, they can botox it to reduce the muscles ability to react.

Comment on post The Steeping Room:

Ok, I kept reading that as the "Sleeping Room" and though - wow - someplace to go take a nap during the day or lay back, close your eyes and have a cup of tea. I could do with that. Oh well.

Comment on post check, check, check:

Good plan :) I can just see a hottub in your living room or spare bedroom for the next 6 weeks. (Yes, I'm being silly. I'm in a mood.)
Any ideas re. gamenight for this week? I'm feeling ancy to see people...

Comment on post check, check, check:

oooo - HOT TUB! Now I'm excited about your new house :) (I'm assuming that you don't have to store it for the next 2 months, right??)

Comment on post I do not heart huckabee:

I hate politics. This morning, I was hearing someone talk on NPR about how much they liked Huckabee. Their reasoning was "He doesn't waffle". Since when has the inability to reconsider your opinion or course of action based on new facts and data a bad thing? I think one of George Bush's "strong points" during election times was his stick-to-it'ness and non-waffling. And I think one of his worst aspects while being president is his inability to change course when presented with new data. How he stands behind people because "He's a good guy." when all evidence shows them to be incompetent or corrupt is embarrassing as best, and dangerous at worst. We'll not even talk about the bull-headedness which has cost so many lives and so much money in our so-called "war on terror". I think a president (or anyone in charge of anything) needs to be able to step back and change the course when it's going wrong. The inability to make that hard decision is the mark of a poor leader and only makes the situation worse.

Comment on post the previous two weeks:

Eloping to the local JP was the best decision we ever made.

Comment on post big day:

Ours is, I know.

Comment on post big day:

Swimming pool. There is pretty consistent yard-ratting services. A lot of it goes to maintaining the grounds (lots of landscaping). I think there are full time employees. It's annoying, but hard to avoid down here.

Comment on post big day:

That's less than we pay ($420/yr IIRC). Good luck!

Comment on post oww, my neck!:

Scary - if it is meningitis, I think it's pretty important to see a doctor. And don't see any babies/young children until you are sure that it's benign. G'luck!

Comment on post iTunes ratings analysis - what looks nicer?:

Hmm... not too much. I can't decide if I like 1 or 3 better.
A line or text size or something to set apart the title/headings would be good.
And something to frame the explanations at the top

Comment on post iTunes ratings analysis - what looks nicer?:

I voted for alternating colors - gray and white are ok, but other muted colors would work too. The page definitely looks pretty austere.

Comment on post house-buying tips:

That was me. Sorry.
If you don't have a hard deadline (like you are in town for 3 days and you need to buy a house by the end of that), there's no problem with searching every weekend for a few months. It takes a while to find the right one.
And ask your friends what their mistakes were. What did they not notice about their house that they wish they had (mismatched appliances). What did they think wouldn't bother them that really does (tons of flowerbeds). What did they not look for that they got and now couldn't live without (tons of closets, 3 car garage)

Comment on post house-buying tips:

Oh, and it sounds funny to say, but you are under no obligation to your agent to buy a house. They get paid a ton of money when you buy - it's their risk and job to spend enough time with you to get a good match for you. Don't get guilt tripped or over enthused.

Comment on post house-buying tips:

Take a notepad. Take a camera. Ask for HOA rules before you put an offer on the house. Research online stuff like crime stats, sex offender registry, etc. It's there and easy to get.
Any place you are thinking of putting an offer on, drive around it at night or dusk to get a good feel of the neighborhood.

Comment on post house-buying tips:

Get a real estate buyers agent. Tell them what you want. Their job is to then find houses and take you to them; listen to your feedback (We need more closets; I want a bigger backyard; The traffic noise is too much) and pare down the choices and show you more. They will also walk you through stuff like mortgages, insurance, escrow, etc etc etc. On the mortgage, you can usually get a note from the bank detailing your max mortgage (more than you are likely to spend) in order to put an offer on a house. You can have this in hand before you decide on a house without commitment (or money).
If you want the recommendation of an agent, we were happy with ours. And she's up close to your area so would know it well.

Comment on post washing machine follies:

Yeah - you guys can bring some dirty clothes to gamenight tonight if you need to. (I think they've been using Jonathan for this purpose so far, right?)

Comment on post unstuck not in st. louis:

Hillsboro -> Austin is closer to 2.5hrs. Welcome back to Texas!

Comment on post baseball, WoW, MacBook Pro?:

Coolness (re link)

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

Wow - I'm excited! When is last day of work up there?
Let me know if I can help you guys unpack (shelf paper? ;), put up pictures, etc etc.

Comment on post weekend, pictures, etc.:

(Got it by searching "bumper sticker pie chart" on

Comment on post Sen. Larry Craig:

I agree with the uncertain part. I guess some of the key points, in my mind are:
1) Cheating on a committed, closed relationship is wrong.
2) Campaigning against gay rights while engaging in covert homosexual activities is despicable.
3) Forcibly outing someone isn't good, even if they are a senator. (The were articles alleging his being gay long before the "airport incident" happened.)
4) The fact that a senator turns out to be a closeted gay isn't particularly news worthy, except for point #2 above.

Comment on post NYC pictures:

Ooh - nasty brain. Hopefully, you didn't hold a grudge after you woke up - I hate when I do that...

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

Ah, maybe this is a "shopping" vs "buying" thing. When I go "shopping", I often am wandering stores looking for things that peak my interest (for myself or for others). If I go "buying", I usually have something particular in mind. When shopping, I have caught myself getting distracted by something for myself or someone else when I went with the general idea of "something for someone particular". It seems like, to me, that the best presents I get are for someone for whom I'm not shopping. (I'm also very bad about buying stuff for myself; I still feel guilty about buying a $20 swimsuit top, which just makes no sense since $20 is such a drop in the bucket of our finances.)
And I understand the shared finances thing. I don't feel like I can "splurg" on David since I'm just cutting into his available money by doing so. A good present is something that someone would want for themselves, but for some reason wouldn't get for themselves. Often that reason is money, and I feel betrayed if I declare "I can't buy this for myself, it's too expensive." and so my spouse goes and buys it for me, from our joint money.
Ramble. Sorry if this is disjoint, I'm still on a cough syrup hangover.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

So, can you explain exactly why you think it's tacky to buy something for yourself?
The way I see it is if you are at the store and see something you wanted and grab it, there's no problem. (I guess if you went to an extreme and spent your entire shopping trip digging for stuff for yourself at the expense of effort put into the present choice, that would be bad. But I think that falls more into putting proper thought and consideration into choosing a present, not only buying one item at a time. How environmentally unsound! Combine shopping trips! Carpool! Drive hybrids! ;)

Comment on post Cheney series at Washington Post:

I actually had that same thought last night...

Comment on post For taesmar:

As a pregnant woman, you are expected to relinquish your critical judgment altogether

Wow - that's a great article. I felt that the restrictions that they have put on pregnant women are counter productive. It's hard to figure out what's important (don't take blood thinning medicines like Advil) and what's silly bunk (don't eat stinky cheese or clean the cat box). You end up with mothers freaking out, blaming themselves because they are being held to an unreasonable standard. There is always _some_ rule that you break while pregnant. There is also a dirth of information about what the risk is exactly - I accidentally eat stinky cheese, I freak out for the next 2 weeks until my doctor's appointment that I've hurt my baby, when in reality, if it was going to be a problem, I would have known almost immediately. There's also the whole "My baby had ADD & I know it's my fault because I drank caffeine while pregnant and had a sip of wine." thing. Stop guilt tripping mothers - they have enough to worry about.

