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As I like oceans and am indifferent to your phone. I suggest you don't drop it into the ocean but rather make your phone someone else's problem.

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Interesting trend: if you compare how close the red and black dot/circles are the closer they are the more likely it has a large Mormon population. The trend kind breaks down a bit as you get above 50% on both. But it isn't just Christians, but specifically Mormons. Example look at Utah, Arizona, Idaho and Wyoming. All have significant Mormon populations. Now look at Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, and Mississippi. All those have significant Christian populations, not so much Mormon though.

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Glad you liked Shoal Creek. They sent me a "thank your for the rec" Starbucks giftcard since you and David both checked them out. Of course I don't drink Starbucks, but I appreciated the gesture.

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So...would the New Republic of Texas be in Nafta or not?

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I'm glad it is on the shelf. On the one hand I don't mind the idea of a metered rate, but the numbers thrown around showing them 20x the industry average for metered rates was ridiculous. The shelving buys Jessica and I more time for actual high speed competition to enter our neighborhood. I've heard good thing about U-Verse so hopefully by the time TWC does metered take 2 we'll have actual options.

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Note to self, have Shawn call TWC on our behalf.

Also on the filling thing, your tooth is going throug a trauma so some pain a week later isn't terribly unusual. I have had plenty of fillings done (don't neglect your teeth kids!) and a week was normal but it always went away pretty quick after that. If you do decide to switch dentists I like mine. Dr Harger of Shoal Creek dental.

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Now I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but if there is a signed contract and they change its terms midway through without your consent would constitute breach. They would either have to continue to honor the agreement (and do the new plan at renewal) or pay you some calculated damages.

Verbal contracts however would require some proof it was actually that way so it would get dicier.

If I had to guess they will honor any contracts they have and roll the issue out at renewal. Also they aren't going to do a big PR plan because it draw attention to what they are doing. Most people will just not pay attention and then one month get a slight increase in their bill and not really think much about it.

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Well it is state's rights until some state has it, that couple moves to a state that doesn't and uses the "Full Faith and Credit" clause to challenge Defense of Marriage Act. Then it'll cascade down. Different states can have restrictions on marriage per their laws, but flat out denial of it same sex would seem unlikely.

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Actually the way you did it was perfect, not huge, can click on it for a bigger pic if wanted.

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Chateau on the Creek on Sam Bass Road was the name of the place I wouldn't recommend. It just seemed 'meh'.

Comment on post hello married people/people who know about weddings:

I can't give advice because I've only been to 2 weddings in austin. One was at a place I wouldn't recommend, and the other was at the groom's parent's house out in Elgin.

But I will say this, if you guys do the castle place there better be jousting or at least a guy in a suit of armor or I'll be upset.

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I wish I was your weight. I should probably start shame blogging to get myself into gear.

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I am not watching fringe, but I would like to point out that Babylon 5 (widely noted in sci fi circles for having a nice overarching plot) was very much the same way. Every episode in the first season was very much like a stand alone episode with little or no apparent connection to other events. But in season 2 it all started to pull those lines closer and closer together and suddenly two completely isolated episodes from the first season laid important groundwork for a kickass episode in season 4.

Not saying that Fringe is the same way, but it could be. The first season can be tricky because they have to develop characters and see if they will be continued. So writers and producers are reluctant to dive into a long complicated story like in BSG or Lost not sure how long of a airing they will have.

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Well it is partially about desensitizing people to things. The military does this already. They invest lots of research dollars in making games like America's Army not only as a promotional tool, but also as a way to get their people 'ok' with shooting another person, and doing so as a reaction to stimuli instead of delaying to do the moral math as it were.

The people who torture are ultimately responsible (and their commanding officers as well) for their actions, but it should be noted that there is an element of media "peer pressure".

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You NEVER invite me to the cool parties Shawn!

Comment on post i'm kinda busy, but here are some links I enjoyed and thought you might enjoy as well!:

It will probably be on par with Dogma, which was pretty critical of the Catholic Church. Any institution is fair game to be mocked and satired. If espouse any viewpoint being it factual or opinion in the public forum, you have to be willing to accept the scrutiny of that. And that scrutiny can be peer reviewed academic journals or broadway musical spoofs.

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God's got a risk tax and spend plan there. I'm an agnostic and that pisses me off. I'm all for people believing whatever they want, but to use religion as a policy justification is offensive.

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We'll see who is laughing when the proletariat rises up!

Also pink was considered a manly color before WWI. So there! :P

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Liz= Comrade
Greg= Capitalist Oppressor!

