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Mike Starbird was the speaker.

Comment on post link friday: Mayday PAC, science is hard, net neutrality:

How to cut cake! I definitely mentioned that in my personal statement for grad school applications. I had to e-mail Max to find out who the speaker was. It was a year you were there but before I was -- we went to the colloquium when we were visiting you, and he used Carrie and I as examples. :)

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Congrats on the new car! Very pretty.

Comment on post Farewell sweet Prius (2004-2013):

Booo...any idea what's next? Volt? :)

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Ugh, boo! Glad he's ok, and I don't think that's karma, unless you sideswiped some people in SF. :)

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I grateful EVERY DAY. Thanks!

Comment on post Software development tools I'm grateful for:

Good documentation! Maybe that's just for low-level programmers, but Mathematica's documentation is in general very good.

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I love the 1s in there, like he's use to avoiding spam got hate-spammed by a professional! Yay?

Ooh, also, I was thinking, do you have a Where's Lunch app? Because that seems like a good mobile app. I was thinking about it recently -- do you still maintain the website? Because I'l add DC stuff!

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hey, I'm in that screenshot! And I don't think it looks ugly at all! Don't let internet people get you down.

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I'm going to an opening day Cubs game soon! I've never been to Wrigley Field before. Lukas said the proper way to see a Cubs game is bleacher seats, so that's what we're doing. I'll report back on the atmosphere!

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That's so cool and adventurous! I can't believe you were just in Germany. How cool!

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Hold on there. A boat is just a boat, but a mystery box could be anything. It could even be a boat!

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Sarah's dress is gorgeous! Love it! Also the rehearsal dinner dress -- so cute.

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Cool! Also, I saw this and thought of you: My-TSA

Seemed like a good companion to yours, and one you might enjoy. :)

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The story also said those were more likely to be second homes, so maybe there's less of an emotional attachment? So the decision becomes more business-oriented instead of family/future-oriented.

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I had this argument with another student in my year. I said concealed weapons are stupid, because the rational reason to have a gun would be to deter an attack, and you can't deter if the other party isn't aware. She said that people who don't carry guns benefit from other people carrying concealed weapons, because it leads to uncertainty in the minds of (potential) criminals about whether you have a gun.

I can see her logic, but I still think carrying a concealed weapon is stupid. But since I think any non-police/military people carrying any weapon is stupid, my logic may be biased.

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I can't tell if he's giving Saul a double thumbs up, or about to box him...

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I love that userpic so much! I'm trying to think of something to steal it for. :)

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Shouldn't David be wearing a hat? Doesn't he know that you lose 95% of your heat through your head?

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Remember whenever people kissed on TV, we would all go "mush mush! mush mush!" so you would know to look away? heh. good times.

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So worth seeing in 3D rather than waiting for the dvd?

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I'm so torn on the same-sex marriage bill...I mean, obviously I'm for it, but the only way the Dems kept the majority in the Assembly (and thus that the bill has a chance of passing) is because a guy (assemblyman) who assaulted his girlfriend with broken glass got off with a misdemeanor charge instead of a felony one (which would have made him lose his seat)...yay?

At least it would be nice if something good came out of it!

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So I recently rejoined weight watchers and they have this new etools thing that's really cool (you can join the online thing without going to meetings). It's way better for me for keeping track of what I eat than the old way of journaling -- it's all online, you can search for common foods, thousands of prepared foods/fast food/restaurants, and (my favorite part) you can put in any recipe and it calculates everything for you. Plus you can put in the type and amount of exercise you do and it transfers it to points (which you can then eat!).

Anyhow, it seemed like something you might like -- ask Mom, I think she has a coupon for a free month for family, so you could give it a try.

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Done! To Sen. Alesi. I talked about you and David. :)

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Low turnout increases the odds that you're pivotal! Don't encourage mass voting! heh. :)

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Yay! Especially since if I'm understanding it right, it was going to hit Rochester really soon, and we don't seem to have any real competition for them up here...