(I actually was "forbidden" from breastfeeding until they called a pediatrician after Alex was born since I was taking a medicine (while pregnant as well) that wasn't "approved". So they ended up delaying the start of breastfeeding by an hour, which pushed us out of the "ideal" window when the baby has the best chance of latching well and easily. It was stupid because 1) any non-existant damage was already done by my taking it while pregnant, 2) my doctor had prescribed it knowing I was intending to breastfeed and 3) the first few nursing sessions tend to yield minute quantities of milk, they are mainly for soothing and latching and nipple stimulation, it's not like he would have drunk more than a couple of drops, max.)
Rant rant rant.

Comment on post camping, facebook:

Yup - that's where his parents & grandmother live. He separated his shoulder on a ride between Cumberland & Frostburg 2 weeks before he reported to Ghana for Peace Corps :) We should be going back there at some point - maybe next Christmas? maybe this summer? We haven't decided yet.

Comment on post camping, facebook:

Wow, looks like you went camping right near David's parents. They are in Frostburg, about 15 min(?) from Cumberland.

Comment on post For your amusement:

Explain why Alaska get 4 cities, but Texas & California only get 2 a piece and the whole of the northeast gets only 1. Strange Japanese.

Comment on post a personal confession:

I started reading slate in 1999 and it's only gotten better and better. There are some article types I always avoid, but they have some really good stuff sometimes. (BTW, does anyone know if the Jon Katz that writes animal stuff on Slate is the same Jon Katz who used to be a slashdot contributer/moderator who did a lot of the school shooting, loner articles?)

Comment on post score your representative!:

I'm always happy to nitpick. Let me know if you want more ideas/suggestion or to look at a beta version. I actually (oddly enough) kinda enjoy making UIs readable and useful.

Comment on post score your representative!:

I'll be brutal - take or leave, no need to justify to me.
1) Too much text to read through to get the information. Bold titles with smaller text for the description would be more readable.
LiveJournal Backup - JavaScriptRuby program to fully back up your livejournal entries, including comments. See the example of my public journal.
-Released 14-Jan-2007

2) Don't serialize the sections. I get the feeling that you want a single main page with all the data, but there's too much information to have all on one page. Pick you top 5 items you want, or you think other people want on the front page, and then link everything else from section pages ("Projects", "Personal", "Fun", etc).

3) I like the fact that it's low bandwidth. You don't clutter it with random crud.

4) The color language box text is too small to be easily readable. The key gets lost at the top (since it's hard to distinguish from another entry). I would use softer colors. This would let them not jump out so much, but still serve the purpose.

5) What's the most important part of each entry? That should be what you see when you look at the line. Right now, the language tag box jumps out, but isn't unique to that entry so ends up feeling odd. Maybe highlight the title, main idea, with the language color if you think the language is very important.

6) I'm picky and a perfectionist. It's a lot easier to critique someone else's page than bother doing a decent one of your own. Ignore at will. :)

Comment on post score your representative!:

More colors != prettier :)

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

This one today also made me kinda think of you.
(Credit to DavidV who pointed it out to me...)

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

Happy happy! You are 1/2 way through your 3rd decade!

Comment on post hangin' on:

Oh, and I kept looking around thinking it had to be an April Fools joke...

Comment on post hangin' on:

Re AA women's site: yeah, give us a pink search box and fewer search capabilities and we'll love you forever. Just one more reason to fly SWA.

Comment on post linky linky:

I second the "Wonderfalls" suggestion. The theme song alone makes it one of my favorite canceled shows.
(PS. Hi Doug!)

Comment on post orange juice morning, noon, and night:

I've been recently living on homemade granola - I realized I've been eating a cup of uncooked oats a day. Plus all the other goodness (wheat germ, oak bran, dried fruit, etc etc). Lots and lots of fiber. I'm guessing my cholesterol is in decent shape... (Let me know if you want the recipe - you should use it as a work snack food!)

Comment on post *yawn*:

I hate when I start humming/singing The Internet Is For Porn when I'm at work...
And krikwennavd's favorite line from Schadenfreude is "Watching a vegetarian being told she just ate chicken" - can you tell he used to date a militant vegetarian?
And I'm so with you on The More You Ruv Someone.

Oh, and I hadn't see the WoW video before - disturbing and hilarious!

Comment on post weird week:

We watched another of the classic romances - "Blazing Saddles"

Comment on post Recent local laws...:

I just feel sorry for the poor people driving the cars which inadvertantly hit the dumbass who steps in front of them. Still, we can't outlaw stupidity and trying to micromanage ways people are stupid isn't reasonable.

And, having been a kid in a car with an adult smoking and having no way to avoid it (asking them to stop, trying to unroll a window and having it declare "too loud", etc), I symathize with the kids. Especially those so young as to have no control. Idealy, I think smoking should be illegal (on the basis that we outlaw so many other things which do less harm to people) but the legacy is there, so I doubt it will happen.

And on a related note, Texas recently changed foster care regulations such that foster parents can't smoke in the house or car or in front of foster kids. Woohoo!

Comment on post Is the weekend here yet?:

Jobs and moving. Come on, nothing major has happened in my life recently!

Comment on post Is the weekend here yet?:

Your comment about the google recruiter got me thinking, which is always a dangerous thing.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Wow - I'm a hoarder, but I think I broke down and shredded my stuff from before 2003.
And I don't bother with the receipts. I should, but I don't.
Need to talk to Bob about taxes again... I'm looking forward to the 4 exemption thing...

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Hmmm... since you and Jessica were paying for phone service seperately most of that time, it seems like you guys likely spent closer to $62 dollars instead of the $40 you'll be getting when filing married. But that being said, all the printing and fussing might not be worth $20 to you. (I doubt it is to me either, truthfully, I'm just a little annoyed about all of it... I guess they are just trying to make it trivially simple for everyone.)

Comment on post Public service announcements:

IRS question:
Nearest I can tell, we should be getting $60 since we'll have 4 deductions. Is this a type of "marriage tax" since if David and I were filing separately (ie. unmarried), we would be getting $30 & $50 each (assuming one of us claims both boys)?
And I hadn't heard of the "cell phone" lot concept before - wow, airports making an improvement that helps things and makes sense!!

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Congratulations! (I was about to get mad that you didn't tell me last night when we were IM'ing, but I just read the above comment, so I forgive you)
David also extends his heartfelt congratulations. In his words "That's really wonderful".

Comment on post David Beckham to play in US!!:

I'm stealing your microresolution idea, btw. Today is no fried foods and no caffeine after breakfast.

Comment on post Microresolutions:

I know - and it doesn't understand it's own special LJ tags, which seems very dumb. I have gotten sick enough of it that I figure that my friends will forgive me the occational misspelling instead of having to fight it.

Comment on post Microresolutions:

What do we have to do to get the LJ spell checker to be 1/2 way decent??

And I'm with you on the caffeine thing - I've let myself go a little this week (throwing out my breastmilk because of antibiotics, so I've not been worrying about the caffeine levels as much) so I'm going to have to cut back soon (should be able to start using it again on Thursday). Ick, headaches.

Comment on post almost Christmas!:

They can give you real dates, but yes, they'll be here for New Year's. I think they will be staying at Jonathan's. (BTW, let us know if you guys want to brave our New Year's Party - lots of Rice alumni & random hanger ons. I think it will be at the Haunspergers, w/other activities at Jonathan's and stuff. We'll be there w/baby & kiddo if you want some good baby or kiddo time!)

Comment on post living situation pros and cons:

Ooo - I can see it now - randomly going up to people in the store and trading cards everytime you visit it. It's a movement! The "anti-loyalty card" movement! I've always wanted to be a part of a movement...

Comment on post Wii story:

Was it worth the wait?
Are you going to bring it down for New Year's??

Comment on post LJbackup preview!:

It's not a thing - I was just amused. I know I chat a lot on comments (hell, it's the best way to talk to you guys a lot of the time...)