Comment on post mildly interesting politics quiz:

Man I need more socialist friends. You Democrats are too economically LIBERAL for my tastes! (Greg, David, my wife...yikes!)

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Krugman has had a LOT to say about all this. He seems to back Dodd's plan which would give the US Gov equity stake in the companies we help (thus increasing our direct say and possible recoup the money) and has oversight.

But ultimately we have to do something. Letting Wall Street fail would be dire. I'm not saying give them 700B and hope for the best, but failing to act would hurt a lot of people. Give us oversight, gives us partial ownership and you can get helped.

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That's why I support riding out hurricanes in submarines!

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The Wire-Just started last week. Have heard great things about. After 3 episodes I'm intrigued but not sold on yet.

Lost-Reluctant at first, now dedicated viewer. Partly because even though it has gotten ridiculous, I have to know how it ends.

Friday Night Lights-Saw the movie, not seen the show.

Deadwood-This is a really good show. Warning very coarse language, violence, and nudity. But compelling characters make this a great show.

30 Rock-Love it.

The Daily Show-I love Stewart sooooo much.

Battlestar Galactica-Started strong, waned a bit, getting better for the end? Hopefully?

The Sopranos- Watched first season when it came out, and it just lost me. Maybe would try again.

Arrested Development-So funny. Love it.

Studio 60-Like Sorkins other works, saw the pilot, and been meaning to catch the rest on Hulu. Not terribly strong imo so far.

South Park-Funny hit or miss. Still can satire with the best.

Veronica Mars-Never heard of this.

Six Feet Under-Starts strong gets worse and worse. Season 3 was a bit of a chore for me to watch, but stuck with it through since I had heard season 4 was better and season 5 was awesome. Great final season made up for season 3 mediocrity.

Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys-Old roomate watched this the first year. Kinda funny sometimes. Boring mostly.

The Colbert Report-Funny. Not as good as The Daily Show imo though.

Mad Men-Have heard GREAT things about this. Will see how it stacks up when it hits netflix queue.

The West Wing-Watched the first 4-5 seasons. Love the show. Just never finished it. Bartlett is my President!

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Which system are you guys playing on? I used to do this with my roomates and we'd each maintain our dynasties for a while.

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I don't give from the car. It encourages them to stay near busy streets and that doesn't seem safe.

I don't give on foot anymore really because I use plastic all the time. Who carries cash anymore?

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

No worries.
*takes victory lap*
I really hope they make a sequel or something.

Comment on post Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog soundtrack!:

I challenge you to find where! I watched it several times (even bought it off of iTunes), I'm not 100% he isn't called the Thoroughbred of Evil, but I am highly skeptical.

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The Thoroughbred of Sin!


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[ Current Mood | enraged ]

Oh noes! Greg has hit the enrage timer! Okay folks its a wipe. Everyone die in a convenient spot for rezzes.

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1830s so post Napolean's famous battle.

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Fun Fact: Austin was originally named Waterloo. It was renamed when it became the state capital.

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Well to be honest we should talk to them. They are a regional power in a part of the world we need help in. So trying to find common ground would be a good thing.

Comment on post people like talking to people they don't like:

I don't think Iran is an enemy.

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Happy Birthday!

Oh and that cancer thing looks awesome.

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I played the freeware version of Crayon Physics. Short but fun. I really want deluxe now.

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Damn hippies!

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Would you agree that if Gore (High King Policy Wonk) were running this cycle, we would have a democratic candidate already and be marching to November?

Man, why didn't Gore run? :(

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If there is one thing Karl Rove has taught us it is that humans can live without souls, but if there are two things it would also be that with an energized base (the dems have one this cycle), you can win an election even with a split middle ground.

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Also if you look at the electoral map, Texas will probably go republican in November, if we end up a battle ground state I will be shocked. The places Clinton has won has been the battle ground states like Florida (though there was 0 campaigning allowed by the DNC) Michigan (okay so Obama wasn't on the ballot) and Ohio (AH HA! the key to my argument!) She wins big electorally rich states, and in November any state that would normally go democratic (Blue states) will support her anyway. The Red states go McCain, the battle ground states are ones where she can manifest a victory in my opinion. But she has to get the nom first, and we are along way from having a clear front runner.

Comment on post vote, etc.:

When will he quit?

Comment on post vote, etc.:


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Which is funny because apparently Clinton has lower 'unfavorables' than Obama in Texas.

Comment on post The decline of US culture - The Moment of Truth:

When I saw the previews for the show before even the first episode, I was thinking that it is a horrible horrible idea.

