The decline of US culture - The Moment of Truth
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Posted on 2008-02-27 13:21:00
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This shit makes me angry.

So there's this show called The Moment of Truth where people are asked personal questions, and if they answer truthfully (as determined by polygraph done before the show) they collect money. They can stop at any point in time before the question is asked and leave with the money, but once a question is asked if they refuse to answer or "lie" (polygraphs aren't 100%), they lose it all.

You can imagine that the questions asked would be very personal and embarrassing to make the show more interesting, and you would be right. Here's a list of shows they've done so far, including such beauties as "Do you believe your father has used money to control you?" and "Are you still in love with your ex-fiancé?"

But the worst situation was that in the latest episode, where a wife admitted she thought she should be married to an ex-boyfriend and that she had cheated on her husband. (apparently the husband already knew about it, but was still mondo embarrassed for it to be revealed on national TV) You can watch the video of the last few questions if you'd like but I wouldn't really recommend it.

The show is paying people to humiliate themselves for the amusement of others. I can't find anything redeeming about it. It just feels so sleazy.

Anyway, to wash the bad taste out of my mouth (and soul) I watched Jonathan Coulton and friends play "Still Alive" on Rock Band. That made me feel better.


Comment from liz_gregory:

I completely agree. TV these days really scares and disgusts me most of the time...

Comment from tehfanboi:

When I saw the previews for the show before even the first episode, I was thinking that it is a horrible horrible idea.

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