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Comment on post link dump: tax deductions, paid apps are not like cups of coffee, video streaming copyright laws:

I don't know if loophole = deduction

Comment on post jumping on the complaining bandwagon (re Netflix):

I feel the same way. I didn't really care about the price increase, but having to rate movies twice, manage two queues, etc. It's idiotic.

Comment on post byte manipulation in Javascript = not fun:

+1 for 2-factor!

Comment on post Congresswoman shot in head at public event:

My friend from High School, Gabe Zimmerman, was among the six who were killed. There was also a 9-year-old girl amongst the dead.

What is wrong with people? :o(

Comment on post Don't Ask Don't Tell repeal passes!:

Weird that presumably 2 people who were willing to filibuster turned around and voted for it...

Comment on post Germany trip recap:

Protip: don't ever exchange currency. Just use an ATM.

Comment on post on firing people for remarks made outside their job:

The problem is that a lot of his "this is how things are" statements get misinterpreted as "this is our vision for how things should be".

Comment on post on firing people for remarks made outside their job:

Eric's not creepy! He's awesome!

Comment on post bridge update (or: programming is hard):

How about using someone else's bridge AI?

Comment on post Sex at Dawn:

I'm actually reading this right now too.

Comment on post daily weight tracking - one year later:

Congrats! :o)

Comment on post weekend, life update:

I think it's a law somewhere that no matter how much you try, if you go tubing you will get sunburned (or rubber burned).

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I love the slider for the length of the game. Did you make that yourself?

Comment on post Games database:

Good grief that is a lot of games.

Comment on post teh gays !<3 Obama:

When I first read this, I thought "the HRC" was Hillary Clinton.

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Verizon does my IPTV and they have to have Cablecards.

Comment on post Stuff I've been following: Time Warner, gay stuff, dentist:

AT&T doesn't have CableCards

I was under the impression that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 makes them legally required to have CableCards.

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Go Vermont! :o)

Comment on post browser of choice?:

More choices = more better.

Also, no Chrome for Mac.

Also, no AdBlock for Chrome.

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I like it.

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I am usually not very impressed by "genetic algorithms" where someone basically has the solution already and just wants to watch something get there. Show me something where you give it a much less explicit fitness function, have it create a worthwhile piece of art, and then we can talk.

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Did you see TDS last night?

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If you want an MP3 of Signal in the Sky or any other songs from the Powerpuff Girls soundtrack, I have it on Mediator.

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"Space" is singular. "Collection" is also singular. So "Is my collection of data significant" would be correct. I could have a basket of dismembered hands, but I would still say "These hands belong to me!" even though they were in a basket. But "data", like "criteria" or "media", is plural.

Imagine saying "Is my results significant?"

[/nazi style="grammar"]

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It's one pair of pants, but we still say "are my pants on?" and not "is my pants on?"

Not saying it makes sense, just saying that's how it is. :o)

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But then right after that you have to direct them to

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

There's no tenet of the Democratic party that says the party is right on every issue and that every other party is an abomination before God. There's no tenet of the Democratic party that says Howard Dean is the inerrant servant of an infallible being and that every word he utters in the capacity of Chairman of the DNC is the pronouncement of that infallible being. This is the problem with a lot of religions (including Mormonism) - they claim to have a monopoly on truth, so you kinda have to be entirely with them or entirely against them.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

I'm talking about something more broad than evangelizing.

I'm talking about any action that someone takes as a result (solely) of their religious beliefs that has a negative effect on others.

They could be evangelizing, they could be burning at the stake. Either way.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Let's think about this in terms of a different issue. I think that if someone wants to subscribe to the tenets of young-earth creationism, that is fine by me. As soon as that person tries to negatively affect my child's education as a result of those beliefs, however, I think that it is my duty to defend my child's education, even if that means making fun of that other person's beliefs. If they had kept them to themselves, that would be another story altogether.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Well, I see Prop 8 as one of those ways that people's unprovable beliefs negatively affect the lives of others, thus opening up those unprovable beliefs to scrutiny (including mockery).

Aren't the two things you talk about the same thing? I mean, if you don't agree with the Mormon church, do you have any business being a Mormon?

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I paid to attend your mom last night.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

(Notice that nobody gets on the case of the Jains or the Unitarians in this way)

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

If my mom/Democrats was/were a major reason that people were dying or being made to suffer, then I probably wouldn't have a problem with that.

Don't get me wrong: I think people should be able to believe whatever they want. But when the thing they believe has a powerful effect on billions of other people, I think it becomes fair game.

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

Not real comfortable with a musical making fun of someone's religion.

Why? What is special about religion that it shouldn't be made fun of?