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Maple syrup, teddy bears, and now there anything Vermont doesn't rock at?

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PS, are y'all going to register anywhere? I hear you get to go around with a scanning gun! It sounded like something y'all would enjoy.

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Ooh, pretty! Are you getting them engraved?

I think y'all should get matching engagement tattoos. heh.

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ooh! ooh! if it's in the summer, can there be formal shorts? I LOVE FORMAL SHORTS! The boy can lay them out for you! (You, Kif. You're the boy.)

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Added some restaurants! Will add more (and more info) and try to recruit others soon. :)

Comment on post releasing into the wild:

Can you add Rochester? I would put in stuff! And maybe other people in my department, too.

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Not like he'll be writing that pesky Larry Summers.

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I am going to direct everyone I know to ALL THE TIME.

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But not this Jessica! Some other Jessica!

Comment on post less ow:

Really nothing to worry about -- I promise! I was even able to eat pretty much normally the same day.

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Haha, excellent! I've been meaning to watch this for a day or two, finally did.

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Strangely enough, I have a friend who was just saying (with no mention of this from me) that he has been wanting to learn more about graph theory. So I'll point him here when you post your stuff! :)

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First episode of 30 Rock is on Hulu already!

(There is a throwaway line that is mean to grad students. hmf.)

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I think it's actually not that dumb. Say you support the Democrats, but there's a good moderate Republican running against a somehow undesirable Democrat. A crossover vote might sound like a good idea, but really it's a vote for a Republican majority, which gives Republicans control over things like committee chairmanships etc. And those power positions won't go to the moderates, but to the conservatives that make up the party leadership. Even if in this election that's not so much of an issue, there's still the issue of giving filibuster power to a party that, again, is not run by the moderates.

Plus the same logic applies to voting for a loser Democrat: s/he'll be largely controlled by the party leadership. So if you support the party leadership (and/or oppose the leadership of the other party), voting a straight ticket is not a crazy choice.

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No direct brain connections now, no direct brain connections forever!

Comment on post seriously, guys, $700 billion is a lot of money:

In the middle of an unrelated conversation in an unrelated meeting, a professor of mine started yelling "WE HAVE NO CONSTITUTION! WE HAVE NO CONSTITUTION!" I know it's not funny, was kind of funny.

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If it's just the storm surge, that's not a terrible idea -- safest place to be in a tsunami is out on the water. Of course, that's ignoring the whole, you know, HURRICANE that's going on at the same time. Details, details...

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Arrested Development was Carrie. :)

Comment on post best TV shows quiz:

The Wire - If The Shield is borderline too intense for me, I think The Wire's probably out.
Lost - but only because of you and Carrie. don't watch it on my own.
Friday Night Lights - seen an episode here and there, suppose to be really good.
Deadwood - maybe sometime soon. I think it'll be upsetting.
30 Rock - should probably buy the first two seasons at some point...waiting for a super good deal.
The Daily Show
Battlestar Galactica - 1, 2 and 2.5. will probably catch up/finish eventualy.
The Sopranos - saw a few seasons on DVD, but never got into it, always confused about who people are. I can't remember where I left off, and I feel like I'd probably have to start over anyhow, which doesn't seem worth it.
Arrested Development
Studio 60 - Watched it all, but it's like Aaron Sorkin took a step backwards. Sports Night: good when funny, mostly bad at melodrama, and took itself way too seriously. West Wing: good when funny, much better at melodrama, and had a serious enough subject to take itself as seriously as it does. This one: pretty good when funny, TERRIBLE at melodrama, and back to the subject that doesn't deserve to be taken that seriously. The fate of the free world just doesn't depend on a sketch comedy show.
South Park - Mostly when I'm up past 11:00.
Veronica Mars - Watched the first couple episodes, but haven't felt a real need to watch more.
Six Feet Under - Watched the first season, maybe will finish at some point.
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys - no, but read the story on it.
The Colbert Report - Thank you Hulu!
Mad Men - On my netflix queue, with a long wait.
The West Wing - of course.