Comment on post I won't mess up your game, dear reader:

The early voting for democrats in Collin County is up by 1300%?

That is crazy!

Comment on post TX voting information:

The rules were originally put in place to insure that the Democratic hierarchy would have more say. Since most voters just show up, but only diehard dems would be willing to come back to vote again you can prevent Republican tanking viable candidates in the general primary.

Comment on post oh, you lovable scamps:

I have a feeling they still get it so much worse than we will get on the amount of ads and soliciting for votes. But it is nice to be asked for once!

Comment on post happy v-day!:

Obama's middle name is HUSSEIN! OMG TEH TERRAH!

On the sex toys thing, I once saw a little video on Youtube where Molly Ivins was talking about the sex toys law, and the sodomy law and how it all passed. If you can find it, it is like 10 minutes or so and pretty entertaining.

Comment on post laptop debate:

Well I know you support Obama, and I support Clinton, and if neither of them gets teh nomination outright tomorrow, maybe Texas will actually matter for once in a primary race!

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"which I stupidly scheduled for the day before...
- djedi's brother's wedding in Houston, for which I will have to drive down right after said meeting unless I can reschedule, which is unlikely given the number of people attending"

Yeah you really shouldn't ask people to reschedule their wedding. It would be a big hassle I'm sure!

Comment on post united way iPhone giveaway - bleck:

I'd be curious to see the rate of return on prize driven promotions versus not. I'd imagine it is more but I won't make that claim without evidence. And in the end does it really matter whether people gave for the 'right reasons'? I mean the people who gave because they are beautiful people would have given anyway, and they may get an otherwise unexpected reward. And the people who gave with the chance at a reward still gave. To the kid helped by the United Way I don't think it really matters what motivated the dollar, just that a dollar was given. Now if it was for donations of time volunteer versus money I think that would be a big difference because volunteering with a bad attitude is not good.

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Yay! Mr. Boddy's family will surely appreciate your work! Good job detective!

Comment on post cluesolver, pictures:

yay Mr. Boddy's killer will be brought to justice!

Comment on post my problem is...:

But but but I wanted a clue solver! I'm never going to know who murdered Mr Boddy, in which room. with which instrument of death!

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Comment on post Theorycrafting: calculating my DPS:

That is the thing. I was never a believer in the Water elemental. But everyone who has one says they love it. If I want a pet, I'll get my lock out I guess.

Comment on post Theorycrafting: calculating my DPS:

You should look at a raid frost spec 40/0/21. You'll get a boost to your Int and 25% of your int becomes +dmg. When I did that with Mervo I went from like a 9k pool to mid 10k mana pool. Now it can break 12k mana in raid buffs. And for PvP spamming arcane blast can just chug out DPS with a high crit% and low chance to resist. (just armory Mervo and look at mine, then imagine the frost instead of fire up to Ice block).

Comment on post Theorycrafting: spell hit rating and me:

In the unsolicited spec department....

Why the point in improved wand? Also I found Shatter kinda pointless unless you have frostbite, which is bad if you have Imp Blizzard. I'd think you could get some rearrangement of talents and get some really nice stuff.

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I have little sympathy because it would be one thing to be a normal guy and be closeted and get caught in a compromising situation like he has. But it is something else to spend your life and career campaigning against the thing you are closeted about. Don't lie about who you are or what you are is my thought. But people like Sen Craig and Reverend Haggard do significant and real harms to the communities they should probably be apart of. It is the hypocrisy of the whole thing that gets people's so interested.

Comment on post clue solver!:

I like clue, but am horrible at it. If you need test subjects I volunteer.

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For the longest time I thought you were messing with us and had just pushed them up higher on your face or something. But the curves are slightly more gentle. Nice.

Comment on post beckham doubtful tonight:

I miss the world cup too. Nothing better than irrational and spontaneous exercises in projected nationalism.
"Oh Netherlands will so kick your Italian asses!"
"Dude, my parents were Irish."
"Yeah but you said you liked Italy in this one! Now prepare to suffer humiliation!"

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I once went to a Dallas Stars hockey game and they didn't sing the star spangled banner, instead they had some saxaphone player doing this jazzy rendetion. And at every point that the word "Stars" would have been sung the crowd shouted it. So everyone kinda sings along silenty until the shout moments. Now you can dismiss this as Dallas being punks if you like, but there is precedent for it in sports culture.

