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Posted on 2005-07-15 10:02:00
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So this has officially been my longest absence from LJ since I started posting. Dunno why, just haven't been in the mood. Instead of recapping what happened over the last nine days, I'll post whatever pops in my head :-)

Yesterday was my 2-year anniversary at NI. Hooray! Unfortunately, things are going to get busy soon, as we're starting to get to the end of the development cycle, which means lots of testing and stuff like that. Plus, tech week for ASMC starts next weekend, so that will eat up all our free time.

I took some time and updated my homepage to be current, and in doing so, updated my resume as well. That was an odd experience - lots of deleting stuff, and I had to sorta describe what I do now. I also put my random projects on my homepage, and I will hopefully add them there from now on. Maybe I should have an RSS feed or something...that sounds like fun...

Just got a meeting invitation for 7:30 that is "MANDATORY for all employees". Ugh! Although breakfast tacos are provided (and the meeting itself doesn't start until 8). I had never had breakfast tacos until I came up to Austin. Dunno if they're an Austin thing, or more of an NI thing, or what.

I had a filling done on Tuesday. It went as well as can be expected. Although the tooth itself is still a little sensitive to cold and heat (as evidenced by my hot tea).

I think my next project will be automatically backing up my del.icio.us bookmarks and making a web page out of them (you can see a first pass here). I guess I'm very much in a web project sort of mood. Although I should get back to work on the Python Challenge, but I'm still stuck on level 12.

I'm finally over my cold/allergies/whatever and so I can sleep at night without coughing or taking Sudafed. That's very nice!

I thought I had finished my current project on like Tuesday, but then another problem cropped up. I think I know how to fix it, though, and hopefully it will be done by the end of today. I'm a little tired of the project I've been working on - I wish it would just work. Although it does seem cooler than it did when I started it...

I downloaded a bunch of cool mashups from goodblimey.com which are on my music page. The funniest one I've listened to is Eminem vs. Dukes Of Dixieland - it's Eminem's "Lose Yourself" versus a jazz band playing "Down by the Riverside" (the track is just called "Down by the Riverside"). It's awesome!

I'm worried about my weight again. I'm hoping to make it go down. :-)


Comment from onefishclappin:

I think breakfast tacos are an Austin thing - I've experienced them at both ASMC events and AMD events. I'm not the biggest fan of 1/2 cold, congealed egg and sausage matter. To each his own; at AMD, it's the best way to get employees in before 8:30 AM.

Comment from djedi:

Breakfast tacos are sort of a south Texas thing. They were "everywhere" growing up in south-ish Texas.

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