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So in the end, you got the non-deluxe edition, and you're keeping it?

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Had a slightly longer than expected layover so I'm catching up on the world, though I'm on my phone, so I forgot to also say, "yay!". About to board for Austin now!

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Re: catholics, I'm curious how the questions were phrased about marriage. Do the respondents support gay marriage as a governmental institution, or do they want it to be available within the church? It wouldn't surprise me if people support the former while not supporting the latter. The catholic church is much less evangelical than the average protestant church, which I think yields more of a live and let live attitude among a greater subset of its population (as opposed to official messaging). This same difference in culture probably makes catholics less afraid than evangelicals that the existence of gay people and gay marriage will somehow infect them and their children. Combined with probably some latent pressure from JFK's presidency to separate the church's views from government views, it makes sense to me that average joe catholic would view it as a humanitarian issue that is unfair to people.

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Who said anything about untying? My shoe is untied from when I took it off. And putting the foot in is a shared task, so it doesn't count as added time. For what it's worth, untying my shoe enough to be ready to take the shoe off took me about 1.5 seconds.

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I timed myself just now at about 4 seconds for a shoe. I find your 20 seconds per shoe way off. I demand new math!

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I think I've taken the occasional <20 minute nap. I'm not a good napper generally (can't 'come down' enough usually), so when I do nap, it's usually 'accidental', as a result of dozing off. And in those cases, I often wake up pretty shortly thereafter (my guess would be about 10-15 minutes), and the 'shock' of realizing I was asleep makes me wake right up, at which point I can no longer get back to sleep for the usual reasons.

It does end up feeling nice :).

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Sorry about the anxiety dreams, but this one's pretty awesome :)

Comment on post cakes! and other stuff:

D'oh :( You should see if someone archived it some other way to have available, it was quite good.

Comment on post cakes! and other stuff:

Given that the linked site doesn't prominently show this, I would appreciate if you mention/give credit to Merton for the original chatroulette improv idea. Ben Folds was doing tribute to him.

Comment on post health care (basically) passed! and a local shoutout:

Ooh, which camera did you buy?

I want to go to a photography class! Maybe I'll go buy a camera so I can get a free one too :)

Comment on post link drop:

Also, "turning evil" implies "wasn't already evil"

Comment on post Heavy Rain review (no spoilers):

I think it's precisely *because* it gets to you, as a dad, that they revolve around such things. Just trying to hit the most emotionally charged situations to get the biggest reaction.

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The downshot (is that a word) is that I look like an idiot in that picture. Like really stupid.

Comment on post Ah, childhood:

FWIW, Kirk Cameron insists on any on-screen kisses being with his wife. They bring her in just for such scenes (if there's another actress playing his love interest).

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I'm .01 seconds slower while *not* texting, and missed 0 gates.

Comment on post Time Warner shelving bandwidth caps!:

Bandwidth is a misnomer, since it implies "at a time." The plan was for a total usage cap, such that you could only up/download so many GB before having to pay overage fees for any further use (per month).

And while I'd say such caps shouldn't be implemented at all, at the very least, they shouldn't be implemented in such paltry amounts as Time Warner Cable was planning.

Comment on post dentistry and cable bandwidth caps:

Yeah, except we will be soon enough, I'm sure.

Comment on post dentistry and cable bandwidth caps:

Looks like that alternative may not end up being open:

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While the result image only slightly resembles the original (and prolly only if you know what you're looking for), I think it looks pretty awesome in its own right. You should print it on a canvas and sell it for $10,000!

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What's fun is when you're expecting a call from an unknown number to followup with you on some business.. then you can't see the 800 number and decide to ignore it, and you get doubly angry about the second notice crap. Not that this happened to me 10 minutes ago or anything.

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People rarely leave messages, actually, even though lately I've been getting quite a few calls per evening.

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But the guy on my answering machine reminded me to vote straight democratic ticket!

Comment on post palin-tology:

The first embedded video here is fun as well.

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Comment on post best TV shows quiz:

The Wire
Friday Night Lights
30 Rock
The Daily Show
Battlestar Galactica
The Sopranos
Arrested Development
Studio 60 - bolded: even though I didn't watch multiple seasons, I watched the entire only season
South Park
Veronica Mars
Six Feet Under
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys
The Colbert Report
Mad Men
The West Wing

Comment on post things that, upon further reflection, really piss me off and have come up recently:

Oh shit, I never realized that! Gah, this society is totally going under when we have teachers and parents talking to kids about drunk driving! This has to end at once.

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

Re your first point: Hence the 'not practical/realistic' disclaimer.