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We were also talking today about the chances for a made for TV movie based on this. But if they do it during the campaign, they'll have to abide by equal time! And who wants to see Less Boring Than Someone Else Out There, We're Pretty Sure: The Joe Biden Story?

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I agree with the abstinence-only thing, but for me (and this isn't mine originally, it's been floating around) the more interesting critique is:

1) this is a private family decision is a PRO-CHOICE position. government forcing you to make a certain decision based on the morals of other people is an anti-choice position.

2) why are both of them being praised for making the choice to keep their babies -- she doesn't believe it should be a choice! they believe all pregnant women (no rape/incest exception, no health of the mother exception) should be forced to have the children. so the praise is just for not being wildly hypocritical?

Comment on post Obama's speech, McCain picks Sarah Palin:

Why does everyone forget about Canada?

Comment on post Obama's speech, McCain picks Sarah Palin:

Obama is also young and pretty. And while Palin's not the first female vice presidential nominee, she is the first Alaskan. :)

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Man, I'm glad our parents aren't uber-creepy.

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There's a line in a season 3 episode of Buffy, that goes:

Buffy (to demon): Want to see my impression of Gandhi? (cuts off demon's head)
Girl: Gandhi?
Buffy: You know, if he was really pissed off.

Comment on post I, for one, welcome our new baby seal overlords:

I thought I dreamed that! I guess it was on the radio when the alarm went of. Very strange. Think it'll make the Threat Down?

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Oh well. I GUESS my only brother getting married is reason enough to show up. The California thing would have made it a sure thing.

Comment on post best day ever:

Are you thinking California? Because that would be awesome! And not just because I have a friend in CA I would like to see at the same time. hehe.

Comment on post best day ever:

I totally dreamed about you and David getting married last night! I think this was because my alarm had actually gone off already and the news came on and it was about gay marriage in California so it filtered in.

Comment on post seriously, things are getting busy:

hehe. I like the love is good! unless it's between a man and a woman in such a way as they share their work! or between a man and a man! or a woman and a woman! yes, love is awesome and the foundation of our country!

Comment on post mathing it up after dark:

I have mad LaTeXing skillz. hehe.

No, seriously. I solved a previously unsolvable problem in LaTeX (combining fullpage and fancyheader) and now my solution template has been passed around the department.

Comment on post positive surprises:

I read that Slate story this morning -- it looked so amazing! First time I've ever wanted a tablet computer.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

Just FYI: Mom, Carrie and I are Hillary-ers, but Dad voted for Obama, though Mom stayed to caucus and he didn't. Just so you don't feel left out. :)

It's unfortunate for Obama that his it's-the-delegates-that-count speech, while correct, still sounded horribly sour grapey.

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Whenever Americanists don't know how to answer a question, they just say "It varies by state." People always believe that. Especially Europeans.

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I like the way it looks when you click on the image -- the transition from all projects to only those projects looks really neat.

Comment on post this is getting ridiculous:

That's funny. I thought "cozy" was usually code for tiny.

Comment on post whoops, false alarm:

thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing that barrel part. Will make Christmas more fun...

Although, to be fair, while I can bring it up, I think we all know what story we'll hear if YOU bring it up *cough*broken toe*cough*.

Comment on post house-hunting: part 2 of 5000:

Remember (before they decided to just build on our lot) when we went around looking at all those houses? Remember the one with lemonade and brownies? Good times. You should get a house that comes with lemonade and brownies.

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Dad told the story once of someone setting a mattress on fire in a suite he lived in while at UR (something about smoking in bed). They ended up tossing the mattress (still on fire, I guess?) off the balcony, which took care of the problem as far as they were concerned. However, someone in their suite slept through the whole thing (including the very loud alarm going off)...

Comment on post iTunes ratings analysis - what looks nicer?:

I agree -- a nice grayish-blue or green would be nice. I am partial to pinks, but I understand that many people are not. :)

Comment on post clue solver done!:

Your next project should be with R! Because then I could bug you for help about R. hehe.

