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Posted on 2007-06-28 13:06:00
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djedi and I went to the Orioles-Yankees game last night. It was fun! Roger Clemens was pitching for the Yankees (which I didn't know when I bought the tickets, but a nice surprise), and it was a good game.

- There were a lot of Yankees jerseys and Yankees fans there. I'd say (judging by the noise of the crowd) probably about half and half. Wasn't expecting that.

- The temperature at first pitch was a sweltering 97 degrees (when this was announced there was a lot of ooohing, as Baltimore isn't supposed to be that hot!)

- At the "O" of "O say does that star-spangled...", everyone yelled "O!", presumably for the Orioles. I thought this was weird. (I don't remember the Houston Rockets doing that...)

- The next section over, an old guy fainted (or something) during the first inning (presumably due to heat stroke or something). The medical people got there very quickly, brought some ice, and eventually carted him off. He was talking, so it didn't look too bad.

- They had a scoreboard race between innings with Ketchup, Mustard, and Relish. (go Mustard!) Pretty standard fare, except they printed season statistics beforehand! ("Ketchup started off slowly winning 2 of the first 13, but then went on a tear winning 4 of the next 6") Awesomeness.

- During the seventh inning stretch, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" was not sung! Unconscionable. (some country song was, which would have been appropriate afterwards, like the Astros do with "Deep in the Heart of Texas")

O's won 4-0 (take that, Yankees fans!) in a real pitcher's duel.

Dems force Cheney to flip-flop on secret docs - apparently defunding his office was threat enough for him to stop claiming he's not in the executive branch. (although he's still not giving up his secret papers)


Comment from tehfanboi:

I once went to a Dallas Stars hockey game and they didn't sing the star spangled banner, instead they had some saxaphone player doing this jazzy rendetion. And at every point that the word "Stars" would have been sung the crowd shouted it. So everyone kinda sings along silenty until the shout moments. Now you can dismiss this as Dallas being punks if you like, but there is precedent for it in sports culture.

Comment from barilosopher:

Ooh, you went to a good game. I was watching most of that one on TV. I was a little ambivalent going in, as I always always always root against the Yankees, but I have Roger on my fantasy team, and the guy in first place has Bedard... but it turns out, it's more fun to see the Yankees lose than to do well with my fantasy team.

Comment from medryn:

I actually did notice that the word "Rockets" was emphasized at the last Rockets game that I attended.

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