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Posted on 2007-12-12 13:26:00
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Phones: Like before, my cell phone's alarm isn't going on again, except this time I can't figure out how to fix it. I was planning on getting a new phone pretty soon anyway, but this may expedite the plans. My current top choices are the Samsung t439, Motorola RAZR V3, and maybe the Nokia 6133 - anyone have any opinions on these?

I found this awesome script to get your Netflix ratings last night and it's pretty cool. I may improve it some, throw in some analysis and make it my next project.

Speaking of backing up your personal data stored at an online site, LiveJournal was bought by SUP. It sounds like nothing big's going to change, but it might be a good chance to backup your LiveJournal with LJBackup. Shameless plug transmission over and out!


Comment from taesmar:

I have your standard motorola Razr and it's not a problem. The guy in the store said it had el-crappo battery life, but I'm not finding that to be an issue. My battery only seriously drains when I'm in a no-signal zone (like underground at the capitol) and the phone wastes all battery searching for a signal. I usually charge the phone every night, though, but if I don't charge it on a given night, it doesn't run out the next day with normal use.

Comment from destroyerj:

I've got a RAZR, and it works quite well. Minor complaints are that I wish it could get slightly louder (to an uncomfortably loud volume in normal situations; this is only when I'm somewhere particularly loud), and the UI can be slightly laggy, but not too disturbingly so. I also don't know what to compare to in terms of other stuff out there.

This backup was done by LJBackup.