it's only wednesday??
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Posted on 2006-07-19 10:18:00
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I was gonna save these until Friday, but I'm tired and bored (waiting for a looong compile) now.

Christopher Tin composed the opening Civ4 music (there are more nice samples of his compositions), and when I read that I thought it was the same guy who did the music for Futurama. Turns out that's Christopher close!

Ken Lay was compared to Martin Luther King, James Byrd (black man lynched in Texas), and Jesus himself at his funeral. I understand respect for the dead, but this is ridiculous.

Daily Show segment on Mr. T - I love Mr. T!

Sound files created with pirated software shipped with Windows XP.

AOL Retention Manual - a followup to the story of the guy trying desperately to cancel his AOL account.

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Comment from wildrice13:

I know, it totally ought to be Friday or something. Didn't help that Monday felt like... at least Wednesday, if not later. What the heck?

And that AOL rentention call... whoa. I would not have kept my temper that long, that's for sure.

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