As for the second, my viewpoint, as unpractical as it is, is designed to diminish that very strongly. Since there wouldn't be a government institution of "marriage" or whatever other term, and instead there are just a bunch of legal contracts or what not floating around, it becomes much harder for people with issues about any particular lifestyle to point to something as societal approval of it.

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

From a "what's right but not practical/realistic" standpoint, I don't think government has any reason to be involved with the relationships between people, as their relationships don't concern the general welfare. For places where it makes sense for government to provide protection (joint property ownership, living will), I think it would be more 'right' if you simply specified any people involved in those decisions on legal contracts.

The problem, of course, is that there are way too many such situations that would require these contracts. Now, I don't know much about all the existing marriage benefits, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are some that could/should be trimmed away. Nevertheless, there are still many such things that would need the proper legal paperwork etc. For that I would propose that legal houses start to provide convenience packages, with a for-example of say, the 'marriage' package, which would function much like closing on a home. You get your standard set of forms, eliminate those that you don't think make sense for your situation, spend a couple hours going through it, and bam, you've settled the various legal contracts.

That's sorta what I envision, but I recognize it's not very practical.

Comment on post new poll on gay marriage:

Do any of these polls have a "no government marriage at all" option?

Comment on post habeas corpus is alive and well, barely:

It's correct but probably not what you're looking for. You stated something about the marriage of one of his parents. If you want to talk about their collective marriage, you'd say Obama's parents' marriage.

Comment on post mathing it up after dark:

Hey now, the car was on fire for a good while before I jumped out. I was yelling in vain "Get out, Greg!" before jumping ship myself. When it hit the car, it exploded (I was close enough for the blast to kill me too, knocking me off the bridge).

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What made me think the page hadn't loaded was that the page says 'Click on an image...' and I didn't see anything that looked to me like an image - which is still the case, but now it's easier for me to think "oh, these colored textboxes must be the 'images', as I can click on them".

Table of contents good! It seems a little.. unbalanced? In that it's sorta narrow compared to everything around it. Maybe some sort of separation (space or line) between it and the actual categories would help that? Not sure. But that's pretty minor relaly :).

Comment on post Website redesign:

I voted for confusing and unnecessary, but I really only meant confusing. Since the 'images' really look like textboxes with colored backgrounds, and since they give no cursor feedback (i.e. the hand-that-means-a-link), I thought for a little while that some of the page hadn't loaded for me. The word icon might help some, and again some sort of mouseover feedback (whether the cursor or feedback on the icon itself). But it's pretty neat :).

Organization is good, and that's an improvement, but I think a table of contents to get to the various sections would be a much bigger win than just having the categories in the first place. Especially since the categories aren't all from the same realm of possibilities (one wouldn't by default assume that if a set of categories contains 'mathy' that it would also include 'world of warcraft'), it's a good thing to be able to see all the categories in one place without extra noise or scrolling.

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According to something I read quite recently (but I think I threw away and in any case can't find it), when you vote in the Texas primary, that labels you as a Democrat or Republican for 2 years, and prevents you from voting in the opposite party's primaries for 2 years (are there other primaries?). I don't know what other ramifications it may have (the primary prevention was the only thing listed), but it resets after those 2 years supposedly.

Comment on post this is getting ridiculous:

What if they subdivided the house into 23 rooms?

Comment on post houses houses houses...I made you out of clay...:

Boo for polls with two valid answers.

I believe they will be almost exactly the same, but the 'almost' would fall on the side of 2/3 being faster, so since that would be consistent (albeit tiny) I put my vote there.

Comment on post the saga of the phone!:

Are you currently under contract with them?
If not, just turn to David when they tell you the price/deny you a discount and mutter something about "hm, not as good as the Sprint store" or whatever and hand it back and say you don't think you're interested. See what deal they offer you then.

Comment on post of phones and data:

I've got a RAZR, and it works quite well. Minor complaints are that I wish it could get slightly louder (to an uncomfortably loud volume in normal situations; this is only when I'm somewhere particularly loud), and the UI can be slightly laggy, but not too disturbingly so. I also don't know what to compare to in terms of other stuff out there.

Comment on post Happiness (two kinds of ice cream!):

Downloadable content, my friend, downloadable content.

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Hey so one piece of advice re: pictures. When you get home from a house-viewing trip, immediately sort the pictures into some identifiable form. What might be best actually would be to take a picture of a printout about the house before the pictures of the house.

I took lots of pictures to help remember them, and then later when I was reviewing them they sorta blended together ("wait so this bedroom.. was it for this house or the one after?").

Anyhoo don't put it off cause it very quickly gets forgotten.