Comment on post Cheney series at Washington Post:

yeah you say that now, but when it happens you'll be all "Hey Pat let me into the secret revolution club" and I'll be all "you said this wouldn't happen. too bad for you!" and you'll be all "Oh come on. PLEEAAASSSEEE!" And I'll be like "Ok, but you have to bring beer and pizza to our next meeting, and it has to be good beer!"

And it BETTER be good beer.

Comment on post Cheney series at Washington Post:

Yeah I have this spooky suspicion that they will declare marshall law before the 2008 election and just sort of stay around.

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I'm in ur slate suggestin the Farwell colum by hitchens lol.

I love Slate. I think it is a very well done magazine, but the thing Ilike best about them is the weekly Gabfest podcast with David Plotz (blogging the bible fame), Emily Braezlon (does articles on legal issues and issues about family alot) and John Dickerson (most recently reviewing the Presidential debates). They are the best part of my friday commute, listening to them rehash the weekly political news.

Comment on post betteresque:

So as someone who has a degree in political science, I never remember doing this much science in any of my classes. But I am curious where this is headed. Like possible applications? Mostly curious.

Comment on post friday links:

WOOT! I got me a shout out!

*does a lil dance*

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I voted yes on both.
On New York: While it would be nice to think it is Darwin taking its toll, you can impact other people in a very dangerous way. For example a moron darts in traffic while blasting his eardrums with the latest Black Eyed Pease track. I slam on my brakes to stop from hitting him, the car behind me hits me. Now I've got the potential for whiplash because the alternative is me being charged with potential vehicular manslaughter. Lets say the guy behind me swerves to prevent hitting me and ends up going on a sidewalk potentially hitting other pedestrians. New York city is a very crowded place, and if you can't hit pause, cross the street and then resume, maybe you shouldn't be wearing the earplugs to begin with.

On New Jersey: A car is a very small place, even the ford explorer. I think subjecting kids to concentrated second hand smoke is endangering the child's health. Parents should be expected to provide reasonable precautions to protect a child's health, and subjecting them to concentrated second hand smoke is not following that guidelines. I'm all for people having the right to smoke, but not in ways that force otehrs to breathe smoke. and children can't refuse to be in a car with their parents.

Comment on post Snickers ad pulled:

I think the whole thing was overblown. There are two ads I saw once, maybe twice, before they pulled them that I thought were hilarious.

First in 1995 early April, Jack in the Box had an ad where he blew up the old board of directors to show that "Jack is Back". Well mid April there was Oklahoma City, and they thought it was in poor taste. Ok fine whatever

Second was a nike ad where this girl comes in from running in the woods to a log cabin. She is wearing shorts, a sports bra and her nike running shoes when a chainsaw weilding (or maybe it was an ax) psycho bursts in ala Friday the 13th or generic horror movie with a remote cabin in the woods scene. She initially is running in terror and screaming like you'd expect from a horror movie, but after a few seconds she has gone from scared running to athletic running without looking back, whithout screaming and the camera turns to tehpsycho who is obviously panting, is out of shape and unable to keep up. He quits an dthe camera turns to her running off even further. The ad got pulled because women's groups said it promoted the vicitimization of women with violence, but what I saw was a)a funny comercial and b)the empowerment of women. The main character took control of the situation and fled like anyone should do in that situation. I was rather miffed at the ad pull.

So how does this relate here? Well I saw the snickers ad, and I laughed. I can see why some "might" be offended, but in all honesty I think it is on par with all those beer ads that portray straight white guys as "unhip mysoginists who only care about getting their bud light". And the thing is they are portraying a stereotype of our culture, a parody. And when I saw the mechanics kiss and their subsequent reactions I thought, a parody of the dumb closed minded macho mechanic stereotype, not an endorsement or condemnation of any particular subculture within our society.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Oh in case you are wondering how it would be if you itemized and got all your old phone bills. I pulled my old phone bills at work to see what I was paying in FET and it was $0.78/month. That over the 41 month span that is described came out to $31 and change. Honestly I'm not that worried about the one and a half bucks to bother printing out all my old bills and filling out the other form.

Comment on post Public service announcements:

Congrats on your IRS money! May the $30 cover some of the postage on your wedding announcements, which is also really cool!

I'm very happy for you both!

PS did my conversation "keep asking questions" help this weekend at all?

Comment on post Friday bridge math puzzle!:

Honestly I always find your ability to solve and get excited about these math problems fairly interesting even if I don't follow the math terribly well (Liberal arts, stopped taking math because I was very confused by calculus). I kinda wish you had a YouTube video where you explained how and why you chose to do the things you do since then you could make photoshopped visual aids to help explain to the math endereducated like myself! :)

Comment on post Wii story:

And SO Ahab got his White Wii-le!

