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Totally know how you feel on this one... glad you got the new shiny! It's pretty!

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Good links. I'm with you on the Star Trek movie. I know they're in it to make money, but geez... don't remove the stuff that MAKES it Star Trek to do it. Hopefully they strike a good balance, but I'm a little less optimistic having read that. When I read this line: "Research showed that foreign ticket buyers viewed the 2009 film as 'too Trekkie and too sci-fi,' in the words of one Paramount executive." and see that they're actually taking that to heart... *shudder*. The 2009 movie was good, but already moved some in that direction.

Oh, and Carmen Sandiego... awesome. As a kid I was always like, "come ON! I could do that!" And now I'm like, "whoa, that's *really hard*", and that's without seeing the statistics...

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My mother's rule regarding backing up is strictly opposite, and I've found hers to make more sense. "Always use all the space you safely can while backing up."

I actually run across this often, but here's a couple cases:
1) Turning around, out of a parking spot, etc, people often make 2 or 3 (or 6!) reverses and forwards to get out of a tight spot because they barely back up at all. I understand being scared of hitting the car behind you, but a good driver is more aware of the dimensions of their car, uses their mirrors, and reduces that awkward (and annoying for those around) Austin Powers moments.
2) Backing out of a driveway. Just yesterday a neighbor backed out of a parking spot into the wrong lane of the road. If she'd backed further, to the correct side of the road, I could have continued on. On a busy road, it wouldn't be safe to do that (of course, then you'd just back into the nearest lane of traffic and make a U). But on a small residential road, it makes sense to back all the way to the side of the road you want to travel on and go from there. To do otherwise creates a confusing situation, causing delays at best and danger at worst.

I *fully* agree with Grandma's rule, though ;D

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Great outline! That was really cool. Also, yay for new games :D

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Before I looked at your details on the presidential, I went and plugged in my own estimate. Turns out, our predictions are the exact same! Though I am with you in hoping it's actually more in favor of Obama--particularly, a Florida flip to Obama, and slightly less exciting but still interesting, a North Carolina flip.

I also think, hope, and pray Prop 8 will fail in CA, but I too believe it will be close.

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Holy crap that was a painfully awful video!

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The tail is really what you want. Claw meat is good too. But having the whole thing is just a lot of work for not much reward. And I would guess a lobster roll would vary widely depending where you get it and what parts of the lobster they take their meat from.

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I will help with the Jelly Bellys (Bellies? when it's part of a proper noun? hmm...).

Did you have the whole lobster, or just the tail? And did you have it with drawn butter? And was it seasoned at all? These things make a huge difference. The lobster I got while we were on our cruise was some of the most delicious stuff ever...

Yay for beating thunderstorms and time off! Good to have you back, though :)

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It was a particularly bad problem for me because they kept saying "it's probably a driver issue" and I kept trying everything else in the world, because updating my driver (and trying a particularly old driver some people with the same problem swore by) never worked for me. Then I discovered that both my card manufacturer and Nvidia itself put out drivers, and they *weren't the same driver*. One fixed the problem, one did nothing or possibly even worsened it. Also, one or two of them caused blue screens of death, which was an entirely new problem.

Bah, computers!

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That sounds very similar in "conditions under which it occurs" to my disappearing floors and walls problem, at which point I was forced to kill WoW and restart the computer lest it happen again. I don't recall how I fixed it at the moment; I think it was, ultimately, a video driver issue. But it really seemed like heat by when it occurred but wasn't (I still have the same case, same card, same # of fans, plus it's summer. Though I have cleaned the dust out since then... but that's not an issue with a laptop, not easily fixably so, anyway).

It's possible, since it's a Mac and will react differently, that it's hitting a similar problem but crashing instead of f'ing up. WoW, and especially Outland, and *especially* HFP are really hard on graphics calculation. Those damn flame spurts and various demonic glowy things are an fps nightmare.

In any case, good luck with it!

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Re: your last paragraph, yup, that always weirds me out too. But because I tend to be a somewhat suspicious and analytical person, there's an extra layer for me. In the moment, I try to make myself assume good intentions and no hidden agenda, even if I think there might be one. So if I do happen to find out something different later, I either have a sense of "you know, I had this sneaking suspicion that might have been the case, but ignored it" or "wow, I usually pick up on that thing but I had NO IDEA it was going on this time. Crazy!"

That story about buying a rug in Turkey is very interesting. On one hand I really like when someone is willing to dedicate that much time and effort, when they really know and are willing to share about their product. But on the other hand I also very much appreciate a relaxed environment, so I get VERY uneasy when the sales part begins. Those "weapons" work well on me, and I think it's telling that the author the story talks about calls them weapons. They really are, and it's part of where I don't like the "art of business" and why I would never want to go to business school, why the concept of being a manager daunts me despite the fact that I think I'd have some skill in that direction. I don't WANT to use those "weapons" and make people uncomfortable. It's just not me.

I'm glad that woman lost the Democratic primary. Ugh.