Comment on post house-buying tips:

And as much as they might push one particular house, as soon as you give a firm no, they know the only path to their $$$ is to help you find a new house that you will say yes to, so don't think that if you say no they'll just say "well screw you then, bye".

Comment on post house-buying tips:

I second the recommendation to let a buyer's agent take you through the questions you have. If you get one and they're not being helpful enough for you, ditch them and get a new one, cause there's tons out there. It's their job basically to know everything you don't know about buying a house.

The one thing I want to add though is to definitely remember that you are under no obligation to act on anything. The agent may be somewhat 'enthusiastic' about houses that seem to your liking, but you should definitely use your own timetable until you're completely comfortable with any decisions. Listen to what they have to say, then go home and do your own research on the subject.

Also, as you do your hunting, bring a notepad with you. Keep a list of must-have's and like-to-have's, and add to them as you go, cause you'll think of new things as you look at the actual houses.

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Well I guess I didn't have the spec for it, but yeah pushback was a real problem after some time. I think given that we have 2 warlocks, maybe we need to do a rotation where one of us does 2 seeds and then the other does the rest once the first gets the imps' aggro.

Comment on post two weeks to yuma...i mean austin:

My information came from skimmerduk, to be clearest. I don't really have any Oklahoma knowledge of my own.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

I also keyed in on the "shopping" vs "buying" distinction. As I explained to Greg in our discussion, I find the experience to take part in the thinking of the gift (which happens during "shopping") and in the giving of the gift, but the obtaining, or "buying", of the gift, is just logistics.

But sure, if the buying process is actually part of the experience for you, than I can see that it would lessen the experience, but I wouldn't think it's tacky.

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

I was about to indicate that I couldn't fathom it being tacky, but I guess I hadn't thought of this possibility. But even in this situation, I think there are certainly many circumstances where I'd consider it perfectly fine - a lot depends on the attitude taken toward it.

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000106 696169

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

Aww :).
Well I hope you find that your lease allows you to :). Then go to the adoption centers and meet some kitties and you'll find your new friend :).

Comment on post "entreprenurial" is hard to spell:

What in particular is the technology demonstration? It seems to be using run-of-the-mill technologies, at least in what I interface with.

As for it being a tool, it's a neat way to 'microblog', particularly if you make use of the SMS messaging to update while you're not at the computer. I know I put a bunch of little random thoughts on there that I'd never remember or be bothered to put on livejournal just cause they were small thoughts and I had easy access to it. Even when I'm at the computer, it feels easier to update twitter, which limits you to 140 characters or whatnot, then to update livejournal, where I usually feel like I ought to say something more substantial (and then end up typing waaay too much anyway).

Like now.

Anyhoo, I haven't given up, I've just been kitty-distracted :P.

Comment on post 7 years:

Happy Anniversary, ya'll!

Comment on post Mothers, lock up your hard drives:

It sure seems like hard drives are expected to fail much more quickly than they used to. =(

I think that products in general are being pushed too far into the convenience/cheap realm and getting too far away from reliability. It's great that things cost a lot less than they used to, but for some items especially (hard drives which can contain tons of important information), being able to replace them cheaply isn't a substitute for what's lost when you have to.

Comment on post what if money were no object?:

I guess I'll fill in my whole answer here again, since I ran out of room in the textbox.

I'd stay at my current job for a while cause I enjoy the people I work with a lot, and we have fun at work (I don't imagine they'd take kindly to me hanging out in the office distracting people during the day when I didn't work there). Then I'd probably do like wildrice13 and spend a lot of time gaming, then take a huge motorcycle trip across the country, and then I'd know I'd get bored in time so I'd find some job or other that would be interesting to me without caring how much it paid or about the security. It might be fun to do a stint as a developer in the gaming industry (though given the hours I've heard of, just a stint ;) ).

Actually, what I might end up learning to do would be building custom motorcycles, so that I could build my own some day :). So I'd go find an apprenticeship somewhere or something like that.

Comment on post where's my burrito? where's my burrito?:

There's a threshold of like 5 per day 24 hours, and I think some other threshold of so many per minute. There was a recent blue post about it or somesuch.

Aha, found it

Comment on post obsession #12358: bsg:

re: the miniseries, I had heard that from various people prior to my viewing it, but I also didn't find it to be the case when I watched it the first time; I found it quite enjoyable (though long, of course). But when I rewatched it, I was suddenly aware that it was really sloooow. I dunno, I think it probably as a whole is a pretty slow miniseries but has enough introductions of things/people/concepts that your mind is paying attention to all that and doesn't notice the slower pace when everything's new to you. I bet to someone who'd seen a couple episodes and went back to see the miniseries for the first time, or maybe even someone who'd seen the first series back in the day, it'd be more noticeable.