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Link broken. You need some HTTP:// goodness.

Comment on post still up watching results:

Yeah, I'm avoiding a hangover too...

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Here's my new ad:

Jason Jones-voice from the Daily Show: John McCain says he wants Kurt's vote.
*random quick shots of Kurt with flashes*
JJ: But Kurt says he would only vote for John McCain if John McCain kills a baby with his bare hands.
*random quick shots of babies crying*
JJ: Therefore, John McCain wants to kill babies with his bare hands.

John McCain. He wants to kill babies.

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+1: total non-sequitur.

Comment on post the usual:

And Paradise City!

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I thought about it, but we had already gone beyond living things.

Comment on post I would like to marry The Daily Show:

They have The Best News Team On The Motherfucking Planet(TM)!

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Because next thing you know, people will be wanting to marry books, and then magazines, and then maybe just blank pieces of paper! We can't have that! [/rick santorum]

Comment on post I would like to marry The Daily Show:

I'm sorry Greg, but I define marriage as between a human and a human! None of this human/television show stuff!

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It should not only be syncing it should also be measuring your clock drift and compensating for it automatically.

Comment on post panhandling:

I would like to point out that on several occasions I have offered (and gone through with) buying the person lunch or something like that. I refuse to give cash because (a) it's dangerous with all those cars around to stop and have people walking amongst them and (b) I have no idea what that money will be spent on and I don't want to pay for someone's cigarettes.

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You should get one of those keychain login thingees.

Comment on post scenes that made me look twice:


At some point in the future there will be some new features. But it may be a while.

Comment on post scenes that made me look twice:

You better do the whole song.

Comment on post I still dislike moving:

Either you played over 300 vs. matches, or you played over 10 hours in vs. mode.

Comment on post merrily I roll along:

I just beat the 100-man this morning. Mario all the way baby, just spam the C-stick and make sure to grab the light saber.

Comment on post why yes, I am a little depressed:

I resisted the urge today to point out that my horse always loses. I'm not ready to concede defeat just yet. :o)

Comment on post vote, etc.:

Definitely some uncanny valley going on in that second link.


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You should try the slide and blind effects and see if they are as cool or cooler. :oD

Comment on post oh, you lovable scamps:

It's the speech mentioned in the plagiarism charges.

Which are really kind of stupid - if I were going to write a speech on famous historical "words", I would probably include the same ones...

Comment on post oh, you lovable scamps:

1) Did you see the Obama response to all the "speeches aren't important" attacks he's been getting lately?

2) Coming from a Rails background, I am often disturbed by both how dense Django files are and how much each one contains. Is my sampling unrepresentative?

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They can totally replace the keyboard. It's 'spensive, though, if it comes to that. You may be able to get the key off and fix it yourself, though. I've had to do that.

Comment on post Super Smash Bros. Brawl:

I can wait. But I am definitely getting it. :o)

Comment on post weird phone thing:

(11:09PM) [kurt@Mekong ~]$ irb
irb(main):001:0> 'id' + 1
TypeError: can't convert Fixnum into String
from (irb):1:in `+'
from (irb):1

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Greg, even as a straight guy, I love you sometimes.

Comment on post role reversal, music recommendations:

Well, you can check out the new Radiohead album here and a bunch of stuff by the Arcade Fire here.

You probably already know that, but I've been waiting to do that for a while :o)

Comment on post some interface complaints:

But the validation can be simple, along the lines of "don't set the year field of this entry to be something that isn't a year." But you don't have to write code to explain to the user why it is wrong, how to fix it, etc. If the user is making their browser POST garbage to your form, you don't have to deal with them. But if your form supports it, you do.

Comment on post some interface complaints:

The thing is, usually browsers take care of that for you, because you can type the date and the drop-down box will select it for you. The big advantage as a web app designer is it ensures that your input will be valid.

Comment on post big day:

Dude. My HOA payment for my house in Austin (which is EMPTY, I might remind you) is $215 per month. Stop complaining.


And part of that $32 goes to paying for insurance so no one sues you into oblivion when their kid dies in the pool.

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If you had meningitis you'd feel a lot worse than just the neck.

I know how waking up with the aching neck feels - I'm really sorry, it sucks :o(

Comment on post house-hunting: part 2 of 5000:

Wanna buy my house? :oP

Comment on post house-buying tips:

In all honesty, if you want help, I can give you some advice, since I've bought 2 houses now :oD

Comment on post house-buying tips:

You can buy my house!


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Maybe the 2 is doubled?

Comment on post clearing out tabs:

I love Amnesiac!

