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Posted on 2007-09-23 23:39:00
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After all the hullabaloo over the car, it turned out to be a big bust - we turned it on this morning and not even the check engine light was on. Took it in to the service place (who only sold tires on Sunday, no service) and the guy said if the check engine light was off, they couldn't find the code anyway and so it was probably fine if we didn't notice any handling problems, etc. We drove over 700(!) miles today, nary a warning light to be seen. Went through 280 miles of Missouri, a lot of Oklahoma and are in Hillsboro, TX right where 35E and 35W become plain ol' I-35. We were on the road for just over 12 hours so we're pretty tired but we got a room with a whirlpool and we get to sleep late so we should be fine for the less than 3 hours of driving tomorrow. (I think - it's only 3.5 hours from Dallas to Austin, right?)


Comment from kernelm:

We got gas in Hillsboro yesterday on the way to Waco! And yeah, from there it should be no more than two or three hours to Austin barring crazy construction. It's about exit 370 there and downtown Austin is 235ish so only about 140 miles to go.

Comment from gerdemb:

I once had intermittent warning light problems with my Prius too. It was very frustrating because the light would go out before I could get to the dealership. Once I did manage to drive to the dealership with the light on, but somehow they couldn't read the code and the light went back off. Exactly like your case, besides the check engine light there were no other problems.

What is really stupid is that a car as sophisticated as the Prius can't seem to store any warning codes! Hell why not even show the driver the code on the LCD screen?

Comment from onefishclappin:

Hillsboro -> Austin is closer to 2.5hrs. Welcome back to Texas!

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