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Of activities, classes, etc--organized things--I miss Phils the most too. Hanging out with people in general could arguably top it, though the group of people that made up the Phils could just as easily be my choice of folks to hang out with as others :)

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This is mostly unrelated, but you mentioned hot tub and it made me remember: you need to change the color of the light! Y'all have been saying you should but forgetting, so here's a reminder :P

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Yeah, I've been thinking about this. In a way, I don't think the Democrats could have orchestrated a better mobilization for their supporters as this extended primary season. That is, assuming they can keep them engaged. I've felt for a long time that the single biggest problem the Democrats have is getting out the vote, not arguing their side.

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Very nice :)

Comment on post Website redesign:

Hmm... now it looks a little too disorganized. Maybe thinner borders, if that's possible? Or lines rather than "bars"?

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Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! So much more readable! So much cleaner!

Tiny tweak: make the first row of the table (in which you have the language gems) only as tall as the images contained therein, and center them.

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Obama campaign called me today. Very informative and helpful! For once I was glad to be cold-called. Crazy!

I need to preorder my Smash too! Eep!

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Hehe... I haven't ruled it out yet! How was it? Or will that be a separate post? :P

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As I said to David, I hate you for getting to play SSBB early. I have to wait another month! Boo!!!

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Oooooh, NICE rebuttal. Makes me feel better as well :D

And hooray for gay rights not being an issue among the primaries! Pretty much guaranteed it'll be an issue in the larger race, but what else is new?

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Very neat article on the megapixels. Thanks!

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*vorpal blade goes snicker-snack!*

(he's disagreeing with your life, Greg, make him taste the vorpal blade!)

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I had a fairly good gyro from a little place at Burnet and Pasadena (just south of Richcreek--it's right near Todd's place). Kinda divey, but not bad at all. The only Greek place I know of aside from that is way up in Round Rock.

If you find a different one, lemme know! And I'll have to try taesmar's suggestion of Tino's sometime.

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I'd rather they just say they're selling raffle tickets rather than say, "donate so that you can win a prize!"

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Pretty sure that gate box works with a key. There's one on my gate, maybe I'll check it out tonight. Perhaps it's the same fire key that's installed in elevators?

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Yes! Throwing a bit of color in is good--it doesn't have to be greyscale to look good/clean/professional/attractive, but it should be somewhat muted. A low saturation and relatively high luminance color--I often, when choosing colors, prefer to play with the Hue/Saturation/Luminance than the R/G/B. For color design, it gives you a better handle on what you're actually trying to accomplish.

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I said alternating but not those colors. I was thinking maybe like version 3, except exchange the background colors of the table headers and the alternating grey.

My thinking here is, the darker grey should be at the top of the table to set it apart; it's a visual cue for where the tables start. The lighter grey should be used in alternation with white, because the purpose of alternation is not to say "whoa, there's color alternation!" but rather to be able to more easily follow a row across a table. Similarly, I don't think the colors in Version 1 are bad per se, but they're too obtrusive imo.

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Well, A-Treat is based in Allentown, PA and they're the ones I particularly remember. I did read recently (when doing some Google searches to track down some birch beer) that there's somewhat of a "birch beer belt" over northern NJ and eastern PA.

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...and I broke down and did it. I now have a case of 18 Red Cream soda and 6 White Birch Beer, all 20oz, headed my way via UPS. If you're really nice I might let you share ;)

Total cost was under $2 per 20oz, including shipping. Which, considering it's liquids (heavy) and coming from Pennsylvania, is Not Bad.

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It is! Ah, well, I can probably get it "imported" from PA. I've been thinking about doing that to get some A-Treat Cream Soda for a looooong time...

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Do they have birch beer too? Because after someone mentioned it the other day, it's been on my mind. I'm dying for a big cup of red birch beer...

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He did, I saw it!

And I will join in as well :)

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What the hell? It's stuff like that which makes me not want to go back to places. The bunches of "rules" are bad enough..

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Grats to both!

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Oh dear. I'm only 2650 rep away from CE exalted (at which point I will buy an Earthwarden for 266g), and I'm pretty close to the gold required for epic flying skill training (about 1000g away, counting the deduction for the Earthwarden). But then I have to grind Lower City rep so that I can do Heroic Sethekk to finish the Epic Flight Form quest. :cries: That's gonna take forever!

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I'm supposed to pull aggro, at least usually, as I tend to be the one tanking :P Frankly I have to really gimp my cat dps to not pull aggro unless we have a prot warrior tanking (like in our first SV last night... man was that nice!). If the other option is a pally tank, I'll usually end up tanking anyway unintentionally, even when I try to go easy on dps. So typically I then tank unless we really need the extra dps, more than I can pump out while bear tanking (which is still pretty significant)--and when that kind of dps is necessary it's often not on the same target (taking down adds, Kalithresh's sand tanks, etc) so I don't have to worry about pulling aggro :)

And yeah, I'm pretty sure Heroics just add to the loot table, they don't change it :-/

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Woot! I think we just got enough people Revered last night that we can run an all-guild Heroic Coilfang, so I'm looking to do so soon :D Sounds like it's gonna be a blast!

