Hook 'em Horns!
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Posted on 2006-01-05 10:14:00
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Yay Texas! Very exciting Rose Bowl, all in all. I can't help but feel sorry for Reggie Bush for his ill-advised lateral attempt in the first half - that's a rookie mistake that one can only chalk up to nerves. And I did like the USC call to go for it on 4th and 2 at midfield when they're up by 5 with 2 minutes left - their offense had been rocking, and so had Texas's, so they were looking for any way to keep it out of their hands. Also, Vince Young is a hoss.

Lego is releasing a new version of Mindstorms that's powered by...wait for it...LabVIEW! There's also a long story in Wired about it that also mentions NI. I'm excited and can't wait for it to come out in August!

Futurama is maybe coming back - I'll believe it when I see it, but this does look promising.

I took a sick afternoon yesterday and hopefully won't have to do the same today - I think I have a small cold that's got me a little down, although the previous three paragraphs did excite me. Woohoo!

Hee hee...Arrested Development strikes again.


Comment from onefishclappin:

You have a sick house up there, don't you. I was thinking of asking if you guys wanted to do something tonight...

Comment from djedi:

We're both pretty under the weather, so i think we're planning on staying home tonite and being antisocial. We made the "mistake" of going out last night and neither of us feel any better today.

Comment from djedi:

What about something very low key on Friday night?

Comment from sanjeev87:

> There's also a long story in Wired about it that
> also mentions NI.
I saw that...I laughed quite a bit when they referred to NI as "a software firm that specializes in user-friendly development tools".

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