Comment on post LJbackup preview!:

Wow - I'm rather chatty on your posts, apparently.

Comment on post (no subject):

See, I had never heard of this guy before your post the other day, and then today I came across this.

Comment on post (no subject):

Since we didn't start handing out until 7:30, we had more older kids (6-15), and there was something about them that scared me. I think they knew what they were doing more than I did ("Happy Halloween! Oh what a cute costume! What do we have here? Ooh - a scary ghost!"). I missed getting to see all the young kids who were out earlier - we did get to show off our little "Superman" at Whole Foods - I think his most impressive feat in most people's opinions was climbing a flight of stairs!
(And we didn't get any kids not in costume - I don't mind old kids, if they go to the effort of wearing cool costumes. Apparently there was one group going around that David saw after he had turned off our porch light.)

Comment on post (no subject):

Re. struggling w/candy - I made David hand ours out because the kids scared me.

Re. Superman in wheelchair - clever if he was really disabled and needed the wheelchair, tasteless if he got the wheelchair specifically for the costume.

Comment on post (no subject):

Cool - re Trick or Treaters - it's hard to get them in apartments - we got a fiar number last night (though I think we missed most of them because we didn't get home until 7:30 & most of the little ones are already in bed by then).
Did you ask the parents about the plastic bag/necklace thing?

Comment on post NJ marriage decision tomorrow!:

Just saw the cnn headline - looks like good news!

Comment on post on the leaderboard!!:

I'm very impressed - way to go!
So what's the next idea?

Comment on post n00btastic:

Kofi is "Friday-born male" in Ghana (ex. Kofi Annan, UN sec general). David knows the full progression (days of week & sexes). They are all pretty cool, but I can't remember any others now.
And Greg is right about the "j" in the middle.

Comment on post glad that's over with!:

That was me - forgot to log on, sorry.

Comment on post more netflixing:

Suck... if you get just a zipcode, you could harvest/infer all sorts of good info about people (with minimal privacy concerns).
I wonder if my father is too busy on stuff to work on this - he's been doing various datamining whatnot for years... Somehow I suspect that he's too busy in retirement to want to do more "work" :)
Keep letting us know how it's going!

Comment on post more netflixing:

FYI Gary and I were talking about this last night and were discussing pulling zip code/census data (freely available stuff, IIRC) into it. Does that make sense from what you get to work with?

Comment on post netflix prize away!:

This one sounded cool to me too, though I know I don't have the time or resources to work on it. Data Mining Away!

Comment on post one week at a time:

I'll be joining all of you guys in the weight loss goal after the baby comes. I have no idea how it will come off... we'll see. I hate worrying about it... esp. when David is pushing to eat >2000 calories a day to keep up with his psyco-fast metabolism & cycling obsession. Glad to hear you are trying to keep yourself healthy Greg - now to get some weight on that boy of yours...

Comment on post security through...well, it ain't obscurity:

Ok, that was a fascinating article. Nearest I can tell, AA has some unwritten anti-gay procedures in that they are more tolerant of heterosexual affection on flights than homosexual affection. Plus, they used the "stop peacefully disagreeing with the crew and questioning our procedures and asserting your rights or we are hauling you off this plane in the middle of nowhere in handcuffs" thing way too fast. From how I read the article, the staff refused to give their names and employee numbers or arrange for the men to talk to corportate headquarters at the arrival gate (which I feel are reasonable requests on their part), and that was what prompted the captain to threaten them with the grounding (and associated mess).
Hmmm... now I'm not feeling so guilty about flying SW all the time instead of AA... in fact, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Comment on post terror alert scale:

Dying from tainted spinach: 1

Comment on post newspaper irritations:

I think my thought was that not everyone has the option of recruiting someone. Everyone (given money) can hire daycare, but you would have to find something unofficial to cover the first 6 weeks if you had no family, no friends, etc, which seems very wrong, since that's such a delicate time. And it's reasonable to realize that there are people who basically are without a nearby/available support network (believe me - we saw and heard about many such cases).

Comment on post newspaper irritations:

Another thought that was percolating in the back of my head:
I've never seen a daycare which will take a child under 6 weeks of age due to health/immunization issues. Therefore, it's impossible to hire out for care for an newborn infant, so one of the new parents is forced to take at least 6 weeks off from work.

Comment on post Victory over the MVA!:

Ok, if you had had a Oregon license maybe, but come on, Maryland??
(Me, I've never had anything but Texas. Speaking of which, we need to get our addresses changed...)

Comment on post Victory over the MVA!:

Just a minute - are you telling me I married someone who once held something besides a Texas State Drivers License!!?!!
I think that's grounds for an annulment... :)

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

I'll likely finish it pretty soon, so remember to ask me and we can discuss next time I see you.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

I haven't quite decided what to think of the book yet. I've tried to read it so many times, and I've been most successful this time (5/6 of the way through). I never stop because I'm bored or because I don't like it, but because it takes more energy to read than other stuff and I get worn out.
The non-linear style, the constant back/forward references, strange turns of phrases which require a fair amount of attention to really "get". (I still think of Orr when I hear someone described as "apple-cheeked" and Appleby's "flies in his eyes" occationally comes to mind. Very vivid images which are constantly thrown in a casual descriptions that you don't get until 1/2 way through the book.)

I've been trying to read "good for me books" right now (I'm bored of trash sci-fi) - I just finished Jane Eyre (which I like), To Kill a Mockingbird (which I read in high school but had forgotten enough to warrent a re-reading). I'm not sure what's next on the list - I need to make a 1/2 price run and see what's on their "had to buy it for school and then sold back to 1/2 price bookstore without ever cracking it" rack. Maybe some more Bronte? Maybe find some other high school books that I wasn't ever assigned? Toni Morrison (I enjoyed one of her's, can't remember which..., not Beloved)? Suggestions?

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

The line: but definitely not worth the $3.25 I didn't pay for them struck me as very Catch-22'ish which is what I'm reading right now (this morning, actually while waiting for the shuttle to take me to work from dropping off David's car at the shop to get worked on.)
Glad you finished your ick for the day, here's hoping the DMV goes better.
(Apparently, my cousin has been trying to get into the Italian version of the DMV which is 100X worse than anything you've ever heard about. Something about being open 1 hour a day 8am-9am and you have to line up at 5am or something to maybe get helped. He apparently waiting 3 or 4 hours one morning, only to have them slam the window closed in front of him - he was the first not served. So something to think about it when you are waiting in the Selma & Patty line...)

Comment on post Greetings from the most anti-gay state in the nation!:

I do vaguely see the resemblance - cool!
I sympathize on the cyclists on the road from both angles. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves re. nice hotels!

Comment on post LJ - Arkansas edition!:

My (& Greg's) mistake. I really should know that... I guess Alabama is AL?
Forgot you hailed from AR...

Comment on post LJ - Arkansas edition!:

Tipping: Tipping based on price of meal makes sense between restaurants (you expect better service at a pricier (ie. nicer) place), but I agree - a cheap entree is just as easy to bring out as an expensive one. And in fact, a beer is easier than a coke (free refills) but actually costs less so => less tip. I don't understand tipping all together - I would prefer a set price which includes a living wage for the workers (since all too often servers get screwed by bad tips/tippers).

AK: We drove through Hot Springs and did the cross TN drive as well. We actually did Little Rock (where David's bro & fam live) to N.C. in one (long long) day. All I really know of the state is Bill & Judy's house, the nearby grocery store, the fact that their Papa John's didn't like AMEX, & a couple of gas stations and whatnot.

Hope the trip continues well!

Comment on post leaving on a jet plane...:

I had a wonderful time at the party - until I crashed, at least. It was really cool to see all of our (well, yours ;) friends together and getting to know one another better. I know that I'm dreading the "last goodbye" with you guys and I keep wanting to try to put it off.

