clue solver done!
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Posted on 2007-10-28 16:59:00
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So we played another game of Clue yesterday with wildrice13 and abstractseaweed and despite the fact that the clue solver declares it inconsistent, I'm going to be optimistic and assume I wrote something down. Also fixed a few bugs and added a special case for a weird situation that came up. (I knew David had Conservatory or Ms. White, and Andrew had Conservatory or Ms. White, so no one else can have either of those cards) Thinks like that would have made using first-order logic or propositional logic nicer (since it would have presumably taken care of them automatically), but oh well.

Thus, I am declaring the Clue Solver done! Put a few example games up so you can load them and see how they work. (and the pretty colors on the simulation tab!) Been working on it for a while so it's nice to have it done. I'll take a little while off (what with starting work and all) and see what I feel like doing next. I do feel like I got a decent handle on the Google Web Toolkit, so that's nice.


Comment from wonderjess:

Your next project should be with R! Because then I could bug you for help about R. hehe.

Have a great first day at work!

Comment from djedi:

I think it is you who is inconsistent. Nice job though!!

Comment from tehfanboi:

Yay! Mr. Boddy's family will surely appreciate your work! Good job detective!

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