Have a great first day at work!

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Sometimes I'm thinking about how I'll tell the story of what is happening now to other people later. Although sometimes that's good -- when I'm really scared or worried (cf. lost in St. Petersburg in the middle of the night) I think about telling the story while exaggerating my freaked-out-edness in an amusing way. haha.

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done! also: finally. hehe.

Comment on post getting used to new surroundings, part 1:

Was the music on his/your ipod? Carrie and I have both transferred music from ipod=>computer using ipodrip a couple times (thanks to switching computers or hard drives).

If you ask Mom real nice, she might buy you some of those wooden stake things you stick in your yard with various holiday themes. Then people will definitely know that someone has moved in, and that you are not to be messed with. hehe.

Comment on post weekend, pictures, etc.:

yaay! Either Greg or David said that it was probably a federal budget thing, so kudos to whichever.

Comment on post wallet:

I think you would get tired of the dot matrix one, and sometimes not want others to see it (at any business-y type thing). Also, I think Grandpa would be happy you aren't as foolish as dad about getting new wallets (seriously, right now one is falling apart, but he doesn't want to get rid of it, so...he's carrying two of them. I kid you not.). hehe.

Comment on post it all seems more real now:

yay, one less thing to worry about!

Comment on post clue solver!:

haha, I can correct nothing. I don't remember much about playing Clue -- just that we use to gesture emphatically with the tiny weapons and say "it was PROFESSOR PLUM in the LIBRARY with the REVOLVER" (or whatever) with great dramatic emphasis>

Comment on post new glasses:

It'd be fun if you made it one of those before and after things where you look all sad and disheveled in the first one and in the second one you have new glasses, spiffy clothes and a big smile. hehe.

Comment on post haaaaapy birthday david!:

Ooh, are you going to see the Bourne Ultimatum? That's suppose to be awesome. Unless...I guess a drive-in is a good place to see a movie you don't really need to pay attention to? seems like a tough place to follow along intricate plots, maybe? So maybe a Simpsons rehash? Either way, presents+dinner+drive-in movie, sounds like a fun 50-ish sort of evening. hehe. You should get a class pin...then give it to him to wear! You know, to complete the retrocity.

Comment on post escalefters, or escalumps:

I totally rode the longest one IN THE WORLD in Moscow (Park Pobedy! woo-hoo!)! It was very exciting. Also, Russians have an efficient system to deal with left-standers (or, in my case, left-walking-too-slowly-ers): they just grab you and push/pull you to the right side.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

I bet it was that extremely cold and brightly colored popsicle. hehe. also, I get the joint account thing -- I always think it's weird when mom and dad go buy each other expensive things. but not as weird as those ads where someone surprises their spouse with a new luxury car. like whoa, that's their money too, right?

Comment on post yet another fine day:

haha, I totally remember you playing StarCraft. good times. :)

Comment on post from the barrel of a gun:

that's me! I'M THE PEOPLE visiting this weekend!! yaaaaay!

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

I can't believe you have cats! I WANT A KITTY. I've even been looking for my lease (which has mysteriously disappeared) to see if I'm technically allowed to, and at pictures from local adoption centers...

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

don't be jealous! go back to being happy about moving back to Austin! AUSTIN!

ALSO: (it's Austin related) Mom and Dad and I went to open face, which is like a super-pretentious but pretty yummy sandwich place around here (I think you would like all the cool sodas in bottles they have). and they had some random t-shirts and signs on the walls, and one said "Keep Portland Weird." we were all OUTRAGED at the blatant rip-off.

Comment on post ratatouille!:

I'm pretty sure that means that when you get back to Texas, you need to go for a re-anniversary dinner for real bbq. hehe.

Comment on post camping pictures:

a lot of them look really good, especially the one of the canoers and barbara and alex in the trees. also, impressive job on pitching the tents! made me think of that futurama episode where they all have to join the army and fry's trying to pitch his tent. hehe.