Comment on post (no subject):

I can imagine it had problems with control, as it was missing 2 wheels...

Comment on post (no subject):

Agreed - people (in general) have an unnatural fear of flying. I wonder if this theory could be extended to boats or swimming & how young & how often they are introduced to an activity...

Comment on post (no subject):

IRRC, it came out a little blurry, so I didn't bother putting it up there. I'll take a look when I get home and if it was "ok, but not great" rather than "what is that blurry blob?" I'll put it up there and let you know. (In general I try and stay <20 pictures/month because I know no one besides myself wants to look at 500 pictures of my kiddo.)

Comment on post (no subject):

It's odd, we usually have much less fear of something when we think "It couldn't happen to me", but how many people know someone who was killed/hurt in a car accident & how many know someone who was killed/hurt in a terrorist attack or plane accident? You would think we would worry more about the known danger rather than the unknown.

Contra-wise, plane accidents tend to be more "spectacular" - >100 people dying in one event as opposed to 1 or 2 in a car accident every day, in every major city. In Austin, you are lucky if you get a 2 paragraph story in the metro section if you die in a car accident (unless there is a "hook" which they think will sell).

Comment on post look what we can do!:

Agreed. We (being the people reading this who are likely the main ones reading your syn. blog) will just commit to not commenting on LJ and if we have a comment, then we'll go to your site. That being said, people have in the past been notoriously bad about bothering to go off LJ to comment, so don't expect a ton of comments...
It is easier to see the new posts as they come up instead of having to remember to check your website (along with the 20 other sites of people I try and keep up with, some of which get updated a couple times a week, others which get updated every couple of months... complain complain complain...)

Comment on post look what we can do!:

What did I start? (I pestered Greg to see if he would set up Stanton & the Haunspergers' blogs a few days ago)... everyone seems very excited about the new blog syndications... Props to Greg for paying for his LJ unlike the rest of us schmucks and taking care of setting these up for us!

Comment on post a few links:

That is exactly what we (we being Weissmen who were vaugly asked for input about the new Weiss building, which was promptly ignored) were afraid of. I really hate to see the college system as diluted as it is now. I'm not been happy with the direction that Rice has been going the last few years, including academically. Sigh.

Comment on post a few links:

Oh, and please feel free to ask us for definitions when we break into too much "Rice-Speak" - we aren't meaning to be rude, but have a bad habit of forgetting that not _everyone_ knows what Baker 13 is or all the other lovely Ricey things.

Comment on post a few links:

The explanation that I hate, but everyone uses is "It's like the houses at Hogwarts".
I think they switched to calling the cafeterias ("CK" in our day, short for Central Kitchen) "serveries" when they started building one serving area to feed multiple (2 or 3) different eating areas. I don't know how good/bad this ends up being - I never liked the idea, but I never lived with it and the current people don't seem to hate it.

Comment on post a few links:

Matthew liked it. He even sang along. I'm very very sad now.

Comment on post a few links:

But Ddddaaaaddd! I don't wannnnaaa stop. He was looking at me. You all hate me!

Comment on post a few links:

Hey now - I can pull the pregnancy card too! And the kid at home card! I'll just throw a whole deck at you ;)

Comment on post a few links:

:) Well, why don't you guys come out and visit us sometime and I'll give it too you (a little longer than I feel like typing today...)

Comment on post a few links:

If you ever want a rant from me, ask me about the new Dean of Engineering.
And vote #3 for the Pah!

Comment on post shows done! palm to google calendar done!:

Oh, and you forgot Matthew & Timmy!

Comment on post shows done! palm to google calendar done!:

Thanks for correcting my misrepresentations! Words from the master :)

Comment on post shows done! palm to google calendar done!:

Full disclosure - some of the crew are paid (namely "directors" of various sorts (music, assistant, head) & "managers" (stage, props, house?) & some others (lights, musicians, others)) - some a bare stipend ($200), some a real salary (union people).

But the vast majority of the show is a labor of love from the participants. It relies soley on donations from individuals and companies and the community.

Comment on post whatevs:

I'm rather upset by the TdF doping issue. I actually followed (and very much enjoyed) this year's Tour and will be very disallusioned if it turns out that he did it w/drugs.

I wish more cyclists, once caught, actually fessed up and apoligized - there was one guy in the tour this year who did that, served his time, and it's now back in the sport clean and I have more respect for him than Tyler Hamilton, who still claims he's innocent (but is evasive when confronted with ways to show his innocence).

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Gary seemed to indicate that they were a little more behind on having stuff ready for move in next week. A little scary with opening being less than 2 weeks away, right?

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Good for you - Gary & Kris spent all their extra time working on props and stuff. Silly people.

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

I'm trying to figure out how, with the rehersal schedule, you managed to play a video game :)

I might have to post my dream from last night too, if I can remember it... it was weird.

Comment on post fun with juries!:

The court appointed lawyers in our case have all been pretty good to really good. Matthew's "ad liem" lawyer is amazing - she's doing it out of the goodness of her own heart (she has a private practice as well) and really cares and tries really hard. Kristen's first court appointed lawyer seemed ok, but moved on soon after, so she had to start over with a new one. The new one seems pretty good as well; but David has only encountered her once. We'll see after mediation today.

But basically, the horrors of unexperienced, not caring, court appointed lawyers hasn't seemed to be the case. Yeah for the legal system occationally keeping their heads out of their butts!

Comment on post Viva Italia!:

FYI, our work filtering software thinks that the animated GIF version of the head-butt is porn. Now my bosses must think I'm trying to read porn on the internet when I should be working ;)

Comment on post oh well:

We discussed that, but he felt the morale/momentum/etc stuff was decently significant. Unfortunately, ref'ing mistakes like this are part of the game.

Comment on post oh well:

We were obviously rooting for both Ghana and USA, but I know krikwennavd was a little disappointed by Ghana winning due to a ref'ing mistake. It is rather odd to see Ghana as such a household name/word _without_ having a disaster strike it (which is what it usually takes to hear about a country like that...) krikwennavd was having a little fun watching for the regional differences in the various players based on bone structure as well as realizing that one of the USA players had _very_ West African features... (which went along with his name, as it turned out).

Comment on post driving quiz! and character encodings:


Comment on post driving quiz! and character encodings:

Actually, drivers ed will tell you not to do this because if someone hits you from behind, you will be sent straight into the oncoming traffic instead of (relatively) harmlessly into the intersection.
It sounds like you had a very tenative/inattentive driver in front of you who screwed things up for others. I'm of the belief that tenative drivers are dangerous just like reckless ones, but in a different way. Man, I wish we had strong regulations on who can drive, and *good* alternatives for those who can't or choose not to. (I feel that 1/2 the reason we end up with bad drivers out there is because they hate doing it and would avoid it, but realize that they couldn't function if they didn't.)
/rant :)

Comment on post driving quiz! and character encodings:

Honking to tell someone that you disagree with their judgment call (In this case, "Is it safe to turn now?") is rude and can peeve people off (How many times has someone honked at you because they can't see why you aren't going yet?)

Honking when someone is inattentive, though it isn't what you are supposed to do (see djedi's comment), is ok, if it's clear that they are distracted - not going when a light turns green. This being said, I can't tell you how many times I've heard/seen someone honk when someone is just a 1/2 second slow off the line, and that's not right.

Personal pet peeve: The 3rd (or more) person in line honks, when most of the people in front of them can't do anything. They can't see what's going on and need to trust the other drivers to take care of it.

I'm a pretty infrequent honker, except when someone tries to merge into my lane which, with driving a small black car, happens at a disturbing frequency.

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Excellent. Umm... anytime is ok. Matthew will be in bed by 8:00, but you can come by as early as 7:00 and we'll at least be done with dinner. 7-8 is usually play and/or bath time, so if you want some kiddo play, come earlier. Why don't you give us a call when you know about what time you'll get there (post errands, and all of that)?