Comment on post Mario Strikers Charged friend code::

2492219 219379

Comment on post nukes, outing:

This would be a totally valid argument if they weren't trying to legislate restrictions on people's private lives.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

Think of it as an intervention.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

Right, that is what I was saying. That I think if they truly do believe that, they have other problems.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

I mean, if someone in a position of power was saying "we should not allow exploitative child labor practices" but that person was engaged in exploitative child labor practices, don't you think that person ought to be called out?

I guess there is a difference if they truly believe what they are doing is wrong and should be frowned upon. In that case, though, they have more serious issues.

Comment on post nukes, outing:

How is this any different from other hypocrisy?

Comment on post LiveJournal auto-post:

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over.

Comment on post a big apple a day...:

Have you thought about using some sort of probabilistic method instead of proving everything?

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

How can "tacky" even be defined in the absence of other people? Isn't "tacky" a purely social construct? Doesn't it involve (at the very least) doing something that others find distasteful or something like that?

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:


Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

Damn. I wish Kendra would play StarCraft with me.

Comment on post taco wrap! RIP marvin zindler. twitter!:

The real issue is whether or not you've had a pizza crepe taco pancake chili bag.

Comment on post 7 years:

Welcome to the 7 year club! :oD

Comment on post For your amusement:

How about explain why Hawaii is completely absent when for a large number of Japanese people, it is their only first-hand experience of the USA.

Comment on post good music ftw:

It's not all "Everything In It's Right Place".

But it is awesome. :o)

Comment on post new music for moi:

I am a fan of both Wilco and Radiohead (more so of the latter). I have seen both live. I did not like Wilco live. But their recorded stuff is very good, and I have a feeling I might be able to appreciate their live show more now that I am more familiar with their songs. Radiohead live was absolutely fucking amazing.

Comment on post new music for moi:

I like Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, but I'm not a big fan of A Ghost Is Born. It is countryish, but it is good. Also, their new album, Sky Blue Sky is also good, but very countryish.

Everyone always leaves out Amnesiac. Oh well, get all the Radiohead albums. The only one I don't like is their first, Pablo Honey. Be aware that Kid A (and Amnesiac) is a significant departure from OK Computer and The Bends. Hail To The Thief lets off a little from that new direction, but not a whole lot. I personally really like that new direction, but take note that it may take several listens before you can get into tracks such as "Like Spinning Plates", "The National Anthem", "Idioteque", and Kid A's title track. They aren't immediately accessible—if you thought "Paranoid Android" was radio un-friendly (hostile?) at almost 6 and a half minutes long, you are in for a rude awakening. Think of it more as reaching enlightenment, though. :o)

Comment on post travel notes:

AFAIK, most jets become airborne more around 200 mph. Cruising speed is much higher, because that's the speed they cruise at at altitude, where the air is thinner and the lift less powerful.

Comment on post happy birthday to meeee:

Happy Boithday!

Comment on post *yawn*:

Well, you're both wrong then.

The More You Ruv Someone is awesome.

The more you rrrrrrrrrruv someone, the more you want to kir dem!

Comment on post *yawn*:

The "Japanese" (actually played by a Chinese woman) character is named "Christmas Eve".

"I'm Not Wearing Underwear Today" is supposed to be part of Brian's attempt at stand-up comedy.


Comment on post little bit o' everything:

Last night's Heroes was the best one yet.

Comment on post Recent local laws...:

We see eye to eye on the iPods issue. Let natural selection take its course.

As for smoking, I don't even think you should take kids to church, so I definitely don't think you should expose them to toxic smoke. I mean, you can't beat your kids, and that won't give them cancer.

Comment on post homophobic Super Bowl ad:

Then again, not everyone seeing the ad will be as insightful or thoughtful about it. But I definitely got the "oh no, unless we rip out our own chest hair, we're going to turn gay!" vibe, which came off as sarcastic to me.

Comment on post homophobic Super Bowl ad:

I don't know if I would call that homophobic - it almost pokes fun at homophobia itself. I mean, the guys aren't exactly portrayed as great minds. I only saw the "chest hair" ending, but that ending screamed "being this homophobic is stupid and results in pointless pain and suffering".

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Yay! :o)

Comment on post Snow!:

I like "The Bends" okay, but IMHO, "Kid A", "Amnesiac", and "Hail To The Thief" are all better.

Definitely pick up "Hail To The Thief".

"Pablo Honey" is a pass.

Comment on post dum de dum:

Let's talk about how the high here in Lawrence on Monday will be 15 and the low will be 2.

Comment on post Microresolutions:

The album is critically acclaimed for good reason.

I have often heard it referred to as a "perfect" album. Every track is good, they're all organized in the right order, everything just works.

