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ditto. I don't think I'll ever quite get over being that sensitive.

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I agree.

To me, it seems like there's more of a fight for the recognition of the status given by the word "marriage" rather than the legal or social rights associated with it. I would much rather see universal civil unions with all the legal, medical, heritability, etc rights that go with it than only a few states recognizing marriage. Many people are very emotionally wrapped up in the principal of the thing, and not wanting to take the baby steps first.

radical change is hard. Just ask 2nd century Christians discussing the nature of the trinity or 18th and 19th century Christians faced with a heliocentric universe or general relativity!

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I promised myself that I wouldn't get nitpicky, but I do have to point out one thing that is representative of the problems I have with these responses:
"With respect to marriage, I am a strong supporter of the due process and equal protection rights guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. However, I do not support legislation that extends the traditional definition and recognition of marriage to same-sex couples."

I support equality in marriage, because the Constitution says I have to, but not when it extends to same-sex couples.

*beats head against wall*

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you're evil. I've spent far too long on that World Science Festival site!!

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missing calls like that is usually more your provider's roblem than the phone itself... But the Palm Pre looks SWEET!!!

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yea, me... someone does read those articles I link on Facebook ;)

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ah! I wondered where you had gotten that particular lyric. :)

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It's one of my favorites from the first half of the 90s :)

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you rush and rush because life's no fun?

all you really gotta do is live & die, but you're in a hurry and don't know why?

(ID that country song)

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re: Glee

(having no way of viewing broadcast or cable TV, I can only pass along others' perceptions)

According to a drama teacher friend of mine, Glee is actually quite hideous in the potential reality (and legality!) of some things. I can't say I'm inclined to watch it. The downside of being within the system is that the show has to be darn good for me not to shudder in revulsion.

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I have no idea.

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I keep trying to jinx myself, but not matter how many time I say that I've NEVER been called for jury duty, it doesn't work...

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that is pretty. I love the colors and mix of swirls and straight line. Aesthetically pleasing :)

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ah, I have no experience with that aside from my students, who, are all poor and young.

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I haven't seen evidence of adoption stigma,having numerous friend that were adopted. But that may be a difference in where and how we grew up.

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it's a "state's rights" issue here - our federal government doesn't have that authority.

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7 pounds in 5-6 weeks is pretty good. I've taken about 3 months trying to lose the last 5 pounds and have been bouncing up and down most of the time, with only about a net loss of a pound since January 1.

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They're also very brittle - strong winds and storms will break limbs all over the place. They grow quickly (which it why they're so brittle) and spread out all over the place. We had a neighbor with one between our houses in Houston and when branches broke off it caused roof damage, so they had it removed.

But growing quickly means that they make excellent shade trees, as long as you don't mind the massive leaves and pecans that drop in the fall. Of course, if you want to shuck pecans, the shells make and excellent mulch and keep cats from using your flower beds as little boxes (if anyone has some shells, we are in dire need of them).

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you want to come join St. David's choir. We can take it over ;) (me, britton, gary, jennifer bolton...)

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I know, that was kind of hidden in my comment. Silly people talking about 2,000-year traditions don't even know, or want to know, what it really was like 2,000 years ago!

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yeah, I chose to focus on the video, so I didn't work myself up into a pissed off, "you're all idiots" mode. ;)

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I'm amused at how "marriage between a man and a woman is held up as the ideal in all of civilized society." So, those countries in which men may have more than one wife, or countries where Christian marriage is not practiced aren't civilized?

Oh, and somehow, people who have children without marriage, or end up with broken marriages don't "favor the desires of adults over the needs of children" but gay marriage does?

I'm getting a big kick out of their rhetoric: "West Virginians should define marriage, not judges" who were elected or appointed by your elected officials, and yet somehow aren't West Virginians?

"preserve the definition of marriage as one man, one woman." um, I thought the point of this ad was that no such definition currently exists, so any preservation would keep it undefined.


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Dad went into management at IBM for a few years, decided he didn't like it, and got back out. Hooray for knowing what you're both good at and not good at, and being able to identify them quickly.

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which, of course, means that they're not legit or they wouldn't be breaking the law like this *snarl*

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Mercury Hall would be another suggestion. It's south-ish (north of 71, barely), looks like and old church with small steeple and stained glass windows, and has really nice grounds. My friend Phil got married there 2 years ago and we really enjoyed it.