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

*ppbbbtt* then you *aren't* interested. Have fun magicking!

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Ok, David is willing to do whatever, whenever, whereever.
It would be easier on Matthew to do it at our place, but you would have to bring the console & stuff. That sound ok to you?
You think anyone else would be interested? destoyerj? wildrice13?
Do we want to tack food of any sort on? I have some cookies already cooked from this weekend, maybe we can do popcorn or stuff like that, too?

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Okey dokey. I have an email out to krikwennavd and we'll get back to you. I think it'll depend on how social he's feeling (it's easier for him to check out if he's anti-social and we are at home).

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Hmmm... let me talk to the husband, but that sounds like it might work. Do you have a preference as to your place or ours?

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

Oooo - me wanna play Katamari more.
And you are obsessed with white hair - it's kinda weird ;)

Comment on post a few random things:

Better, but for the blue, agreed.

Comment on post a few random things:

Eww, black hurts my eyes. The contrast makes me squint on my work monitor.
Sorry, but no go. (This all being said, I haven't looked at any other myspace pages, so it might be the Holy Grail of myspace, in which case, I want nothing to do with the site.)

Comment on post back from graduation!:

Yup! I would be worried if you felt "fewer dumb".

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:


"The fire quickly sparked controversy after people saw computer messages on police car computer terminals expressing happiness that the club was burning."

I think this supports the fact that the phrase isn't offensive, but the context in which it was used was.

Comment on post "burn baby burn" - poll:

I think the phrase "Burn baby, burn" itself wasn't offensive, but the use of it reflected the white officers' enjoyment of a noted troublespot & black hangout burning down. The club often had police calls out to it for fighting, disturbing of peace, etc.

Basically, there was the impression that the city services weren't as sympathetic to the owners/occupents or as interested in protecting this building as they would have otherwise been.

Comment on post trippy game:

Get. Then invite me over. Please?
(I'm in a mood, sorry)

Comment on post trippy game:

Let me know if you guys decide to get it...

Comment on post trippy game:

For some reason, watching that game was hypnotic. It was weird. I enjoyed it.

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

Ok, we will agree that "parallel" roads which start life hundreds of miles laterally away from one another (Houston & San Antonio) come near to crossing.
And we will agree that Dallas highways are confusing and suck.

(Oh, loop 12 - isn't a loop. Isn't a road. But god help you if you want to get directions and they start from "get on loop 12").

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

Quibble: I-35 doesn't exist in Dallas. I-35E is in Dallas & I-35W is in Fort Worth. I had a loud argument with Chris Zalesky once when I told him to go south on I-35E (spoken as "south on eye thirty five east") and he didn't believe that these directions make sense, did I want him to go south or east? Why was I saying east when the road when north/south?

And I-35 & I-45 don't meet (unless it's significantly outside of Dallas). They do come within a couple of miles of one another and are connected by Woodall Rodgers (which is never refered to by name, except on surface streets and traffic reports, never from the exit signs - they mearly say "To 45/75". Oh yeah, if I forgot to mention, 75 is 45 in Dallas. They are too good to call 45, 45. They call it 75. Or Central Expressway. Traffic reports in Dallas suck. (Austin is guilty of the multi-naming thing too, but I've learned most of those...)

I lived in Dallas for 18+ years and have still never figured out Dallas' interstate system.

Comment on post just a few links:

I would prefer if this was "Mac" vs "Windows based machines" since my ubuntu box is a "pc" but has never had a virus...
And then we get into the new Mac runnings Windows thing... (I forgot what it's called) and we start running into more ambiguities.
I think it's kinda a cheap shot for Macs to fight against a enemy which can't defend itself since it's not really an enemy (think war on drugs or terrorism)
Woo - I just managed to turn a computer discussion political. Go me!

And yeah, the Mac guy is kinda cute, but not jaw dropping.

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:

Maybe so... Actually, looking at the data from just 2 years ago, mine has gotten worse (from 400'something to almost 800), so I think my instinct which was "it wasn't that bad" might have been a lot more true when I was there than now. And yours doesn't count since they split it up. So there :-P

(But I do have an excuse now when I make typos, grammatical mistakes, misspellings - I went to a bad high school. Blame Canada!)

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:

ha - I went to the cruddiest school of all of you! Number 798 baby!
I'm rather surprised, since it wasn't horrible, though I knew it wasn't the best either...

Comment on post everybody's working for last weekend:

I looked at the pics and they were there, but they were definately loading much slower than normal.

Comment on post baby news:

Umm... not quite. If you want the details about how it _really_ happens, I can send you a link ;)

Comment on post baby news:

Cool! We'll see in a couple of months which we'll need. I've already been talking to my sister about borrowing some of her maternity clothes (she's closer to my size than more of my recently pregnant friends are...)

Comment on post baby news:

See, we don't have a whole lot of control over it... I'll be doing my best to think "girly" thought though...

Comment on post it's my birthday!:

Happy Happy - I'm so sorry that I'll be missing the defense and the party and the after party. Enjoy yourself and we'll see you on Sat!

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

You are right - reading that is kinda scary. And I guess a year ago, we were talking marriage, we knew of Matthew's existance, but didn't ever think we would have custody, and hadn't even thought about buying a house together.
I'm happy where my life is (and going), but yes, I've had a few years of change recently.

Comment on post ruby scoping:

omega697 is right that BMI isn't the end all be all, but it is a decent "guess" as to one's "fatness". IIRC, it's the 1st line of judging in the military if a person is fat. If they are "fat" by BMI, then they are allowed a waist (or hip for women) vs neck measurement. Basically allowing for dense people who have unnaturally inflated BMI's, but are in good shape. Of course, that's not a great measurement either, but you can do both with a scale & tape measure & an enlisted man. Good for you, none the less, on the weight loss! Buy yourself a CD or something to celebrate!

Comment on post odds n' ends:


Comment on post I really don't understand:

Grr... can't get the link to work, just check out the poll on CNN's homepage

Comment on post I really don't understand:

We aren't the only people who think she overreacted...
CNN poll

Comment on post I really don't understand:

Oh, and he was very very common in this practice. The "right" people knew who they were and they were above the rules.

Comment on post I really don't understand:

Yup, no matter, she should have politely complied with his request and if she still felt like she was discriminated against, taken appropriate actions. It would really help her case instead of now, where she looks like a spoiled brat who feels she's above the law/rules.

Comment on post I really don't understand:

Yes, if they only "card" some (ie. minority/less desirables), that's not fair. My personal opinion is that they really should card *everyone* and I think that not even congressmen should be exempt from security checkpoints (metal detectors, bag screen). There's just too many holes: someone snuck something into a purse or bag at a restaurant, impersonation, elite people feeling like they don't have to follow the rules, etc.
I remember when Joseph was at the Wmson County Courthouse and he was allowed to bypass security, so took that as being allowed to carry a pocket knife, even though "weapons" weren't allowed. Because of protected status, the rules changes, which doesn't feel fair to me.

Comment on post I really don't understand:

My take: Congresswoman isn't recognized by random security guard and when he tries to stop her and check her identification & touches her arm to get her attention, she stikes at him (slap, punch, cell phone, depending on the story.) She gets pissed off because she's a black woman and thinks that if she had been a white man, he would have let her pass anyway even if he wasn't certain as to her identity. Expecting every guard to instantly recognize every congressperson isn't reasonable. Being a member of a rather small minority (in congress), I would expect her to be recognized more easily than others, so I expect she had gotten used to always being recognized. She's expecting special treatment because of her race and position.

