happy birthday!
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Posted on 2005-08-11 11:14:00
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Happy birthday djedi!! :-)


Comment from blamantin:

Greg's so helpful.

Happy Birthday David!

Comment from quijax:

I remembered, but I forgot to do anything about it...

Comment from destroyerj:

Happily Birthday!

Comment from djedi:

Awww thanks. The sad thing is that I'm almost out of cell phone mins and I've already had 5 people call me to wish me a happy birthday and more to go. I don't like rushing people who are being nice and calling me off the phone :/ Luckily my new plan with more minutes kicks in tomorrow...wait that's not really lucky, it's more ironic. I won't need extra mins tmw, I need them today.

Comment from theoyaung:

Happy belated birfday :-)

(popping in - I only LJ once every loooonnnngg while...)

Comment from djedi:

Thanks. Didn't know you were still alive. Glanced at your livejournal but there's not much there.

Comment from theoyaung:

Yeah... I don't post very often, mostly because I have a hard time posting to the vacuous void.

I have a much better track record with face-to-face get togethers, or IM.

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