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Darn! That was a really good idea... :-/

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In interests of total honesty, though, what I probably WOULD do is quit, spend a lot of time playing games and such that I do in my spare time until I got bored, then find the kind of "lesser" job like I describe towards the end of the previous comment. Or, maybe, I'd spend lots of time on personal projects and random learning. I'd probably read a lot. I'd probably end up trying to learn several languages.

Yeah, see, these are things I'm interested in, but "don't have time"--in quotes because I actually have the time, but in my limited free time I like to do other things MORE, and would do these other things if I got bored; I assume the things I currently do (WoW being the main one) would get boring past a certain level of weekly involvement.

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Not sure what job, but such money would ensure that I was comfortable while looking for a new job/new realm of work entirely, which is the point I am not willing to concede at the moment. If I could explore other interests or different work environments or styles of work without worrying about my own well-being, I think I would be a far less stressed and happier person. I am almost certain that I would want to work somewhere, though. Even some low-paying random job, with the key point being that I would enjoy it. Maybe not as much as, say, the free time that I spent with friends and such. But enjoy it enough to not mind going, and have a routine, and be social, etc.

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I meant a threshold for "how many reports against you are required before you're booted". But your link implied an answer to that too--the reports do still go to GMs, so a hard-coded number leading to a logout or ban appears unlikely (which I guess is good, otherwise the system could be abused by people organized against a common target).

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Yah, I stopped using SpamSentry--I think they specifically engineered parts of the patch to streamline the reporting process so GMs were no longer inundated with reports (the mod ceased functioning) but make it easy to report (now that everyone can report, and quickly, it's easier for them to stop the spammers). I do kinda wonder how the new reporting works, though. Is there a set threshold like on Craigslist? Or is there an organic factor--do they have people whose jobs are to monitor those reported?

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My parents bought me a live recording of a Wilco concert. Now, I'm typically not a fan of live recordings in general, so I'm probably biased. Maybe they're better with mixing and editing on a prerecorded CD, but I was thoroughly unimpressed by the version I have :-/

Radiohead, on the other hand, is quite awesome (never seen them live, but that's not what we're talking about here). I'm a fan.

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Yay for making WoW faster!! My laptop's DVD drive totally messed up once and recovered itself when I removed it from the devices and let it Plug n Play back in. Granted, my laptop is a Windows PC, but maybe it was something of the DMA ilk?

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Some of the people who make Lolcats try too hard, that's obvious. But those that are good make me laugh so hard. Harder than most things are capable of making me laugh. They're right up my alley, humor-wise. The best ones are the ones with very subtle pidgin, or none at all. Some people think that's the point of any given Lolcat, but in my estimation it's not. The point is matching an already humorous cat picture with a title that enhances it. Takes it one step further, or in an unexpected direction, without overshadowing the picture itself.

Hehe I'm waxing philosophical on Lolcats. Awesome.

I like Slate too. I should read it more.

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Me too. That's why I've spent so much time setting up my WoW UI. It might seem ridiculous to spend so much time on a non-game part of a game, but I get a sense of accomplishment from having it as functional as possible while still as streamlined and unobtrusive as possible (the game landscape is the most important thing while playing after all, not a bunch of numbers and meters and text boxes).

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Also a quarter of the way through his first century. That sounds scarier ;)

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The Joshua Bell article made me cry.

And the TV article made me want to see every single episode of almost every one of those shows. Yep. I've got some watchin' to do! Why is it always the best stuff that's cancelled, and the most inane and useless tripe that goes on for 10 seasons? There are certainly some exceptions, but damned if that isn't the trend...

Comment on post firing-attorneys-for-political-reasonsgate:

I got there through Defective Yeti. Same guy writes that blog as wrote the Morning News post :)

I'm with you on the annoyance at "gate", though. Stop the madness indeed!

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Ah, so it is configurable. Yeah, theirs is pretty, but yours has the benefit of organized columns and sortability. If you want more detailed info theirs is good, while yours is a good overview :)

Comment on post What does Thursday mean to you?:

Yay for family support :D And good work at getting to the gym so much! I really need to start working out more, myself.

So I guess that other guild's info tables only look for characters 60+...

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I love "You Can Be as Loud as the Hell You Want", but also feel odd when my iPod decides to play it at work. I always turn it down just in case my earphones are audible to people other than myself ;)

"There Is Life Outside Your Apartment" does click with me. I think it's an excellent song!

And I'm totally with you on "I Wish I Could Go Back to College". Best song on the album.

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The thing that really bugs me about "The More You Ruv Someone" is that her voice completely leaves behind the accent at times. Sure, the voice is annoying, and I'm not a huge fan of the song itself either. But for the love of Pete, the voice is part of the character for better or for worse. Don't suddenly go into a full Broadway voice with no trace of an accent! Yeesh!