My thoughts: Why aren't identifications regularly checked by security? It sounds like a near-look a like could easily penitrate security, especially if they were assertive and keep walking. And it sounds like she wants this security hole to be preserved. Personally, I don't approve of anyone getting to bypass security. How do you know "trustworthy congressman X" hasn't recently had a mental breakdown, or is being impersonated, or is a stubborn old fart who likes taking his gun everywhere because he's always taken his gun everywhere. And what do we say when suddenly a weapon gets into the capital via this hole? Everyone was supposed to be checked right?

1) Security should check the identities (based on a photo ID or close personal recognition) of all people entering the building, especially those bypassing security.
2) When security stops someone to check their identity, they should stop and present it without delay. This is a standard procedure required of everyone.
3) If someone ignores security's request to stop and provide identification, they are allowed to use physical force to detain the person until their identity has been assertained. A touch on the arm of someone who is distracted and might have accidentally bypassed a security checkpoint is well within bounds.
4) If we eliminate any of these regulations, then the chances of unintended penitration by unchecked civilians is greatly raised, and presents a security risk.

So... rules should be followed and no one should expect special treatment because of their status or race or sex or disability or anything.

A frustrating thing is that I suspect there will be a fair amount of support in the black community for her side of the story because they are so used to inequality and injustice that the facts of the case will not matter. Supporting their "own" will be more important. Sigh.

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

Weird. I just can't think what would be sensitive enough or bothersome enough that they wouldn't want the free advertising of "Oh and here's a picture of when we went to.."
Maybe they had problems with foot traffic flow with people stopping to take pictures? Weird.

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

Because it's only a problem on weekends, would be my guess. If they started having people cruising (usually defined as passing a single point more times than X during period of time Y) on other days, they would increase the enforcement.

Also, since it's not usually illegal to "cruise" you have to have a overwhelming reason to disallow it, instead of just saying "no cruising, anywhere, anytime"

Oh, and why were you not allowed to take pics in the market?

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

Wow, the church really looks like a 3-d puzzle.

And if you've ever been on Westheimer on a Friday or Saturday night, you'll know why police disallow "cruising" on weekends.

Comment on post spring break! civ4! weird nightmare!:

Well put.

Comment on post Quick poll:

I just never go out and see movies anymore. And on the rare occations we do, they tend to be Harry Potter, Serenity, type movies.

I have encountered older conservative men who seem to feel that watching Brokeback Mountain would mean they were gay or something. ("Oh don't worry, I've not see it, and I'll never see it")

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:


Comment on post off to houston:

Way at Rice for me! We are considering a trip there this weekend... (mmm ethiopian food!)

Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:

Good plan!
krikwennavd used to the "The Cool Old Guy" who all the punks liked and looked up to. If they managed to get loud enough the TCOG had to step out and say something, they knew it was for real. And a TCOG's girl friend, the scary gangsters in the parking lot always watched out for my car and said hello when I walked in (instead of catcalling like when the other girls walked by).

Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:

Suck. Time for complaints to the office. That sucks. (Our new next door neighbors had a huge loud party and there was enough outcry that they have only done it once since - one much smaller and they puts notes on all the nearby doors saying "We'll be having people over, here's my cell number if we are too loud." And it was for New Year's eve or some time when you would expect loud parties.)

Comment on post why I'm happy:

Actually, the jury is still out about the background:

Jerico origin
German Origin

Seems like it's a combination of Jury-rig (defined by wildrice13 above), and Jerry-rig which seems to have multiple possible origins.
There is also the related term "jerry built" which seems like it might have combined with jury-rig to create jerry-rig.
It is a very marginally possibly slightly offensive expression.

Comment on post why I'm happy:

It's originally "jerry-rig" as in Jerry == German. Also in some areas there is an equivalent expression of "nigger-rig". jerry-rig has become jury-rig and noone really takes offense anymore, but technically it is anti-german. I'm not sure if anti-german from WWI & WWII era or from turn of the century immigration times.

Comment on post why I'm happy:

My worst habit of non-pc colloquialisms is "cotton picking". Or "j[e|u]ry-rig". But few people get offended by juryrig.

Comment on post why I'm happy:

We got one too! It's been very nice and has been giving me nice numbers recently...

Comment on post bad mood friday!:

Maybe you can volunteer to run around after kiddos? Burn some calories off?

Comment on post bad mood friday!:

Bad moods suck. I'm sorry. You guys coming to game night - good fun people time? I made cookies...

Comment on post New Year's pictures:

Agreed. Worst picture ever.

Comment on post Hook 'em Horns!:

You have a sick house up there, don't you. I was thinking of asking if you guys wanted to do something tonight...

Comment on post special home-for-the-holidays post!:

Thanks for the user pic tip! Have a great holiday, we'll see you when we all get back.

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:


So far, I haven't asked anything, answered a couple questions about cats, and rated some answers. But I kinda like just digging around...

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:

You've gotten me slightly addicted to Yahoo! Answers... Bad Greg...

Comment on post just a note:

What's your user name? (I wanna see what you've answered...) (I did make a log in and everything since I already had a yahoo account...)

Comment on post quick hits - bam!:

I think we left about 10:45, but that was when they gave up on the game, rather than ending it (someone had someplace to be??).
And email notification still seems to be spotty - I got one for your reply to my other comment, but not this one. Sigh.

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

Good luck on the weight thing! Get a bike and come ride with us... activity is the best way to lose weight (and it's fun - and it's great weather!)

Comment on post quick hits - bam!:

I think I remember most of the conversations... that is until about 10:00 when I started falling asleep, but they still weren't done with that marathon game of Munchkin...

Comment on post good wicked weekend:

Ok, they complained during the day (on cell) that they hadn't seen you, but never mentioned that they saw you later. Durn people.
We did find out the Britton and Liz were there on Saturday while we were, but none of us ever ran into them.

Comment on post good wicked weekend:

I had picked up most of the details from reading the liner notes and skimming the script (yerfdogyrag found it online). I'm surprised you guys hadn't figured out who Nessarose was... And the "you deserve each other, this hat and you" is great. krikwennavd loved the "personality dialysis" line.
Jen & Jay & Gary & Kris were disappointed that they didn't get to see you at Ren Fest :( It was hot on Saturday too, until the sun got low enough it was behind the trees, when it got very cool very quickly.

Comment on post vote next tuesday!:

There is also talk of this being used to disallow "common law" or "informal" marriages. I think the main complaint is that this proposed amendment was poorly written compared to other states' proposed amendements. Personally, I wonder if making hetero couples question the legal benefits they recieve from marriage might help them understand why homo couples would want the same.

Comment on post vote next tuesday!:

Excellent! Our resident legal scholar says "Go Vote!"

While on the surface it seems to make sense to have a minimum voting requirement, I can see how in these days of <10% voter turnout that people could feel like they had to not vote or encourage not voting to enact their desired result in the polls. And in this particular instance, I am glad that we don't have it because it could keep people who don't support this amendment out of the polls, which wouldn't be a good thing.

Comment on post vote next tuesday!:

Ooo - that sounds like a great ploy, if it's *not* true. You spread the rumor "Don't vote, if there aren't enough votes then it can't pass" to discourage the "other side" from voting. I hope that's not the case, but my paranoid nature says it might be... there are certainly people who would go to any underhanded means to get this amendment passed.

Comment on post good day!:

Yup! I think that's one of my favs (along with the scary Book hair bit).

Comment on post good day!:

I really really liked them. I do want to go back and watch some of the extras and commentary and stuff. They were showing some of them before the Alamo screening of Serenity. And they had a trivia question about Jayne's favorite gun's name (which we got right, of course!, I love that scene.)

Comment on post good day!:

Are you guys watching the episodes then? I'm so sad that we finished them, I really enjoyed having random episodes to watch every evening.

