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Posted on 2007-06-01 09:19:00
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I posted a few pictures - nothing earth-shattering, as I haven't been in the mood much to take pictures lately. With people visiting and our visiting people during June, hopefully that'll change :-)

I have a plan: rewrite the hat problem solver in Haskell. Maybe I'll get to it this weekend? I'd be interested in running timing tests to see the speed difference...

Wil Shipley argues for smaller, less flexible code. Yay!

Bush calls for global warming summit. Why do I get the feeling this is like Ronald Reagan not talking about AIDS until well after it was a problem?

I didn't watch the game, but LeBron James took over the Cavs' playoff game last night, leading them to victory in double overtime by scoring 29 out of their last 30 points. That sounds Jordanesque to me!

Blizzard's suing peons4hire, the most prolific in-game gold spammer that I've experienced. Yaaaaay! Although I played a lot last night and don't remember a single gold spam, which would be unheard of before the 2.1.0 patch...

Hope everyone has a nice weekend.


Comment from taesmar:

My anti-spam mod was bugging out so I removed it. And I didn't get any spam either! ZOMG!!!

Comment from wildrice13:

Yah, I stopped using SpamSentry--I think they specifically engineered parts of the patch to streamline the reporting process so GMs were no longer inundated with reports (the mod ceased functioning) but make it easy to report (now that everyone can report, and quickly, it's easier for them to stop the spammers). I do kinda wonder how the new reporting works, though. Is there a set threshold like on Craigslist? Or is there an organic factor--do they have people whose jobs are to monitor those reported?

Comment from destroyerj:

There's a threshold of like 5 per day 24 hours, and I think some other threshold of so many per minute. There was a recent blue post about it or somesuch.

Aha, found it

Comment from wildrice13:

I meant a threshold for "how many reports against you are required before you're booted". But your link implied an answer to that too--the reports do still go to GMs, so a hard-coded number leading to a logout or ban appears unlikely (which I guess is good, otherwise the system could be abused by people organized against a common target).

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