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I would love to see something like what you used to have with GT, including professions and all that! 'Twould be very helpful :D

Comment on post stuff ending:

I'm so sad the show is ending. Boo! :(

Comment on post little bit o' everything:

Heroes Heroes Heroes Heroes Heroes! Watch it! OMG!

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Congrats on microresolution completion!!

Comment on post weird week:

Haven't seen the Transformers movie. I'll watch it sometime :)

Glad you had a good day. Mine was pretty quiet--I went to a party, but ended up talking to my parents on the phone outside for half the time (it was their anniversary and I hadn't talked to them for a while, so I felt obligated even though I was cold and missing the fun inside). And the party ended pretty early, so I played some WoW and hit the hay. I could use a good meal...

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Yes! Exactly. Now, if somehow these people had ended up inadvertently killing someone OTHER than themselves, that'd be a different matter. But if you're stupid enough to use "electronic devices" loud enough or otherwise to the point that you become oblivious of the world around you... well, that's Darwin RIGHT THERE.

Comment on post Recent local laws...:

The (slight?) difference being that smoke in a car becomes more concentrated, unless the windows are all rolled down anyway. And it's plenty cold in Jersey for enough of the year (and they have enough fast roads...) that windows would often be rolled most of the way up. Bad news.

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Kinda indifferent that they pulled it. I mean, I'm glad that they were quick to reassure that they weren't intending to offend. But I'm unhappy at the activist groups' response. Maybe they felt like they had to say something--I kinda understand that, I guess. But every time I see such a quick reaction to apply the homophobic label, I become concerned that it'll eventually be like crying wolf. My opinion: stick to fighting obvious hate crimes, not the minor slights which may or may not be seen/read that way.

A definite parallel, in my mind, at least, is when a black person screams discrimination at the slightest thing. Over the years of my life, I feel like I've seen less of this occurring. Why? Because slowly but surely, the Black Rights movement that started so long ago has become social mainstream. I'm not saying racial discrimination is over--far from it, unfortunately. But racial discrimination isn't socially acceptable to the majority. Eventually sexual preference will be the same way. In the meantime, we should ride it out without screaming discrimination. Ya know? Some people might argue that the whole "pointing out discrimination" thing was part of advancing the rights movement, but I don't feel this is (entirely) true.

Comment on post homophobic Super Bowl ad:

Yeah, that was my reaction. Maybe it was funny (a little), but manly? No. I thought it was a good and funny setup. I mean, homophobic guys inadvertently kissing? That's funny, because while it's not a problem they react like it's the end of the world. Hyperbole. Funny. But it was totally a missed opportunity with the punchline. That was the best of four? I'm not sure I want to see the other three!

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Ooh, I love the Black Lab! Your family looks good. Thanks for posting the pics :)

Comment on post Snow!:

Ooh ooh, do tell about the rest of the The Slip CD! I love Even Rats also (and All of This--need to see if I can find any more Shaimus) and I love new music :D

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Glad you finally got one! I've been looking halfassedly... very halfassedly. I guess I need to really get on it if I actually want to pick one up.

Comment on post Pictures:

Nice Katamari reference :)

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well, if greg makes the app anyway :P

Comment on post between projects:

I love this idea too. I envision a spreading database where people get to meet friends of friends and get more organized about forming wonderful groups for various purposes and everyone's happier and more social.

Then again, that's rather idealistic. Surely the higher the number of people, the higher the potential for drama (your "I will go to any restaurant unless xxx goes along" comment made me laugh...). But such is life.

Comment on post between projects:

That would be excellent. Sounds kinda involved, but VERY useful.

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None at my place, and I was in all night snurfing and playing FFXII. WHICH IS AWESOME, by the way! :)

Perhaps the bag was supposed to include a necklace that was missing from yours?

Comment on post crunch, crunch, crunch (data):

Yay for L.L.Bean! It's supposed to be high in the 70s today, and was 57 when I checked the weather before work...

Comment on post one week at a time:

Also realize that weight gain would not be a terrible thing in the short term, if you're working out substantially more often. I now weigh about 12 pounds more than I did for most of college, and look about the same if not better. Muscle weighs more than fat, and all that jazz. But then, you have that nifty scale that tells you body fat percentage too, don't you? So that'd be something to keep an eye on. If it works (those things have always seemed a little hand-wavy to me, but apparently they work well enough).

Comment on post pictures, actually:

Cool! I didn't realize that it was not only 2 bedrooms, but 2 bath as well. Nifty :) Looks spacious enough for two people, which is good. It's nice to have separate places to get away to, even though you probably won't want to separate yourselved the majority of the time.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

"At least I don't have peanut brittle on my lips!" Gosh I love that book. I need to read it again.

One of the chapters near the end totally floored me, though. Hopefully you'll finish it, and I can ask if you got the same sense as I did. I don't want to say too much ahead of time, though.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

Man, you clearly had more reason to be in a bad mood than I, last night. You have my sympathy.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

I love Catch-22! And yes, that line was extremely reminiscent. One of my favorite quotes is from that book: "And if that wasn't funny, there were lots of things that weren't even funnier."