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

Leave it to you to calculate the math stuff with the age. BTW, this recent xkcd comic reminded me of you.
Happy Birthday again!

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Congrats to ya'll!

Comment on post Friday bridge math puzzle!:

I wouldn't have thought of that myself, but that's what YouTube has been powerful for, from what I've read :). Well, 2 things I guess, the forwarding around of funny clips of existing stuff, and also the easy sharing of things like this in a communication medium that's much stronger than text. I support the request for Professor Greg Math Busters videos!

Comment on post Microresolutions:

Such as occational instead of occasional ;) (sorry, the ironing was too delicious).

Comment on post back in the cold:

Lots of red lines to parse!

Comment on post world o' stuff:

The first definition of "discrete" in the several dictionaries pretty much synonymizes the word to "separate" so I think they're ok there. Comes from the latin "to separate" too :).

Comment on post fun with juries!:

Regarding the defense lawyer being very thorough; I would imagine/guess that even when (especially when?) you are court-appointed for a trial, you would want to do your best to win it, to up your percentages, so to speak. Like surgeons in the medical world, I can imagine that if people can get their hands on their percentages, they're very likely to judge based on that, without looking at all into the circumstances of the lawyer's past.

But that's all speculation.

Anyhoo, sounds neat!

Comment on post oh well:

Well, he can perhaps take solace in the fact that if you take away the goal from the ref'ing mistake, you're left with a tie, which still makes Ghana advance and USA not (not taking into account morale/momentum/etc. that could've been different then). But I was more disappointed with the ref'ing problems in the Italy game than with this one, for that reason.

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

I also have plans tonight, so I won't make it, although it sounds fun :).

Comment on post a few random things:

K, gimp temp one up for now. Yay for funky hacks.

Comment on post a few random things:

Yes, the way to change these things is very odd, since you're just inserting stylesheets in the middle of a page as far as I can tell. (Like I told you before, you put the stylesheet stuff in the "About me" box of your profile).
If/when I care enough about it, I'll try to find more information on stuff like that (I noticed the annoying table inconsistent box issues too right away).

Comment on post a few random things:

Mmk, I made a quick run at changing the color scheme. Hopefully contrast issues should be gone (aside from the blue links which I haven't discovered how to change yet). I'm not entirely thrilled with the color scheme yet, but it'll do for now when I should be doing work ;).

Comment on post a few random things:

I created a myspace page last night (to get someone to shut up trying to make me create one). I used a little editor I was pointed to to customize it. I stayed away from any options trying to put images in various places and just messed with the colors. Let me know if it's ok enough to be considered "nice" :). I was told by one person that it's at least readable ;).

Comment on post back from graduation!:

Hmm, I don't remember any conjugation of adjectives that makes them be "always" in Latin. When I see meliora, I see the neuter plural of melior, thus meaning "better things." (I'm not calling you on it, I know you just copied it from the wikipedia entry).

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

But have you seen the crazy interstate system in Hawaii?!? It's not a reason to hate Hawaii, no, but man, those interstates.

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

And don't even get me started on Hawaii!

Comment on post everybody's working for last weekend:

Sweet! Make sure to hook me up with some heroin.

Keep the syphilis to yourself though.

ALso, yay for feeling better, getting paid, and summer musical!

Comment on post christi & david and baltimore pictures:

But does it explain why they disallow it only on weekends?

Comment on post Quick poll:

Well speaking of all the films, you didn't include all the films in the poll.

It did seem that most of the nominated films were lower grossing than average - I think Crash was possibly helped by it not being clear it was a thinker movie and not an entertainment flick (I mean come on, "Crash" - "Ooh, so it's a movie about some sort of car crash or plane crash or something.. that sounds fun").

Comment on post Quick poll:

Anyhoo, why the poll?

Comment on post Bits and piece o' my weekend:

Perhaps it merits a re-watch?

It's been a while since I saw Crash, but I don't think it tried to teach any lessons, and definitely not 'after-school' ones. Rather I thought the movie set out specifically to *avoid* teaching any lesson but rather to just force you to confront yourself and make you think about what you think about the issues. I know it made me introspect.

Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:

Must've been something you said, eh?

Comment on post Perhaps lust is my sin as well?:

Read the faq.

Also, I think it's a 24 hour dealie, so it'd go from 12 to 13 (and then later from 23 to 0).

But yeah, read the faq. It's cute.

Comment on post blarg:

Grats on the release, woohoo!!

Comment on post good times, people:

The good times... are they over?