Comment on post camping pictures:

the flower with the bug looks so professional! you could be a postcard maker. hehe. also, the cards by lamplight looks fun but spoooooky (hehe) and before I read the caption, I thought the picnic highchair was just something floating there...haha.

Comment on post vi, ngrams, hats:

it sounds like a game with symmetric strategies and maybe symmetric pay-offs; that should let you take some shortcuts to finding best responses.

Comment on post a personal confession:

so every once in a while they post a "shocking" (annoying and usually stupidly contrarian) economics essay by steven landsburg. he's both the chair of the econ department here AND one of dad's former roommates. I like to forward them to mom, because they make her so angry. hehe.

I don't agree with all their authors, but I read slate allll the time. it's the drug of choice in my department. ad report card and dear prudence are fun, as is the comparison shopping for random things.

Comment on post obsession #12358: bsg:

I just watched the miniseries, too! (actually, I just watched the entire original series, then the miniseries -- old series, hokey but surprisingly good). I'm getting the rest of it on netflix soon-ish...wanted to take a break, first.

Comment on post ngrams away!:

ooh, the site has free samples! very fun.

Comment on post ngrams away!:

aw, I was totally going to get you and david a rifftrax as a surprise! I had it all planned out. but I guess I should not be shocked that you also saw the story.

but now you're thinking, oh, the surprise is ruined, she got out of buying us a gift. but wouldn't that make the surprise even bigger? MAYBE! see now either way you'll be surprised, only more pleasantly so if you end up with a rifftrax.

Comment on post I love data:

too bad it's past your birthday. :)

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

yaaay happy birthday!

Comment on post nose headphones:

oh man, is it cigarette smoke? or the aftersmell of cigarette smoke that follows smokers around alllll the time?

also, I think that nosewarmer I made you once might have worked as nose headphones. alternatively, this?

Comment on post betteresque:

my friend emily reads my friends page sometime and read about your project...she's a second year poli sci phd student up at harvard and she says she has lots of data for you if you want it. :)

Comment on post Extortion is profitable!:

yay episcopalians. :) also, to find out which bills actually relate to which issues and how important they are, try checking the websites of issue organizations. they usually issue report cards to members with how they voted on important bills related to their issue.

Comment on post new project: congress ratings:

oh! I just thought of something I can add. you know, with my 1/5th of a phd knowledge. hahaha. so there's this guy here, curt signorino, who's crazy methods man. and he came up with this new way of measuring affinity called an s-score (he swears s isn't for signorino; no one believes him). anyhow (I learned this second hand, not from his work, so it's a little vague), you create an n-vector where n is the number of votes you're interested in, and each element in the vector is a 1 or 0 (for yes or no for the vote). then you make your n-vector. and that's a point in an n-dimensional space, and to compute affinity, you calculate the distance between your point and someone else's point. anyhow, thought you might like that.

Comment on post new project: congress ratings:

hehe you're turning into a political scientist!

Comment on post What does Thursday mean to you?:

haha, the only conservatives in the family (or what passes for it), I'd say you're home free, reaction-anxiety wise. :)

Comment on post What does Thursday mean to you?:

hey, who are the cards from? I'm guessing aunt & uncle B for one.

Comment on post *yawn*:

Check out the machinima (the thing where people do short films and stuff with computer games) slideshow here (from Slate) -- the first slide (I think it's actually labeled 2, but it's the first real one after the ad) has warcraft characters singing the internet is for porn. haha.

also, there's a song on the buffy musical episode where a woman is singing to a cop about getting a parking ticket, and if you listen to it on the cd (it cuts off too early on tv) you can hear the end, which goes: I'm asking you please no/ it isn't right it isn't fair/ there was no parking anywhere/ I think that hydrant wasn't there./ why can't you let it go?/ I think I've paid more than my share/ I'm just a poor girl, don't you care?/ hey, I'm not wearing underwear.

I guess it's unrelated, but this made me think of that. haha.