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SQUEEE! Dunvegan Keep is awesome! We had our engagement pictures done there. It's in the owner's backyard down south and he made every inch of it himself - laid the stonework, put together the stained glass, painted the murals. It's amazing, and has gotten much bigger and more elaborate since we were there 7 years ago.

I would love an excuse to go back ;)

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Britton says that the most stressful part of our marraige was the 4 months leading up to it! It won't get any better until it's over, and wonderful memories are what you're after, not making other people happy.

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yup, but our wedding there was actually cheaper than my sister's in rural Mississippi!

They did the food, the cake, the champagne, set up and clean up. They can have the ceremony on site yards from the reception hall, and they have really nice hotel rooms on property (note to self: spend an anniversary enjoying one of those hotel rooms...).

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it's doable - we did it with 300 invited guests (250 of which came!)

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I started planning in January for ours at the end of May. It's nuts, but doable. It's much better since you have both of you to do it, instead of me doing it all myself ;)

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I definitely second the idea of having the ceremony on location with an officiant of your choosing. That way you don't have the stress and weirdness of being in a strange church with potentially different and unfamiliar liturgy or beliefs.

I know an excellent place for it, too, if you want any suggestions. (Vintage Villas, where we had our reception)

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I'm getting both calls about the "warranty has expired" (both of our cars are less than 3 years old!) and "this is your second/final notice about your account". At least one of them 3-4 times a week. Idiots. Unfortunately, we don't have caller ID, so I can't try to avoid them :P

I even listened to one of them all the way through and it just told me to press a number, no indication of who it was or what account it might be. Total scam.

And it really pisses me off that they don't even let you tell them to take your number off their list, which they are required by law to do and abide by. *fume*

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You might want to take a look at the new weight watcher's online ( They have just (in the past 2 weeks) changed their system to something that can take the point watching and stress about portion sizes out of your day. I've found it much easier to stick to it than previously, because I can use default point values for things, or I can just eat from their list of "filling foods" which keep you feeling full longer and make you less likely to snack.

Three biggest things to do:
1. reduce the full-sugar soda quotient - you've already committed to this
2. watch your portion sizes at each meal, and eat slowly enough that you give your body enough time to decide whether you're still hungry.
3. eat meals and snacks that will actually keep you full for a longer period of time: baby carrots and dip, apple and cheese, etc.

Good luck!

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That's the point of weight watcher's. Keeping track of the food you eat, whether you count points or not, tends to make people more mindful of their caloric intake and helps them lose weight. A nice mix of psychology and biology.

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My favorite part:
"Examining common medical myths reminds us to be aware of when evidence supports our advice, and when we operate based on unexamined beliefs," they write.

well, DUH! This is what I try to get people to understand all the time. If there is no peer-reviewed scientific data to back you up, it should be taken with a large grain of salt, not purported as the absolute truth. This is why alarmists drive me batty.

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ick, good luck! Britton has a good guy he went to for his root canal - he's a referral dentist who only does oral surgery.

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Britton & I were discussing this when one of those hideously annoying commercials came on the other day. You don't have to sell the consumer as much as you have to actually provide the coins at merchants. I would love to use them, but the only place I know to get them is the post office, which I never go to.

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got it... *snicker*

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why do I only see a big white square?

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jumping the gun is awesome! That means that you were clear enough leading up to it that they made the logic leap along with you rather than waiting for you to tell them everything. nifty!

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what ^ said

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niftiness!! :)

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big fat dumb Irving

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"Election Administrator Rick Barron said he expects about 45 percent of registered voters to have voted by the end of early voting Friday night."

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I kinda agree with the first video... a little scary to think about. But I think many agree that he picked Palin for reasons other than the economy. (not expounding on those reasons purposefully)

The second video is a non-sequiter. How does knowing what Iran wants the US military to do, but wanting to talk ot them anyway, mean that Barack is making a choice to be pro-Iran? I'm missing the point here, if it's anything other than creating fear and potential hysteria.

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The more frightened you are, the more desperate you are, the worse the language and the more inflammatory and false the attacks.

