epic flying mount!!
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Posted on 2007-06-20 09:07:00
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With the help of djedi, I bought my epic flying mount last night! (big screenshot of required money) It, in a word, is awesome. I will have to see about getting one of the cooler looking ones (right now it's green) but it is super fast.

One of the advantages of putting my sample LJ backup online (created with LJBackup</shamelessPlug>), besides the neat statistics, is that when people do searches and click through I get to see it. Like, I'm one of only two results on Google for "homer 3d" "fermat's last theorem" (the search leads to here), which someone clicked through to last night. Oddly enough, Google doesn't find the original LJ post...

Rice plays NC State today (and tomorrow, if necessary) at 2PM Eastern - if they win one of these games, they advance to the championship series! Go Owls!

Also, LiveJournal will be selling permanent accounts starting Friday for one week. They cost $150 and you're a permanent member for life (like being a paid member but you get more space and userpics). I considered it but I think I'm going to pass for now. (the last permanent account sale was in 2005 so they're pretty rare)


Comment from djedi:

w00t! Flying mount. It's SOOOO fast it's sick. Sick, man!!

Comment from wildrice13:

Oh dear. I'm only 2650 rep away from CE exalted (at which point I will buy an Earthwarden for 266g), and I'm pretty close to the gold required for epic flying skill training (about 1000g away, counting the deduction for the Earthwarden). But then I have to grind Lower City rep so that I can do Heroic Sethekk to finish the Epic Flight Form quest. :cries: That's gonna take forever!

Comment from ikarpov:

It is evidence that the blog search index and main index are somewhat disjoint:


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