Comment on post orange juice morning, noon, and night:

mmm...oatmeal...I wonder if oatmeal cookies also have magical cholesterol power? especially chocolate chip ones?

you have good genetics -- mom has really good cholesterol and so do I, so you probably do too.

Comment on post friday links:

there's a guy in my year, patrick, who is swiss and in the swiss army. and he often tells us stories about being in the swiss army. NO one should EVER be even a LITTLE BIT afraid of the swiss army. once some of his men accidentally invaded france. only france was a little more annoyed than lichtenstein. also, he accidentally murdered a cow then covered it up.

Comment on post weeeeekend:

I can only assume you mean wiiiiikend.

Comment on post Ah, a day off:

hehe...ok, the link to lambda rising has a thing about a reading by john amaechi (sp?) from "man in the middle." doesn't that sound just like tobias's reading of "the man inside me"?

also, I would play the world's tiiiiniest violin about your snow trouble if it wasn't lost in the three feet of snow on the lawn outside my house. bunch of snow. riiight.

Comment on post Snow!:

ooh! I know what the sunglasses thing is! remember when we went to that random place for father's day? and one day we went into that little town? and in one store (I remember while we were in that particular store you were telling me about plan's for your anniversary, and how you and david tend to celebrate everything with steak dinners. hehe.) there were tx shaped sunglasses and you took a picture of carrie trying the on.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

it feels like a baked-goods kind of situation. I'll consult with my departmental baked-goods expert and get back to you. with celebratory baked goods. hehe. :)

Comment on post living situation pros and cons:

hehe. did you know that saul sometimes buys things he doesn't want just to confuse the loyalty card?

also, I love that you listed the presence of a gym and cookies in the same line.

I'm going out with michelle this week -- I'll ask if there are any columbia secrets you should know :)

Comment on post Good wii-kend:

hehe. wiikend.

Comment on post LJbackup preview!:

very cool! I like that you can see all the comments people made, and the mood thing is just fun.

Comment on post I've never owned a console on launch day...:

wiiiiiiimote. it's almost enough to make me want to own one. also, I plan on adding wii to the front of as many things as possible.

Comment on post (no subject):

flava flav is back because of flavor of love ( how have you missed it? hehe. carrie's a fan.

Comment on post /slap someone:

cheer up and read this. hehe. gaybys. it's a funny word.

Comment on post quick hits:

I love mezzanine! the first song, "angel," is the one playing in the club when zoe gets kidnapped at the end of season 4 of west wing :)

Comment on post that was unexpected:

I just talked to him--he didn't know about it. haha. so I let him know that you found it and he's going to send it on to the Rice publicity people.

Comment on post Home, sweet home(?):

yeah, first trips are expensive...I think mine was over $100 and my kitchen is much smaller (I assume). but soon all your stuff will come and it will get all homey! plus, don't forget to check out the einstein monument.

Comment on post Greetings from the most anti-gay state in the nation!:

I haven't watched much grey's anatomy, but from what I have watched/can tell, everyone loves george, so it's all good. hehe.

I put a "don't mess with texas women" bumper sticker on my car so it's easier to find in a parking lot, since the car itself is not real distinctive. I guess the "keep austin weird" one will work for you in md :).

Comment on post Tennessee, our Tennessee:

feel better! eat spicy food!

michelle was telling me about trips she's taking home to maryland, and she said I can come along whenever, so maybe I can come visit sometime this semester! if y'all get settled in and everything :)

Comment on post minimum wage shenanigans:

yeah, it's the worst political system, except for all the others. :)

there is some game theoretic evidence that democracy is a positively (not just normatively) good idea -- condorcet's long theorem says that have a group of three or more make a decision by majority vote is better than an individual making a decision as long as each individual has at least a 50% chance of being "right." and that's not the craziest assumption ever.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

he has lots (just got another one accepted to the journal of conflict resolution, a major journal), although his actual articles are more academic than current eventy. he does a lot of talks and stuff on current events though (just did one yesterday to houston's world affairs council). you can see his CV (with a list of all his articles) here.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

so far no calls from any sort of media. :)

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

don't worry. if we should be scared, dad will let us know.

