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Posted on 2006-02-15 16:49:00
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So on the way back from lunch today, I heard the song "Janie's Got a Gun" on BOB. Good song, so I sung along until I pulled in to NI.

Flash forward to me driving to Robolab. BOB went to commercial, so I switched to 94.7 to the song..."Janie's Got a Gun". I thought "Weird...Aerosmith must be having a concert here soon or something". Still a good song, so I sung along for a bit. Until I noticed the words were in fact "(Dick) Cheney's Got a Gun", apparently sung (very convincingly!) by some Seattle DJ. Heh!

(the guy he shot is doing much better now, thank goodness)

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Comment from wonderjess:

I agree with the daily show last night. they:

1. downgraded the story to "still funny but slightly sad" and
2. repeatedly said "please get better" to the guy.

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