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Posted on 2006-08-28 21:37:00
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So, we're in our apartment here! There's very little stuff, but we do at least have official internet (and not just unreliable mooching wireless), so gregstoll.com is up. It'll be down tomorrow when they give us new carpets (yay!), but back up for-goodish after that. I'll put pictures up...erm, sometime this week.

Last night we stayed in the guest suite, which was nicely furnished (including TV), so being in a nearly empty apartment is a bit of a step down. (but I do like having my computer up!) The drive Sunday went fine and we arrived here around 3:00, got the key to the guest suite and moved some stuff up, then mostly chilled out the rest of the evening. Checked in today and did our inspection and moved all the stuff up from the car, then papered shelves while waiting for the cable/internet guy to come. There are tons of cabinets and drawers, so we didn't finish, but it's a good start :-)

Finally found a Safeway and went grocery shopping (there's supposedly a Food Lion here that we want to see as well, but apparently went the wrong way and didn't find it yesterday) - got mostly just bare essentials that we should have in the pantry, and it cost $200! It seemed more expensive than HEB; I'm hoping Food Lion will be cheaper. Got a little lost on the way back when I realized I had passed the same landmark twice, but managed to find my way back :-) Then went out for dinner and stopped by IKEA to look at coffee tables (although we only had 20 mins before the store closed).

Tomorrow we're going down to DC to presumably see the National Zoo (pandas!) and International Spy Museum, and hopefully stop by IKEA on the way back.

I'm feeling kinda weird about the whole move - it doesn't help that my allergies/cold is mostly better, but my throat is still pretty consistently raw and dry. It's lonely being here - I'm trolling craigslist looking for...I don't know what. People or game nights or something. Anyway, I'm sure it'll pass. I wish I had work starting sooner and, after a month or so, two weeks off.

Bruce Schneier on what the terrorists want


Comment from wonderjess:

yeah, first trips are expensive...I think mine was over $100 and my kitchen is much smaller (I assume). but soon all your stuff will come and it will get all homey! plus, don't forget to check out the einstein monument.

Comment from amorphousplasma:

Hey, I'm an idiot! I forgot that I have friends from high school in the DC area. Can I give them your contact info or vice versa? They are cool guys, and fun to hang out with.

Comment from wildrice13:

Ooh, the zoo is aweswome there, iirc. And I don't really know about Safeway in general, but they weren't a very common store up near us in Jersey and were definitely more expensive. I think the store called Bishop's was a Safeway, and it was VERY expensive. We never shopped there except for meat. There was an actual butcher there as opposed to the typical grocery store meat department. Food Lion is, I think, where my parents go when they visit my grandparents in MD.

Maryann lives semi-near there, if you'd be interested in hanging out with her ever...

Comment from quijax:

I don't know about in Maryland, but in Colorado Safeway was my default grocery. There aren't any Safeways in Philly, so I don't know how they compare out here.

As to finding game nights or such off the internet - good luck. I never did find anything like that, and I even tried to start one through Philadelphia Linkup. I made do with contra dances and found a taiko group by going to a nearby taiko concert. Just keep an eye out for any social activity that you enjoy. Maybe look for a chorus in your area or find out if the NSA has any musical groups. The more stuff you do, the more likely you'll find people. It doesn't really work the other way around. That's why I was so bummed when I couldn't find a good rowing club out here. I got a lot of good socialization through my rowing club in Colorado.

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