Comment on post wheeee:

just slice in half around the pit (all the way around, but not all the way through) then twist the two parts apart and pull out the pit (should come out pretty easily). then use a spoon to scoop out all the yummy green parts, then just mash it all up in a bowl and add salsa (don't need much salsa--too much and it tastes like all salsa and no avocado). yum!

Comment on post wheeee:

ooh! carrie has a super-easy and yummy recipe for guacamole. one avacado, and some salsa, mixed together. then you can choose how spicy it is, or whatever, by picking a yummy salsa.

Comment on post brain dump:

hey! unfortunately, rochester will probably not be sunny. hopefully it will not rain. however, we have both a "bad weather plan" and a "vile weather plan," and if it rains but not hails/lightning/dangerous, there will probably be free ponchos. :)

also, weather/packing wise, you'll want pants. short sleeve shirts are probably fine for during the day (low sixties mostly), but bring a sweater because the rain makes it cool down to the 50s/40s.

can't wait to see you! I got you a present today. hehe.

Comment on post weekend, everybody's working for the:

I think that's the best song on it. I also like simple, rebel yell, and anthem of our dying day. a guy I use to know who sang in it said once that unlike some groups, the ramblers are really a performing group--they're better in person than on cd. and I think that's true. part of the reason I enjoy some of the songs is because I've been there when they've performed them, so I'm thinking about more than just the sound. anyhow. glad you like it!

Comment on post weekend, everybody's working for the:

hey! do you like the cd?

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one of david copperfields muggers is "known on the streets as the Kentuckian"? what kind of dumb street name is that?

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hehe. remember that easter where mom was taping us hunting for easter eggs and you were pretending to find lots of them so it would look good on tape, but I didn't know you were faking it so I got really upset that I was apparently an egg-hunting incompetent and started to cry?

good times.

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ultraviolet (which I have yet to see) is by the same people that did equilibrium, and is suppose to be a better (according to them) version of it. I thought it was a little condescending (I'm not wildly fond of the conceit of a movie director inventing his own style of martial arts and naming it something wacky) but the gun fight (sort of) at the end was awesome.

also, it had sean bean in it (even if not for long), so of course my love for it knows no bounds.

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cold is necessary but not sufficient for snow. sorry! :) but michelle (who is from maryland) said that maryland gets a couple inches of snow every year, but not more. so if you lived there, you would get some, but not like lake effect amount, which sounds excellent.

sophomore year the heat didn't work in our room for a while, so my hands were so cold I had trouble typing. so of course I put on gloves. that's when I found out my touchpad won't work if you're wearing gloves (I think if the point of contact is too big it won't pick it up. or something.). so mom sent me fingerless gloves. :)

think of all the fun things we could buy you if you lived someplace cold! plus mom would have someone new to knit things for. hehe. and you could get lots of thick comfy socks. and boots!

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he also did "ice storm" which was pretty disturbing in its own right.

I didn't see either, but I've seen sooo few with ya'll at thanksgiving was the first one I've seen since the summer.

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I don't think the fork is hot, I think it's a spaghetti and meatball thing going.

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I agree with the daily show last night. they:

1. downgraded the story to "still funny but slightly sad" and
2. repeatedly said "please get better" to the guy.

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hehe. I take sooo much credit for your love of mochas.

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this sounds like something you already know about, but just in case:

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I vote for the "it'll all work out." when I was home, we made chocolate pudding like four times in a week. hehe. so don't feel bad. admittedly, it was awesome pudding and probably no cookie could live up to that standard, because, you know, it's hot chocolate pudding. but whatever.

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just skip sodas for the day, that should take care of the calories :)

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paranoid conspiracy theories rock.

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hehe. when I come home I will make you mochas galore. GALORE!

our special holiday drink here is "merriment white mocha"--peppermint white mocha with whipped cream and peppermint sprinkles on top. I like making it only because I like putting the sprinkles on. hehe.

