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Posted on 2007-02-24 12:37:00
Tags: dodgeball
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We lost at dodgeball this morning, but it was close - 8 games to 6. Had we not started out so slowly (we lost the first 4 in a row, I think) we might have had a shot.

On the way back, I heard "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva. I've heard the song before, and it's not bad, but it irritates me a bit. I think I've figured out why. The rhyme scheme for the verses is AAAA (clever, no?), and the rhymes are usually pretty bad. Like, for example:

Hold tight cause the show it not over
If you will please move in closer
You're about to be bowled over
By the wonders you're about to behold here

(courtesy Dooballoh Lyrics)

First of all, "over" does not rhyme with "over". Neither does "closer", although it's kinda close, I guess. "behold here" is just ridiculous. Shape up, Saliva!


Comment from wonderjess:

I can only assume you mean wiiiiikend.

Comment from krikwennavd:

Yeah, but I still kinda like the song. Strange...

I've also been attracted to a number of other bands of similar ilk lately, and I think I've figured out why. Unlike the majority of angry-rock bands, the ones I've enjoyed do loud music because they like it, not because they are unskilled musicians. Listen to Disturbed and see if you agree.(Ten thousand fists in the air, Land of confusion(cover), Prayer, Down with the Sickness, etc)

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