Comment on post good times, people:

Ah, but it's entertaining! Paranoia ftw!

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:

Well yes, that's my point, they should make the weirder drives which are surely easy to come up with.

Comment on post early morning thoughts!:

Hmm, some of those are pretty weird, but I bet people could easily come up with much much weirder drives. People need to try harder for next year.

Comment on post lots'a thoughts'a:

Yikes! That would definitely scare the crap out of me.

Is there like a deer-in-street season (and is it now)? I've noticed a whole bunch of deer on the sides of the roads lately.

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

I can still read Italian!

Comment on post ups and downs:

Wow, that's great that Tyler's doing such a great job for all the evacuees who need help.
This is a different Jonathan, Jonathan Mendez; I'm not sure we ever met in person at Rice.
Congrats on your new job in KY. I hope things go well for you there.

Comment on post Rice trip and other things:

Right, whoever was driving was the one who got to play the PSP.

Comment on post Rice trip and other things:

Portable DVD players ftw! (thanks, mom!)

Comment on post ups and downs:

Hey Julie,
Thanks for the nice words about the site and Go Owls! I remember you from RBT (I was Greg's roommate at Will Rice).
How are things with the evacuees there in Tyler? I hope people are finding some level of comfort in the helping hands from Texas as they arrive :(.

Comment on post I'm addicted to WoW...:

So now that things are (hopefully and probably) working on Windows, will you go back and install on Linux?

Comment on post The Two-Variable Intuition Test (ganked from and ):


But not me.

Comment on post happy birthday!:

Happily Birthday!

Comment on post non-weekend post:

Yeah, I was gathering that.. I don't get what the appeal of the 'good' side is, but whatever, I'm a team player.
*goes back to enslaving wookiees as an imperial officer*

Comment on post non-weekend post:


So are ya'll going to start new characters to play with all the newbies, or what?

Comment on post non-weekend post:

The horde calls to you... You want to go to Fry's...

Comment on post non-weekend post:

I prefer stereotypicosity.

Comment on post non-weekend post:

You presumably need to go to Fry's before you play WoW. Maybe not.
August, however, isn't yet in the realm of "soon" to me. But good to know!

Comment on post non-weekend post:

So how soon is soon?
And when are you going to Fry's?

Comment on post hah!:

Hey! There are no men in their underwear in my photos!

Comment on post flag burning, mostly:

Yes, ya'll're being a little over-paranoid. The proposed amendment, put into the constitution, would not be law. It gives the power to create law. And laws have to go through their processes (yay school house rock), wherein various people have the chance to formulate language etc. Furthermore, once any such laws are created, if you run afoul of something stupid, the courts have the chance to say that it's something stupid and does not fit the language of the proposed amendment.

There's *plenty* of vagueness in the constitution, over which many a court battle has been fought and many a floor fight been had. But it's not, itself, the law.

Comment on post off-day recap:

You, um, do plan on going to the Magic Kingdom sometime while you're there, yes?

Comment on post weekend update!:

It's not as much actually "wild" swinging as it looks like (but it really really looks like it heh). I did a little Yoda studying on my own in the safety of the diner to figure him out.

I also later discovered you can walk outside through those doors that the random passers-by go through (I could've sworn I tried and wasn't able to before)! You get to see all the mini-kits you've put together (fully or partially) and also the super-kit (which I've not completed, w00t). And, if the 'light' and 'dark' computer walking-around peoples happen across each other, they fight! Fun stuff.

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Hmm.. no way to edit posts eh? I meant to say "sung".

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Dude, you can't jinx things like that when there's still half the day left. I hope nothing bad happens, but man.. you like to tempt teh fate.

But Happy Birthday! Have your coworkers sang out loud for you to embarrass you and such?

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Yes! Make a trailer! We want build up, we want the birthday superpost!

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Happy to help with my photo album of a naked beer party!

Comment on post gays in sports:

Disclaimer: I have not read the article.

Would it actually be that people are afraid of their kids being 'taught the wrong thing' rather than people being afraid of homosexuals being pedophiles? (Particularly since people *don't* freak out about a heterosexual man coaching a team of underage girls?)


Comment on post gays in sports:

Then, once again..
Your color scheme sucks!

(You're not taking this as true feedback, are you?)

Comment on post gays in sports:

Your color scheme sucks!

Comment on post I am moody, hear me roar!:

I've started to buy into the school of thought that we all are "crazy" (i.e. various psychological conditions) to some extent, it's just by how much we're crazy that determines whether we get labeled or not. So, yeah, you might be a little bipolar, but probably not "bipolar."

And your color scheme sucks. :)

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