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up here they bury the pipes deep. :)

here's a fun fact about winter I forgot about until I took the ipod out today: when it gets cold out, the cords on the headphone freeze...not like frozen solid, but very stiff. aiyiyi.

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my friend emily said austin should just secede from texas. and may I just say, the state of austin would clearly be the best state ever.

we read a book called "Tides of Consent: How Public Opinion Shapes American Politics" (James Stimson) recently for a poli sci class.

Most of the "ends" of politics are noncontroversial. It is the means, what government ought to do, that usually produce disagreement. Because ends are usually not controversial, support for them is usually not measured...But occasionally, ends themselves generate controversy...Cases that come to mind are issues that pit traditional values supportive of inequality of various kinds, rooted in the old order, against a new assertion of equality. This happens when we are in the midst of real value change. Three such controversies have been prominent in American politics in the last half-century...[talks about race, gender, homosexuality]...

What all these controversies about the ends of political life share is a distinctive life history. At first, there is near unanimous support for the values and beliefs of the old order. Then comes a period of value change, where people rethink previous views (and some of those people are replaced by a newer generation not rooted in the old order), which leads finally to a new quasi-consensus on equality. If we could witness the whole process, it would resemble an "S" curve: low support for equality, followed by a trend to increasing acceptance of rights, followed by a leveling out at a new higher level of belief in equality...

What all of these have in common is that they pose questions about preferred outcomes, making no reference to policies or actions that might produce the outcomes. What they also have in common is trend, a pattern that turns out to be quite rare elsewhere...Each shows no sign of reversal, other than year-to-year zigs and zags probably attributable to sampling fluctuation, the minor misestimation in each survey due to the role of chance in sample selection. The process that would produce such trending is permanent opinion change. (33-36)

I like that permanent opinion change part.

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the one from UR, not the enterprise.

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there's no such provision...check out article 17 section 1 (that's so fun to say) of the Texas constitution...there's no minimum voting requirement...just like the US one. although there's a great story about that and why the ERA didn't pass, which you can read about in William Riker's book The Art of Political Manipulation (I just like saying the art of politicla manipulation). but even that was in the legislature, not sent to the people.

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src="" width="300" height="90"
border="0" alt="You are .tar You are rarely seen without your buddy gz. You're talented at bringing ideas together, so they're easier to work with.">
Which File Extension are You?

I've never even heard of this file extension. also I don't work well with others. haha.

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promotion + surprise money = celebratory steak dinner? :)

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ok, but still, one of you was driving and that one wasn't watching, right?

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2005-09-20T10:31:41+00:00 watched a simpsons episode on the drive down?

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hey, you went from frantic to busy! that's a good sign. :)

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it's me! riding the cow! wooooooooooooooo!

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don't get in an accident! they're bad. baaaaaaaaad.

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I just talked to mom--she was very worried that you died at the end of the play...but I was right in assuring her that you lived and charlotte died, right? I haven't read/seen it in a long time...but I thought it was pretty funny she was so worried.

and you'll be great! if nothing else, you'll be trailblazing as the only paid actor member of the family...except for a cousin...cousin loretta's daughter (loretta's aunt jenny & uncle joe's daughter) is/was an actress in california. but that hardly counts. different last name and all. :) or, if you'd rather, acting is in your blood. whichever one makes you feel better.

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um, I got Snape, is that bad?

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ok greg, clearly you're not caught up until there are disneyworld pics up on your website. and don't even try to tell me they aren't out there. :)

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ok, what kind of horrible big brother posts a link to a site with all kinds of quizzes on it when his little sister has work to do? there's 20 minutes I'll never get back...but on the plus side I now know my inner european is Irish (yaay! that's a cool one...), my brain is 73.33% female and 26.67% male, my language is 70% general american english, 15% dixie, 10% yankee and 5% upper midwestern, my irish name is Nuala O'Neill and my japanese name is Miyoko Oimikado.

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