almost Christmas!
Posted on 2006-12-20 14:01:00
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The holidays are upon us! This is our last week in town (we fly out Friday for Christmas & New Year's in Texas) so we've been busy trying to take care of things. Like the TiVo Cablecard adventure djedi mentioned yesterday. I'm leaving work a little early to be home so they'll hopefully come and hopefully fix it.

I got some time yesterday to work on LJBackup. Now, it works pretty well - I was able to use the web page (which I haven't made public yet) to download a zip file of my journal. I even figured out Apache RewriteRule's to redirect from a .zip file to a script. I was planning on giving up on having it done before we leave, but I think a little more work (want to add a few more features) and I'll just put it up. I'd like to have the "finished" product included in my real backup, which I need to do tonight.

Jason Kottke recently had a Celebrity Mii Contest (Mii's are the little avatars you can create on the Wii), and here are the results. I like the winning one a lot, and my other favorites are Jack Black, Admiral Ackbar, and V from V for Vendetta. Kottke's blog is excellent - read it every day!

"Episcopalians Against Equality" - an editorial that ran in the Washington Post this morning about the 7 Virginia parishes that severed ties with the Episcopal Church and threw their lot in with a conservative Nigerian archbishop who supported legislation to criminalize "Registration of Gay Clubs, Societies and organizations".

I hesitate to post about this. Michael Crichton wrote a book called "State of Fear" which expressed the view that global warming wasn't a scientific fact (and later professed publicly the same). Michael Crowley, a writer for The New Republic, wrote a long column (subscription required) criticizing him for this view. In Crichton's latest book "Next" he made reference to a political journalist "Mick Crowley" who was a child rapist (excerpt is disgusting). Michael Crowley and "Mick Crowley" are both Washington political reporters who attended Yale. Slimy slimy slimy.


Comment from taesmar:

Wait - are you going to be in Austin?

Comment from onefishclappin:

They can give you real dates, but yes, they'll be here for New Year's. I think they will be staying at Jonathan's. (BTW, let us know if you guys want to brave our New Year's Party - lots of Rice alumni & random hanger ons. I think it will be at the Haunspergers, w/other activities at Jonathan's and stuff. We'll be there w/baby & kiddo if you want some good baby or kiddo time!)

Comment from djedi:

Yeah, authors, like other celebrities, can be pretty nutty when they decide that their celebrity status gives them special powers to know things.

Comment from fairydust1:

um, if er - there is time - we'd love a chance to see you for a few minutes while you're in town. We got you a teeny weenie little gift that we'd like tohand you in person, if possible. It's teeny - it spoke your name when we saw it ;)

Comment from djedi:

We'll be there Sat through Tuesday morning, with like Sun/Mon being the 2 day new years extravaganza. Will yall be coming to part of the party? Were yall on the initial details email?

Comment from fairydust1:

no, we weren't on the list, but since we'd have to leave by 7 pm for bedtimes (sigh), it is highly unlikely we'd be able to come anyhow. Maybe I can give your gift to and she can pass it along :/

Comment from djedi:

I'm sure we can meet up at some point in time. We don't have no transportation, so maybe we could arrange somewhere in austin sometime Sat-Mon to meet up for food or chat. We'll be staying at Jonathan's so that's a possibility.

Comment from liz_gregory:

Nevermind that this conservative Nigerian archbishop is a confirmed and unrepentant bigamist...

Comment from pegamoose_g:

I read this quote on Wil Wheaton's blog the other day:

"Is stopping two people who love each other from getting married really more important than feeding and clothing a family who need help, especially during Winter? What would Jesus do?"

The rest of the post was about how (dis)organized religions have shifted from "love thy neighbor" and forgiveness to condemning anyone who doesn't think like you.

As for the global warming thing... I was talking with someone at NI about this topic. It was their opinion that global warming is all blown out of proportion. He said the Earth goes through warming and cooling trends, cause if there were ice ages, there is just as much of a chance to have a heat age. Then, he went on to talk about freon causing damage to the ozone is impossible, because freon is heavier than air. Not to mention the people releasing the original report about the environment being harmed by freon is the same company that released the next generation of coolants (DuPont, I think). And, that every other report on global warming is based on that original report. Then, he mentioned the hole in the ozone being damaged by the change in the Earth's polarity, which happens about every 10,000 years or so. This had something to do with the solar rays damaging the weakened the ionic field, or something. Anyway... He went on and on. And, without providing scientific evidence, it did sound interesting. But, you can't tell me there is no global warming when I'm breaking into a sweat while Christmas shopping in shorts and sandals.

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