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I'd be interested to see the statistics on what percentage of eligible voters voted on election day vs. early voting, and compare that to previous presidential election years. My current thought is that we might actually have as many voting early as voted overall for the past couple elections... This one seems to have that kind of magnatic pull.

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dammit, they should have run that article BEFORE I voted!! I would like to change my vote, please...

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headaches abound - weather change is coming...

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re: credit markets freezing up-

local credit unions are your friend. We're still able to refinance the house with no prblems...

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oooo, me! :)

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looks to me like she's trying to make sure that particular issue lines up with the majority of her potential voters.

I don't know what the laws were when abortion was illegal - who got in trouble for having or performing one. That might help her comments make more sense...

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Gov. PALIN: I'm saying that personally I would counsel that person to choose life, despite horrific, horrific circumstances that this person would find themselves in. And if you're asking, though, kind of foundationally here should anybody end up in jail for having had an abortion, absolutely not. That's nothing that I would ever support.

so, basically, she's pro-choice, but her choice would always be to or counsel others to) have the baby. That sounds a lot like me, actually. I think she's confused about her stance on the matter. :P

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um... the debate isn't a win/lose competition, right?

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I'm highly amused by the mug. especially the part that says "made in China"

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it's all about priorities. (gross oversimplification, I know) Republicans are all about their money, and Dems about people.

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oooo, something for us poor slobs who don't even have an antenna ;)

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Two annoyances from me:
1. KXAN said "less than one cent per viewer per day" which could be anywhere from .01 to .99 cents. That might not equate to the numbers you mentioned in your post. It makes some sense for KXAN to expect a share in the fee that TWC charges to view it's stations, of course, the arguement is "everyone else is getting it..."
2. The TWC page doesn't actually explain where they disagree with KXAN. Neither side is explaining ANY of the facts, just their spin on them. I can easily see how both statements could be said from the same data. That irks me greatly. Especially this statement: "The only way viewers will be shut out is if KXAN refuses us the right to carry their signal. Ultimately it is KXAN's decision whether or not our customers will see their programming." The problem is not entirely KXAN's fault, and that statement is like saying "it's entirely up to KXAN to come up with a proposal that we will accept before we will rebroadcast their signal. We will accept only doing it for free."

Give me a break, guys!

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Comment on post best TV shows quiz:

The Wire - never heard of it
(italics) Lost - I saw a few, but got bored when there started to be creepy monsters in the trees on the island
Friday Night Lights - it's still on?
30 Rock - never heard of it
The Daily Show - seen come clips (that you or others have posted) but not interested for the most part
(bold) Battlestar Galactica - duh, though it's so darmatic and tense that Britton hasn't let us get through the entire 2nd season yet.
The Sopranos
Arrested Development
Studio 60 - never heard of it
(italics) South Park - most of it is terrible, but some is quite good
Veronica Mars - seen part of one episode while in the hospital, which is where I've seen most of my TV the past couple years. The other place is my parent's house on weekends. scary
Six Feet Under - sounds pleasant
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys - ick!
The Colbert Report
Mad Men - never heard of it
The West Wing - saw parts of a couple episodes, but as you can tell from my previous comments, politically-geared stuff is completely uninteresting to me

so, yeah, not only do I not know how to do font stuff in comments, I haven't heard of half these shows, and have seen any part of less than half the rest. oh well.

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a wonderful example of our "liberal media" of course...

and I do mean wonderful ;)

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good luck!

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apple tends to be really good about fixing the problem... they may decide to give you a new computer while they try to fix that one... warranty, maybe?

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um... eep!

The exerpts of the article sounnd perfectly reasonabl until you get the rebuttal, which brings out the intense creepiness. If they left the dads out of it, I could see how this might be a cool thing (says the teacher who has had too many pregnant students), but they're making way too much of a deal out of sex, which tends to encourage rather than discourage experimentation.

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I still think the federal government should have absolutely no comtrol over marraige in any state.

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*grin* makes you wonder at the motivation.

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ooo, neat! Before or after Napolean?

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Comment on post people like talking to people they don't like:

How else do you figure out how to deal more peacefully with people if you don't talk to them. Learning people's motivations through spies and "intelligence" doesn't work so well. You know what they're doing, but not always why, and that_ tends to be what you want to work on. Figure out how to deal with the "why" and the "what" will take care of itself.

feeling mildly philosophical...