Comment on post Just another day...:

We actually watched the game last night while playing pool. We watched from when the score was 2-2 (5th inning?) until the end. It was kind of sad, looked like they had a chance and then...
But, how often do Houston players play in near freezing rain/sleet? I hope they'll do better in Texas.

Comment on post Astros and such:

Cool! Sounds like we'll have at least a critical mass for decent game playing. Might end up filling up the apartment, which is never a bad thing!
And it's not that Greg doesn't care, but I suspect that he already knew, so it wasn't high priority for his being informed/alerted to the fact :)

Comment on post Astros and such:

So you guys are coming tonight? We are really looking forward to having visitors for the first time in ages...

Comment on post family made it:

You ok on cat supplies? I have an extra litter box and stuff (toys, etc) if you need it.

And I'm negotiating a Saturday night Hurricane Party with Britton right now. Bring your folks, it'll be fun and something to do besides be crowded into your little apartment. (I'll put details on my lj when we get them, as well as emailing to people that might be around.)

Comment on post off to houston:

Oh no, the glasses weren't to keep him from falling off the front of the stage, they were an artistic addition. Or something.

Comment on post off to houston:

"He dons eyeglasses, too, which makes the pig more endearing."

Umm... I guess it works in character :)
Have fun in Houston, I'm sad to be missing the career fair, but I so don't have time for it, even if we were sending a contingent there...

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

"Things are looking up"

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

I think that it's not selfish because you are not hurting anyone by continuing to try and install it on Linux. If you were making someone else do it for you, it would be selfish. And I think since others use your server, it could even be considered selfish *not* to attempt to get it installed on Linux so that you can maintain your server for them. (ie. they are inconvienced when you want to play your game.) Of course, since you are letting them use it for free out of the goodness of your heart, they can just deal with occational downtime.
But none the less, you are completely not a bad person for wanting to get a game installed under the OS of your choice.

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

So do you have the day off or what? I'm jealous... I don't want to be at work.

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

The "bike" and "Hybrid car" options are a little better...

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

I always hate when places don't include the full cost on their menus. I wish tips/living wage for employees was included in the price of the meal. It seems odd that the "price" of your meal only represents about 80% of what you actually pay. Of course, not everyone tips well, but the establishment doesn't suffer for that.

(Note that working during peak times is most profitable for waitstaff, so if tipped was eliminated, it might be harder to find people to work the busy Saturday nights instead of Sunday afternoon. Also, it's well known in the restaurant business that smokers tend to spend more, so many waitstaff will elect to work a smoking section for the additional money, even though they would not otherwise choose to be near smokers. They are economically coerced to expose themselves to 2nd-hand smoke.)

Similarly, I wish Rice would (have they??) do away with the "base cost" that was ~50% of the cost of the meal plan so each meal seemed cheaper. (Of course this screwed you over at Sammie's when you paid more for a la carte items because they didn't take the base cost into account, so even when you used your meal plan, you paid more.

And I've always liked places that include tax with prices - makes paying so much easier and might do away with stupid stuff like pricing at "$9.99" to make it feel cheaper than "$10". Including tax would reduce usage of change and make it easier on the employees. I bet the places could even make money by rounding up to the nearest dollar (or $0.50) value.

The only places where I regularly see this is at low end vending places (sports events, etc) where turnover is key and they don't want to have to use a cash register most of the time.

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

Dallas is the new evangelical capital of the world
My hometown... gotta love it.

Comment on post lots of balls in the air...:

Wow - busy busy busy...
Good luck! I always prefer to be busy rather than bored, so hope you enjoy!

Comment on post interesting weekend!:

hehehe - I made him feel guilty!
Well, go and read my journal and you'll discover why I don't need your silly coin games anymore ;)
(And I forgive you - I was having a hard time figuring out if we went out Friday or Saturday...)

Comment on post interesting weekend!:

Well... the big difference is that David and I went out Friday night with Greg and David. You guys, on the otherhand, just snubbed us the whole weekend and didn't invite us or call us or anything ;)

Comment on post interesting weekend!:

Ok, don't know why my previous comment came out as "anonymous" - sorry about that.
And I don't eat shakes. Or have them most of the time ;)
Oh, and I'm peeved off that we didn't get mentioned in your weekend events - Humph!

Comment on post long time no see...:

I think breakfast tacos are an Austin thing - I've experienced them at both ASMC events and AMD events. I'm not the biggest fan of 1/2 cold, congealed egg and sausage matter. To each his own; at AMD, it's the best way to get employees in before 8:30 AM.

Comment on post gaaaah!:

Perfect! (A little scary actually, since I think you pretty much pegged our porch...)

Comment on post gaaaah!:

You know, now you have to put all of us on there...
Neato though! (Annoyed, my version of mozilla doesn't like google maps, and my version of opera only kinda likes them...)

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

Yeah, I know I was being paranoid. The worry is that our legislators have put into effect laws forbidding flag burning in the past, and I'm sure will be willing to do so again in the future. The Supreme Court declared it was unconstitutional, so now they are trying to put a very vaguely worded amendment to make it constitutional. I guess something sorta bugs me that they decided this wasn't constitutional and now it is. It seems that most amendments are more along the lines of protecting personal rights or clarifying points or strengthening positions, not direct changes in what's allowed or not, and rarely further restricting rights.
(And most amendments are worded to the effect of "Congress has the authority to legislate on the matter of", but the real change is the amendment, not the subsequent law. For example, 16 - national income tax: The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration., and 13 -
Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation..

Constitutional Amendments"

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

It would let some small town sherrif harrass some no-good whoever... Or rather, give them one more reason to harrass them. I could see it actually decreasing the number of flags being flown, as the penalties for not properly lighting, protecting from rain, replacement, etc would be higher.

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

I really agree with your point of the language being rather vauge. Anything like that tends to scare me... (will they start arresting people who fly the American flag at the same height as the state flag? Or boy scouts who accidently drop it during a flag ceremony? Come on, we have much better things to do with our resources...)
While they likley wouldn't run Scout meeting busts, it could be used as a pretext arrest for someone they want to question or suspect but don't have enough evidence in another case...
Or am I being over-paranoid?...

Comment on post And now I am smart...I mean tired:

yerfdogyrag has been trying to sneak python into our tools for ages now... Why is it that python users always seems so evangelical? Remember Andy, ptevis, gwentevis, and Tim back at Rice? (Or were you too young...?)

Comment on post quick poll:

Yeah, I'll chime in a say that I've heard that same fact as well. This ain't ol' west justice anymore - can't just string 'em up when you get the conviction.
Actually, if I remember correctly, there are states (CA, NY?) which have the death pentalty, but hardly ever actually execute the convicted (like 2 deaths in 30 years) or something. I'm just hoping that Texas implements the "life without parole" option soon. And sticks to it...

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Ok, I'm not voting... I'm 1/2 way between "Yes, but only in an ideal world if we could be absolutely sure the person is guilty." and "No, not under any circumstances."

I think that if there's a case where 1) guilt is absolute 2) the crime was sufficently horrible, premeditated, liable to happen again 3) the ability to keep the person for repeating their act is uncertain (unable to properly detain them), then I can see using the death penalty.

But in current American society (where we can effectively physically restrain those who are a menace to our society), I don't think it should be carried out.

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Mean scary Greg face... we don't like you being irritated...

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I agree - I think it's more of an informational announcement instead of a public service.

(Now I'm trying to define all those terms... what is a "bridge out ahead" sign, besides a traffic notification? Alert? Warning? I'm tired.)

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Sigh. The other problem I have is that no one group supports all or most of my views. Both parties have parts of their dogma which I adamantly disagree with. So I feel guilty no matter who I vote for. You can't win.

