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Posted on 2007-08-01 09:25:00
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Austin trip was fun. We got a lead on a really nice apartment complex that's going to turn into condos, one of which we might buy if we can afford. (don't know the prices yet) It's right off of Far West, a block or two from where we lived before. Ratings are good.

Simpsons movie - very good. Like watching a long episode, which is all one can hope for. Watching 50 minutes of random Simpsons clips before, then drinking Duff, eating a Ribwich and donuts heighten the experience. Thanks Alamo Drafthouse!

Texas game night - man, I miss those things. It was great to see everyone again, even if it was a little intimidating. (big shindigs don't happen up here)

Summer musical - we stopped by and got to see people and the new theatre. Good stuff. Can't wait to try out next year!

Mario Strikers Charged - a lot of fun so far. Nothing like soccer with red shells and fire pits and random bits of electricity.

Work - stress came yesterday but most everything has cleared up now.

Free time - I want to play WoW, Mario Strikers Charged, program a few things, learn more Go, etc. It's getting a little excessive.

People visiting this weekend - yay!

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Comment from wonderjess:

that's me! I'M THE PEOPLE visiting this weekend!! yaaaaay!

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