Comment on post Officially announcing auctioneer lookup:

Nifty :)

Comment on post feelin' breezy:

Wow, now that I think about it, that mod could be the start of something pretty massive. If you did release it, then had it report back data (voluntarily, so people wouldn't be worried about automatic services like with the GuildInfoTable) then you could g4t recent data from all kinds of servers, and post the compiled data... that could become quite popular. Such that you might need quite a bit of bandwidth, but might also be able to get quite a bit of money if you did GoogleAds or the like. Just a thought...

Comment on post feelin' breezy:

They have what, 5 levels? The top one isn't even fish, iirc, it's birds and sloths and stuff, right? Or am I thinking of somewhere else? I guess I don't remember it all that clearly, but I do remember that I liked it a lot.

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Ah, that makes sense :)

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Man, those rooms--especially the last one--look like luxary apartment suites!

Comment on post world o' stuff:

The best thing is to maintain a digital signal all the way through by using Y/Cr/Cb composite cables, but it's fairly likely that either your DVD player or TV (or both) don't have such ports available. Especially since your TV is probably not HD ready; there'd be no reason for it to have such connections.

Comment on post Home, sweet home(?):

Ooh, the zoo is aweswome there, iirc. And I don't really know about Safeway in general, but they weren't a very common store up near us in Jersey and were definitely more expensive. I think the store called Bishop's was a Safeway, and it was VERY expensive. We never shopped there except for meat. There was an actual butcher there as opposed to the typical grocery store meat department. Food Lion is, I think, where my parents go when they visit my grandparents in MD.

Maryann lives semi-near there, if you'd be interested in hanging out with her ever...

Comment on post LJ - Arkansas edition!:

Glad to hear you're doing well! Thanks for the txt :) And those lotion tissues? Good stuff, just don't wipe your glasses with them...

Comment on post a few links:

Perhaps they think that pronouncing it "Apple-atch-ian" puts them in the same league as "Haaaaaah-vard"? Oh, and that video was BAD, BAD, BAD!

Comment on post whatevs:

Ahh, makes sense now :)

Comment on post whatevs:

I don't know why Britton was quoting Alanis. Did I miss something?

The Simpsons link: broken by the time I got home from work! Buuuuuut there's still a Spanish version up at YouTube (shh!) :)

Comment on post whatevs:

You and me both, with the NADD. But I think we all knew that.

Comment on post it's only wednesday??:

I know, it totally ought to be Friday or something. Didn't help that Monday felt like... at least Wednesday, if not later. What the heck?

And that AOL rentention call... whoa. I would not have kept my temper that long, that's for sure.

Comment on post rehearsal me tired:

Ooh, Austin was ranked #2 for big cities... :D

Comment on post Maryland pictures up:

Didn't realize you stopped by the Navy Memorial. Is that in front of the Air and Space Museum? And do they still have the aircraft carrier IMAX movie, and did you see it? Cuz I've seen it at least twice and it has Rhapsody in Blue in the background and I LOVE IT! :)

Comment on post driving quiz! and character encodings:

I was kinda undecided on this one, as it really irks me (as do most "stupid people driving" things) when someone is too timid to turn left when they have space at a yield, yet at the same time I'm very non-confrontational and rarely use my horn. I tend to just seethe in silence--silence as perceived from outside my car, anyway!

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

I'd be interested, but I'm going to Magic night, so I won't be available. Hope y'all have fun, though!!

Comment on post warning: good weekend ahead:

I saw that one, and it sounded extremely familiar. Did you post about it on your journal? Cuz I've been to Baltimore exactly once, and I did go to a bar, but it seems quite unlikely that it happened to be the one on that list.

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Yeah, you're right about that page you linked: "wow". Not only wow, but also ouch. Makes you wonder why he was looking at your page such that he found that spade in the first place, no?

Comment on post back from graduation!:

I was right! I was expecting various "awards for academic excellence" or the like.

Yay JetBlue! When my brother exited active duty with the Navy he looked at JetBlue and FedEx. He eventually went with the latter, but JetBlue told him if he ever changed his mind that he pretty much has an open offer. Woot!

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I think any phrase by authority figures expressing pleasure at any sort of tragedy is offensive. The fact that that particular phrase was used does not offend me more than any other phrase would have, which is why I gave the 3rd response.

I liked the "The Word"-like swoosh you had there...

Comment on post trippy game:

I, as well, love the music. And there's something satisfying about rolling over huge objects...

Good luck with the new low!

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:

My high school was around 500. Now, granted, the quality of my high school has been declining since I went there. But at the same time, I'd like to point out that their methodology screws us too and the guy's counterargument doesn't even mention it. All AP tests taken. Not all AP tests taken by seniors! My high school had some students taking AP tests starting freshman year. One guy in my AP Calculus BC class senior year was a freshman! I'm quite certain he got a 5! I myself took one AP test as a sophomore, two as a junior, and 3 as a senior. Also, at my school students are neither kept from taking the test (if their scores are low) nor forced to take the test. Which means counting our scores would be very accurate. My high school had a 45% E and E rating, which is higher than any of the schools near it in the list.