Gratz. Nothing like getting a goal accomplished.

Comment on post some days, accomplishing anything is enough:

ALmost Wipe in WoW? David's "crazy enough that it might just work" plan was BRILLIANT! And very Mario World-ish (which was it's appeal to me to be honest). But I had a good time even though the loot sucked last night.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

Cool! Does he have any published essays? I majored in poli sci at UT and took mostly foreign relations/comparative government classes. I focused on East Asia as much as I could, but still the whole subject is pretty fascinating.

Comment on post Great. Just great.:

What does your dad do?

Comment on post la-de-dah:

Jet Blue is cool. It is best when VH1 is having a marathon of juicy pointless junk TV like the surreal life or I <3 the _0s. In addition to the 40 or so channels they also have XM radio so there is a ton of stuff to do. You can use your own headphone as well. The ones the provide are okay, but I imagine teh sound quality on iPod headphones would be better.

Comment on post weekendish activities!:

That is not a troll.

I don't see many parallel lines in there. Also look how many East-West roads exist on the East Coast versus the West coast. Notice how I-20 runs into I-10 in west Texas? Also look at the mess around Chicago. I propose your hatred for Dallas is unfounded when using the interstate system as a justification.

Proper hatred of Dallas stems from years of living there. It is more subtle than highway signs.(9 years from 4th grade through leaving for college).

How is that for trolling?

Comment on post it's my birthday!:

Comment on post it's my birthday!:

You're one year older, one year wiser,
Rock 'n roll star, king, czar, and a kaiser.
A room full of friends, a mouth full of cake,
Every present is for you and it feels pretty great.
You're the man of the hour, the V.I.P.
You get the first slice of the p-i-e,
But first blow out the candles and make a wish.
Put a smile on, cuz it's your birthday, bitch!

Go robot, it's your birthday
Go robot, it's your birthday

Comment on post ruby scoping:

Congrats on the weightloss. Beyond that I don't understand a thing you are talking about and basically didn't read it.

Comment on post Feingold for president!:

Because they also have a tradition of liking "Maverick" politicians and he is definitely one of them. He is much more than a 1 issue Senator. He has a wide and diverse platform and alot of what he says makes sense.

Comment on post I really don't understand:

Well teh security guy was doing his job. Stopping people who didn't have the appropriate identification, in this case a pin. Regardless slapping, hitting is NOT appropriate especially if you are supposed to be a leader of a community.

I don't think this says racial profiling, but it seems to me that minorities tend to lose credibility when they have episodes like this. Not every thing that happens is the natural continuation of Rosa Parks. And when they dress up these events like they are they not only distract from real problems that need our attention, they also make issues where there shouldn't be.

If she felt she was racially profiled, talk to that officers superior, don't hold a press conefernce.

Comment on post spring break! civ4! weird nightmare!:

Wait Steve Jobs is the Villain? So what does that make Bill Gates? OMG WHAT A TWIST!!!!

Comment on post Bits and piece o' my weekend:

See I didn't get the "It's ok to be racist against black people provided you would risk your life to save a black person's life." lesson. When I saw it, when it first came out, I was struck by the question of "am I racist"? It seems to me that it did a really good job of showing how things that seem so slight, can be taken the wrong way as a racial slight. My chief complaint, besides the whole everything is a big connected web cliche, was that it failed to provide any solutions. It isn't like racism is a new problem, and just because you make a movie showing that racism exists isn't oscar worthy unless you go one step further and start showing how we could possiblyheal those divides. But that is just me.

Comment on post 1,440 minutes:

It has been my experience that people often feel uncomfortable to find that they were in someone else's dream. This does differ however from person to person, but generally they always feel a bit awkward about it. But that could just be me, and if that is the case, I wonder why.

Comment on post of video cards and wanting to kill computers:

I suspect you have evil spirts draining the life force from your old laptop, corrupting the data flow. The only way to correct this is to perform a cleansing ritual. This will require extensive ceremonial acts involving lots of booze. Please send me a check for $1500 and I will begin to make earnest preperations.

Comment on post off to houston:

Have a safe trip!

Comment on post I have a bad feeling about this...:

Well you don't want to be suspected as the "NARC neighbor" so I suggest you crash the next party, hang out for a bit. Run upstairs and call the cops on a noise complaint. Come back down so you can act bummed out when the police break up happy hour. They'll never suspect you, because YOU WERE THERE!!

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