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Grrr... that Rick Perry thing pisses me off. And the odd thing is even on topics that I agree with him, how he phrases it makes me understand why people object to it. See this is why I don't pay attention to politics - it just makes me frustrated to think about it.
(Oh, and one last note, if the best "family for children" is a "loving father and mother", why is divorce so easy? And so many programs to help single mothers? Mind you, I support availibility to both of these, but it seems inconsistant that they completely reject gay marriage as "bad", but give a wink and a nod to other "non-traditional" family units. I even bet they would praise all of the grandparents raising children, even though they don't have a "loving father and mother" and therefore, by their own admission, not the best family. Grr. Now I'm ranting. Sorry. That one annoyed me a lot.)

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Welcome back! We wanna hear all about it. And when you recover, we should get together. (I dunno if game night is happening...)

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You know that Cory's brother used to work at Animal Kingdom right? With the Elephants (Elements ;) So I know Cory did Animal Kingdom a few years ago so he could see his brother's elephants. (His sister-in-law worked w/primates...)
So do you feel like you are in an episode of Will & Grace yet?

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So, this is supposed to be officially "Gay Dayz" right? Have you noticed any real difference? Or does it just seem to be standard Disney crud? Fewer kids? Just curious...

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That sounds super cool. I went to a restaurant once where everyone got different menus and the dishes were never prepared the same way twice. Not a good place for picky eaters, but super yummy! And I like the idea of calorie concious dining, especially someplace where everyone is out on vacations... it's easy to get way too many bad calories.
Enjoying the updates - keep 'em coming!

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I take it you boys are planning on gamenighting? We were going to try and do it...

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Well, I'm too embarrassed. It apparently took yerfdogyrag more than 10 minutes. And I think I meant lolly-gaggled. But LJ's spell checker doesn't like either expression...

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Ok, I'm embarassed, 4 minutes, 35 seconds.

But I think I lily-gaggled when I loaded it (Gary was in my cube). And this was the first I've done (Opera got upgraded and I can use it for this now!)

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Yeah, I've been bad and haven't done that yet. But, yeah, we would be super duper happy to have you here. I'll actually reply in detail tmw. But I wanted to publicly apoligize that dragging cifarelli down would be a lot easier if I actually told her to come down :)...

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krikwennavd and I both went "cool, Dark Side of the Rainbow". I've seen it (oh, my college days...) and he's seen parts. I think we would be interested. (Oh, and we are trying to drag the female personality of cifarelli down the weekend of the 21st/22nd, so maybe she can chime in if she would be interested in it...)

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Yeah... the allergens are definately better there - but the job thing... unless you want another housemate!

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It was a good weekend! The odd thing, personally, though we had late nights, early mornings, and lots of busy-ness - I feel really well rested. I had some of my best nights of sleep this weekend. Crazy!

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*hugs* We'll see you tomorrow and it'll all be good! Smile!

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I lost a friend from HS to Atlanta - the went to George Tech and fell in love with the city. And there is a good race track there - Road Atlanta.

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I'm using Mozilla 1.0.1
Unfortunatly, it's the most recent we have on at work. Need to try our version of Opera...

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Grr... I can't play the set game with my version on Mozilla. Grr. I like set. BTW, any word on game night for this week?

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Back at Rice, we used to have a good early April joint birthday party... Ed was the 6th, I was the 7th, and Doug was the 8th. (See - I'm older than Doug!!)

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Happy happy! Hope you guys have a blast!

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You are very correct about the age gaps shrinking... Gary is 12 years older than I am (17 older than you?) & most of the time I feel like he's just about my age. Until he and his wife start talking about when they were moving cross country and what not... in 1989, and I realize that I was in junior high & they were in their mid-20's...
And yes, having a friend who is 4 years younger than me with a kid is a little crazy... esp because they didn't have him exceptionally young - they waiting until she finished college, they got married, and then decided to have kids. Not like an 18 year old getting pregnant... Sigh.
Someday I might think about the whole house, kid, marriage, grownup thing.

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At Rice, you were the "kid", especially for me. You were pretty much the youngest person I knew - the only freshman from your year and the last person I really knew at Rice ( not withstanding because I met him later & stuff...).
But now that you are here in town & I feel like I've "really" gotten to know you, I don't think of your age. That's why I was so shocked when I realized you were still in your "early twenties". I guess I had moved you into the "working, pre-kid" group which I age at about 25-30.
So, in conclusion, you've done a decent job at shucking the "kid" image - to the point that we don't notice it anymore. But you do seem to make krikwennavd feel a little old when we sit down and calculate ages... Heck, wildrice13 watching Animaniacs as a child made me feel ancient! It was definately a late high school/college thing. Sigh. But I do feel like you guys are equals - not babies or anything like that. Now I just hope you don't view us as the old fogies.

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How timely, I just returned from mailing my taxes when I got this :)

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My guess is that it's a little of both. Fear/ignorance about gays vs. pedophiles & not wanting a "bad" influence on children.

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Ok, so I'm actually going to comment about the article. It frustrates me that people still seem to equate homosexuality with pedophelia. If you look at the stats on the bottom, the trend indicates that people are more comfortable with homosexuals being involved in adult (pro, college) teams than children's (little league). No matter how many times you read and hear from experts that homosexuality and pedophelia are very different beasts, people still freak out with the thought of a gay man coaching a team of underage boys. But they don't think twice about a heterosexual man coaching a team of underage (or teenage) girls. Grrr.

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Oh, and good song! I miss Johnny Cash... his last album was really stellar. (Including the video for Pain)

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Yeah, my big one is that I'll eat lots of sugary stuff & caffeine, go high, then crash because everything flushes out of the system quickly. If I eat "better" - protein, veggies, whole grain carbs, & sugar in fruit instead of pure cane - I don't swing as high (hyper), but I also don't crash. David has been a good influence on my eating habits - and making me more aware of what I'm doing to myself. (This being said, I know I'm setting myself up for a crash - I ate brownies for b-fast, drunk too many diet dps & ate too many expresso beans this morning - I am not used to waking so early so it feels like a really long time between b-fast and lunch...)

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I know lots of the classic depression diagnoses include feeling like that for a long period of time (months...) Can you orient some of the swing based on food? I know I can swing pretty wild with my blood sugar. (Swing low when I didn't eat a good meal, etc). David (though he might deny this...) gets grumpy and quiet when he misses a meal or a meal is late. I guess the other question is do you do anything you later regret during your "manic-like" phases? Here's to arm chair p-sychiatry.

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Awww... I feel so special... Peach is a good easy character to learn on... Decently strong (tennis racquet!), has the nice floaty ability which help with some of the annoying lands, and she's cute! The other fav always seemed to be Picachu (sp??) - with the annoying lightening bolt.

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Does this mean you guys will play with me? I don't know if I even remember how... (it's been really really long... at least a year since I've played any GC games...)

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I enjoyed Amelie when I first saw it (New Year's party at Britton's a few years ago??) And you guys talking about Smash bros makes me want to play again. It's been a long time (I occationally miss my game cube.) Maybe we could scare up a game at game night tonight??

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Exactly... that's just one the things one shouldn't stress about. One should sit quietly, work hard, and enjoy said music. Therapy Sisters - Good Girl right now... moved away from acapella onto folk. My guess is Moulin Rouge soundtrack next...

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We'll, taking that the work computer are under gnome & home computer is under mandrake, not sure if it'll help so much...
and my one windows box is rather ill at the moment. Last rites should be said (I've been threatening it with a reinstall as soon as I get a weekend w/out 20 other obligations... or at least one where the weather is sufficently cruddy enough to not want to spend the entire thing on the bike...)

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I just wish that there was some way for my mp3 player on my computer to automatically fill in the music catagory. I forget to do it myself otherwise... come on - we are smart computer people, we should be able to figure out at way to do it. (BTW, currently listening to Rockapella - That's the Way. It's acapella day!)

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