I was appalled by the number of NJ schools that I know for a fact are not as good as my home high school in general that topped my school on the list. Blech! I read the FAQ on the article and some of what he said made sense. Other parts were bullshit. I recommend to anybody reading this article to also read the FAQ and see if you agree with this guy. If you do, great. If not, you know to take it with multiple grains of salt!

Comment on post baby news:

As taesmar stated, I really would think it's contagious if I didn't know better.

Thanks, Greg, for setting up the syndication! I have a couple of friends I'd like to do that for. Hm.

Comment on post it's my birthday!:


Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

I'm sorry, but I just had to post here. Greg linked to here and so I re-read the post... and the comments... and wanted to point out that you're currently in the middle of "the whole house, kid, marriage, grownup thing". Hee! And only a year later! Sneak up on you much? :D

But as far as I can tell, you're handling it very well. So cheers and congrats for that!

Comment on post workin' for the weekend...:

I've actually been wanting to play Syzygy lately! We should play soon.

And that article on happy vs. angry people is excellent. I've kinda felt that way for some time, but having scientific explanations to point to is rather nice :)

Comment on post ruby scoping:

Ouch. That goes against my sensibilities as well. Interested to see if somebody has an explanation...

Comment on post I really don't understand:

That's the way I see it. She looks to me like an egomaniac who's like, "I'm a Congresswoman! I'm important! Don't you know who I am?" And I'd be saying that if she was black, white, orange or purple. Not that I think it's unusual--that's often the type of person who gets into politics!

But yeah, I'd say what this calls for is an increase in security across the board. In fact, I'd say there's a very good argument that it's for their own protection. Say a Congressperson, even a 100% trustworthy one, were to bring some sort of weapon in past security--even say inadvertently, if you want. They forget to take a sharp knife out of their bag that they had used for lunch or something. Whatever. Then say some other person makes it past security without a weapon. That person subsequently gets a hold of that knife somehow, either by stealth or by direct assault and taking it. That person now has a weapon that they could potentially use against anyone on the inside, should they desire to. It just creates a security risk that is greatly avoidable for a little inconvenience. Why take that risk?

Comment on post perhaps perhaps perhaps:

And--I always hit post too quick--I always smile when I hear Mix 94.7 say that (it's almost the only station I listen to while driving) and good luck with this MB!

Comment on post perhaps perhaps perhaps:

I've always thought that, minus the killing (I'm too pacifist for that, though I do have some violent tendencies) I'd make a good ninja. I'm gonna check out that site they linked to from Yahoo sometime... the one with pressure points and all.

Those Zelda things... were just... SO. BAD. Wow. /cringe

Comment on post sooo cold:

I know how you feel with the cold and the typing. It's always horrible when I go to upstate NY for the holidays and am staying up later than the thermostat timer keeps it warm--FROZEN FINGERS OMG!

Regarding popcorn: no, it's just that most things are cheaper in Texas. Like, living in general. Things are cheaper here. I wonder how much of it is a filtering through of the cheaper price of gas relative to the rest of the country.

Comment on post Fun with google:

Rockin', yo.

Comment on post spring break! civ4! weird nightmare!:

You know you're a dork when your nightmares contain Steve Jobs and fake-Unix.

Comment on post of video cards and wanting to kill computers:

Also, getting support from them entails either calling a 900 number or Canada. Grr.

Also also, my ATI card's fan stopped working and consequently fried when the fan stopped working, whereas Greg's simply froze. I'll take a freeze over a completely destroyed component any day, as long as it's still diagnosable.

Comment on post mostly computer stuff:

That's very cool! I'll be interested to see what you come up with as well.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

That makes so much more sense now.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

No, I've been there and seen it. There are still stumps in the ground. The plants themselves have been chopped. Unless they're the type of plant that can regrow roots by just planting a segment (which I don't think they are), they're expecting those stumps to grow up into hedges again. Good luck. Even if they do, it's gonna take years.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

at least there are lights on I-10

...and less than on 290 on 71. Seriously, 71 is desolate. Either way it's scary. I don't think there's any way you can win that situation. Glad you made it back okay!! Driving in fog is tiring.

Also... I heard the hedges had been "pruned", too. I think maybe they don't know what pruning means. Any time I've ever seen something pruned, it's been cut back slightly. Some ends selectively chopped down. To where there's still vegetation! I mean maybe they'll grow back, but right now it's UGLY AS SIN. That's not pruning.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

wait... what?!?

Comment on post why I'm happy:

So then, jerryrig is bad, but juryrig is PC :)

Comment on post why I'm happy:

I guess that usage of shanghaii is probably politically incorrect, huh? Silly PCness ruining our run colloquialisms...

Comment on post why I'm happy:

That reminds me, I need to shanghaii your scale again and check my own body fat percentage. Damn thing's been haunting me since David first put me on it!

