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Posted on 2008-01-29 13:04:00
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5 attributes of highly effective programmers - the title is cheesy, but it's a very good article, and it quotes The Screwtape Letters which was a nice surprise. Also on that site is The Effective Software Developer's Book List which is an impressive collection.

For Gay Democrats, a Primary Where Rights Are Not an Issue, This Time - the headline says most of it, except for this gem:

In an address last week honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at a black church in Atlanta, Senator Obama made waves by lecturing the audience about homophobia. “We have scorned our gay brothers and sisters instead of embracing them,” he said during the speech at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr. King served as co-pastor with his father.

Joe Solmonese, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay lobbying group, said he thought Mr. Obama’s speech was the first time a presidential candidate had brought up gay issues in front of a nongay audience without being prompted to do so. “This is dramatically refreshing,” he said. “It’s a great day when we can look at a field of candidates and determine that we are comfortable with all of them on gay rights and move on to other issues.”
Awesome! (via dailykos)

I saw this press release from the National Organization of Women (NY chapter) about how Ted Kennedy betrayed women by supporting Obama instead of Clinton. It made me angry, until this rebuttal made me feel better.


Comment from liz_gregory:

egad, that NOW article is truly terrible!

And thank goodness the rebuttal picked at it for the appropriate reasons. Come on, if you want to be taken seriously, don't spend that much effort to make yourself look like a high- (or middle-) school girl who can't come up with more substantial reasoning than "of course he's siding wiht the guy, he's a guy, isn't he?!"

And please, please, keep your whining out of print, you'll just make yourself (and your preferred candidate) look bad.

Comment from wildrice13:

Oooooh, NICE rebuttal. Makes me feel better as well :D

And hooray for gay rights not being an issue among the primaries! Pretty much guaranteed it'll be an issue in the larger race, but what else is new?

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