Comment on post Wii Forecast channel:

Also, if you have a forecast of thunderstorms, it will have thunder. :o)

Comment on post Wii impressions:

The new Zelda is really great. That is all.

Comment on post Wii story:

Rock! I'll friend you as soon as I get your code!

Comment on post keep on keepin' on:

Feel better!

Comment on post NJ marriage decision tomorrow!:

Ugh. They couldn't wait until after Nov. 2nd, could they.

Comment on post unexpected goodness:

That is an excellent album, BTW.

Comment on post one more milestone:

Welcome to Maryland and congratulations on getting your computer set up!

Comment on post leaving on a jet plane...:

You will be missed at Magic night! :o)

Comment on post look what we can do!:

Here in Kansas, Kendra and I saw a bumper sticker that read: "Kansas: as bigoted as you think!"

Comment on post Java!:

It's close, but not quite.

"Generic types (or generics) bear a superficial resemblance to templates in C++, both in their syntax and in their expected use cases (such as container classes). But the similarity is only skin-deep -- generics in the Java language are implemented almost entirely in the compiler, which performs type checking and type inference, and then generates ordinary, non-generic bytecodes. This implementation technique, called erasure (where the compiler uses the generic type information to ensure type safety, but then erases it before generating the bytecode), has some surprising, and sometimes confusing, consequences. While generics are a big step forward for type safety in Java classes, learning to use generics will almost certainly provide some opportunity for head-scratching (and sometimes cursing) along the way"


Comment on post Java!:

Technically, Generics don't come with type safety, AFAIK. The compiler just makes sure that all the things in angle brackets are the same throughout. Speaking of which, LJ suppressed your angle brackets above.

Comment on post na nanana nana na na...:

I just thought I'd make this thread a little deeper.

Don't mind me.

Comment on post warning: good weekend ahead:

Oh right. Yes, it does.

Don't mind me...

Comment on post warning: good weekend ahead:

Couldn't you keep an array of all the threads you have open and then join each of them at the end of the script? Or does the script need to terminate?

Comment on post warning: good weekend ahead:

And is there some reason I wasn't logged in? ;o)

Comment on post it's my birthday!:

Happy Boithday!

Chuuuuuunky Bacon!

Comment on post ruby scoping:

BMI is a bunch of crap. Even if I lost 50 pounds, I would still be overweight according to BMI.

Comment on post ruby scoping:

It's not a bug in the implementation. It's part of the current language spec, which is being changed.

Comment on post ruby scoping:

This behavior is scheduled to be changed in the next major stable release of Ruby, such that the value of e will still be 10.

According to Matz, this is the "most regrettable behavior in Ruby."

That said, this code:

a = 5
10.times do a += 1 end

Will still leave 15 in the value of a. Block parameters (like e in your example above) will be block-local. But the block will still have access to the other variables outside, because blocks in Ruby are closures and store their environment so that when the code executes, it executes in that environment.

Also, on a minor, but important technicality, each is a method and not an operator :o)

If you have any more questions, let me know.

Comment on post Happy Easter!:

Chunky bacon!!!

Comment on post cute math song and "V for Vendetta":

Have you seen Brazil? Another dystopic UK made in 1985...

Comment on post urgh:

Regarding big numbers, I gave a math colloquium talk on big numbers when I was at Mudd. I also lived in a suite named after the biggest number ever used in a serious mathematical proof, G_63. It's also called "Graham's Number".'s_number

Comment on post Bits and piece o' my weekend:

Crash was really great IMO. I haven't seen Brokeback Mountain, though.

Comment on post math problem not so interesting:

Digg it:

Comment on post holidays, book reviews:

If you liked Carter's book, it sounds like you might like this book. I have it if you'd like to borrow it.

Comment on post I've got to admit it's getting better...:

Sweet! I wrote them an email telling them that I wasn't going to buy their cars because of this decision because I thought it just encouraged those radical right-wing groups. Looks like the collective effort had an effect! Woo!

Comment on post Election 2005: not good, but not horrible:


Sometimes I hate this state.

I emailed Rick Perry to let him know that in 50 or 100 years, he will be the Strom Thurmond, the "bad" guy, etc.

In retrospect, I should have told him to f*ck off and die, too. Oh well, another time, I suppose.

Comment on post things to be happy about:


Comment on post Long week. Also, long next week.:

What about David? Can he make it? :o)

Comment on post Long week. Also, long next week.:

So then, you're busy next Wednesday night? :o(

Comment on post quick post:

Works fine for me for Firefox on OS X.

Comment on post Wow.:

Sooo... coool....

I watched all three extended editions in a row once. That took a long time. I don't know if I'd pay 88 bucks to do it again, even with the food. But, I must admit it's cool.

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