Looking forward to installing the mod :)

Comment on post bad mood friday!:

I didn't find it confusing. Pretty cool. He claims people do a lot more "argh"ing than "ahh"ing. Possibly part of that, though, comes from the fact that two distinct concepts are at work here. The scream (which I usually denote with more "a"s, as Aaaah!) and the sigh (which I think of more as an "ahhhh..."). Food for thought.

Comment on post early morning post!:

Man, you really throw yourself at projects! Sounds really cool, looking forward to seeing it work :)

Comment on post Link Friday!:

That makes more sense. You certainly can see your own! But yeah, as everyone can see their own, it could collect the aggragate data and send it onwards. I mean, it's kinda like spyware in that way, but it's intentional and well-meaning spyware :)

Comment on post Link Friday!:

Wow, I'm surprised. What made me say that is that generally there's not a way to get someone else's skill info in the same manner as you get their equipped items with /inspect. I dunno. I guess it relates to how I view mods. I see them as things that take what you already can see and do and making it more readily available. This seems to me like it's taking something you can't initially do. Which makes it feel like cheating, even if it's not (and certainly doesn't affect gameplay, in this case!).

Comment on post Link Friday!:

I'd love it if you created a mod that would read guild info into a file! Too bad there's no way to query their skill levels in professions...

Comment on post New Year's pictures:

Sorry you're sick, but thanks for the pics!

1) Um, I'm sorry to be gross, but I can't help it: the sausage pic just looks wrong.

2) That picture of me with Jason et al. in the upstairs (#76) is just about the worst pic of me ever.

Comment on post special home-for-the-holidays post!:

I can SO use more pics! Wahoo!

...btw, can you tell i'm behing on lj? ;)

Comment on post I've got to admit it's getting better...:

Please no...

Comment on post just a note:

The "me" link didn't help. What do you do there?

Comment on post it's cooooold!:

Yah. The whole dripping pipes thing was very foreign when I moved here. I understood why, but certainly never did that up where I lived. Not unless it was SO COLD that the frost line extended below the pipe depth, but that would be incredibly unusual.

But ya know, given that it freezes here every winter, even if not as often, I think it's kinda silly that they don't insulate pipes here too. Though I guess they probably don't bury the pipes as deep either, which would cost a fair amount more to do.

Meh. Silly Texans.

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

Seriously. I already finished the ones I kept around, and I still have cake. Plus I have another really tasty dinner coming up this weekend.

/me needs to set some similar goals...

Comment on post almost thanksgiving!:

I love linkdays!

Comment on post Election 2005: not good, but not horrible:

There will surely be an opportunity... :P

Comment on post vote next tuesday!:

Is that William T. Riker?

Comment on post Astros and such:

I should have put my reply here. Since it really didn't require Greg's attention. Now he'll get two notifications for something he doesn't care about. Yay!

But the point is, I'm looking forward to game night too :)

Comment on post Astros and such:

And I'm carpooling with them. So I'll be there! :)

Comment on post Rice trip and other things:

Re: WoW disease; I saw somebody with it last week, and tried to heal them! Didn't have the right healing ability, apparently (don't know whether it's magic, poison, disease or what). Crazy! Didn't catch it, luckily...

Comment on post off to houston:

I was cracking up at that. "Yeah, that's why he's wearing glasses..."

Comment on post some things:

That book looks wonderful. When my stack size decreases a bit, I might read it. Do you own it such that I could borrow, or did you read it elsewhere?

Comment on post ups and downs:

I bet people really appreciate that map, even if they're not all finding this and expressing it. Hooray for compy skillz! You rock!

Comment on post quick post:

It was slightly slow, but not terrible. Firefox on Red Hat

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

It sounds like that's a lot of shared stuff, which makes it sound to me like it's exactly the opposite of selfish, even if your own personal reasons are selfish ones.

In conclusion, you're not a bad person.

Comment on post Phone Post::

I feel dumb, cuz I didn't actually know where you were. So heh, now I realize that was "Burlington". What I heard was an amalgam of Birmingham and Binghampton. I did learn an interesting tidbit from all this, though, which is that some people, even those who are seemingly familiar with the area (from context) call Birmingham, AL "Birmington".

Comment on post tired, and ugh:

Yoo can doo eeet!!!!!!

And yes, things are always rough around tech week. They'll calm down, you'll get your lines learned, you'll do wonderfully (he wouldn't have asked you if you weren't talented beyond the singing, silly) and everything will be hunky-dory :)

Comment on post non-weekend post:

I think there was more interest in Alliance, actually... but if I got it before everyone else I would likely make a different character than the one I'd play with the group, and for variety's sake that character would probably be Horde.

Comment on post non-weekend post:

Yeah, I agree with that interpretation of not-soon. But then, I shouldn't complain, seeing as how I have Ocarina of Time to finish alone and FFX2 to finish with G&D if I don't want to leave games hanging (Mario games I don't count, because I think of them as something I can play a bit of without feeling required to finish the game. Everyone knows the ending anyway).

And I almost went to Fry's last night myself, but then told myself no because I know if I'll get it I'll play it, and ideally I'd like to start at the same level as everyone else. That and I'd have stayed up even later than I did, which is saying something.

Blah blah blah. Can you tell I don't want to do work today?

Comment on post gaaaah!:

And you succeeded! Rockin'!

And as for the link to the AMD Official Complaint, day-mn they've got a good case there! I would love to see that punch through.

Comment on post gaaaah!:

Ooh, add a marker for me! It probably won't do my exact apartment building, but it's still cool :D I'll email you my address, in case you don't have it :)

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

Felt like leaving a comment, but don't have much to say, since your letter pretty much summed up my sentiments exactly! Sometimes burning the flag is an honorable thing to do, as in properly disposing of it if it's tattered or dirty. Given the text of this proposed amendment, you could have a court battle no matter HOW you chosoe to dispose of an old flag. Law should be unequivocal, not to mention in line with the bill of rights...

Comment on post quick poll:

Really? They say it costs less to restrain them than it does to kill them? That would be nice if true, but I somehow can't bring myself to believe it. In that case I would be against the death penalty.

Can it be? I'm actually in line with the Catholic position on this one? Wow...

Comment on post Quick random update!:

Um... I did not mean Gators. That was dumb. There are several Gators at work also, but it is those who went to a school in Atlanta (I don't immediately recall which... UGA? Tech?) that liked it.

Comment on post Quick random update!:

Yeah, there are several Gators at work here who seem to have very much liked Atlanta.

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Oh no! Unknown LJ tag! I must've punctuated my djedi tag wrong.

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Woo-hoo for letting go of things that no longer apply! When doing so is healthy, anyway. And in this case it is! So yay for that :)

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

You (and and krikwennavd) are too cool to be old fogies! It's kinda funny, I always feel like gregstoll's extra year ahead of me makes him that much older, but in age he's only a month and a day older. Kinda freaky. It's also weird when I know people with kids (locally, Teresa and Doug are the culprits) that are my own age or close, cuz they seem too young to be in the parent category. Silly age.

Age-consciousness is all relative anyway. I mean, when you're a kid, 5 years is an enormous age gap. These days it's next to nothing.

Comment on post gays in sports:

Um... well, I like green. And yet, it's kinda... RARRR! if you know what I mean. I liked the grey black and red, despite it being a little boring. And I didn't see the other one(s) that had been presented previously.

Comment on post robolab randomness!:

Yeah, I figured that might be an issue. [shrugs] Meh, what can ya do. People have told me there are some good clients out there for *nix, but I have no idea what they are or whether they'd auto-fill music.

Comment on post robolab randomness!:

Gack! HTML death by cut & paste. You get the idea, though...

Comment on post robolab randomness!:

The online update thing doesn't fill music, but the Comment on post robolab randomness!:
Does anyone else start listening to music right before posting so they can have something to put there? Or am I like the lamest person in the world?

If I'm not listening to music already, it serves as a reminder for me to put some on :)

Comment on post busy busy busy!:

Oh. Ha! Ya know, I hadn't noticed the connection either.

I do love my Bun-Bun icon, though :)

Comment on post busy busy busy!:

Unless they changed Lovett's theme since they sent out the announcement, that's not ours. Ours was "Drink for Pedro" originally...

Those are some good themes, though.


Comment on post random thoughts (are there any other kinds?):

Sorry work's stressful. Hope it lightens up for you.

Missions with a plot is cool :)

I LOVE "Let Go" and I really really really want that CD. I've been waiting for my sister to get over her huff and send me my $100 worth of iTunes, but that hasn't happened yet. I feel exactly the same way about Frou Frou. I've only heard 3 songs and every one of the 3 is way up towards the top of my list of favorite songs right now.

Comment on post i dunno:

That'd be nice. Hope it works out for ya. I'll have to check out TS3... perhaps we can play a bit tomorrow, though the main plan is to have you guys watch Donnie Darko. I also hope David likes it despite it not being his usual favorite type of movie. I don't know your tastes in movies so much, so I can't judge there. What is your taste in movies, anyway? :-P For future reference...

Comment on post On getting started in the morning:

You know my situation. So while I can't say I have sympathy for you, I do have empathy! Hooray for empathy. Yeah, boys being away sucks. Thanks for inviting me over last night, though, that was cool :)

Comment on post frustrating radio:

Yes, anywhere else in the world the proper pronunciation would be "gwada-loo-pay", but I have learned that here it's "gwada-loop". Always. For the same reason as Burnet is "BURN-it" rather than "bur-NET", which is to say none at all except that Texans are wonky.

Comment on post Ah, Virginia:

I heard about this yesterday. Virginia makes me want to bite someone.

Comment on post Recruiting, college, and such:

Somehow, though I should have known this, it didn't click that you were in Austin. I also hadn't noticed that you friended me. But now you're on my friends list. So it's all good.

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