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I think it would be the coolest thing ever - get a wall print of the sequence data of your XYZ gene! :)

But aside from the uber-geek coolness and my interest in advancing research and scientific literacy, I don't think I'd go for the $1000 price tag, either. And having a gene that makes you more succeptible doesn't mean you'll get the disease, and won't really alter a diagnosis made about your symptoms, anyway!

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maybe I'm part Libertarian, but what business does the federal or state government have telling people how to run their personal lives? This is the part about any kind of marraige ban that I take issue with. Seriously - if there is a religious institution that you ascribe to that will officiate your wedding, then the ov't should not be able to tell you not to. Of course, if it's all about the financial aspect of not paying out or validating wills on the death of one partner, or about changing the forms to allow for someone not of the opposite gender to be put in medical insurance or power of attourney or some other legal and financial crap, that ticks me off even more.

also, there are no *B's, are there? ;)

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Comment on post Chrstina Aguilera: gay icon?:


alternately, she's a role model for any strong women, and for tolerance and being free to be and proud of yourself. :) All good things that everyone needs to be!

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meh, I've had times like that...

on the positive side, we were able to get Fox out to the house the same day we called to see what was wrong with the downstairs heather, they're ordering a part and will call to schedule replacement when it comes in :)

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I completely agree. TV these days really scares and disgusts me most of the time...

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my main response to Clinton - ANSWER THE QUESTION ASKED!!!

That is the one thing that bothers me the most - maybe because I teach. When I ask a questions, I really do want your response to THAT question, not something else you feel like talking about. You get no credit for not answering the question asked!

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*sigh* hopefully, we'll get a chance to make a difference... well, maybe not hopefully. Maybe we'll get lucky and our personal favorite will have already been decided. Not sure which to hope for! :P

Comment on post laptop debate:

soooo, for those of us who have never voted in our primary before... when is it?

Some of us are under the impression that it's tomorrow... but this thread seems to differ.

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egad, that NOW article is truly terrible!

And thank goodness the rebuttal picked at it for the appropriate reasons. Come on, if you want to be taken seriously, don't spend that much effort to make yourself look like a high- (or middle-) school girl who can't come up with more substantial reasoning than "of course he's siding wiht the guy, he's a guy, isn't he?!"

And please, please, keep your whining out of print, you'll just make yourself (and your preferred candidate) look bad.

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I'm with you on that one. you don't have to redefine "marraige" in the religious sense to give homosexual couple the same legal rights (medical, survivorship, etc...). The largest mistake that I see is fundies and, because of their spin, the general public being afraid that their religion is being infringed upon by "undesirables." This is NOT what most people actually want! *rant*

Comment on post I do not heart huckabee:

AMEN! (to you, not him)

some people like to make a sensation, and don't ever quite get that they're making completely inadequate arguements.

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ooo, neat! that is rather pretty

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This is why there are m,ultiple elevators for very tall buildings - one set goes to the first 10 floors, the next set goes to 11-20, the next does 21-30, etc. That way you have good acceleration for the floors that everyone is skipping and are much more efficient in getting people where they want/need to be.

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here's to doing 99% of your Christmas shopping online! :)

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Your results:
You are Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)

Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Inara Serra (Companion)
River (Stowaway)
Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Dependable and trustworthy.
You love your significant other and
you are a tough cookie when in a conflict.

Click here to take the Serenity Personality Quiz

I had to... :)

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They work using a very small amount of radioactive material that sends a stream of particles to a detector. When that stream of particles is interrupted, the alarm goes off. And since it's an isotope that's around for a few thousand years, you're never really have one go bad because of _that_ particular issue.

check out cifarelli's post a month or so ago the hear trials and tribulations about hunting down beeping smoke detectors and wondering why replacing the batteries seems to do nothing.

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you can always come steal our washer/dryer! :(

Comment on post wallet:

not that I'm paranoid about the RFID one... that ad just sounds silly to me, but it looks nicer, and if that ever actually becomes an issue... *shrug* a Faraday cage is cool :)

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"Activation energy" cool!!! :)

*giggle* I just had to comment on that usage - I love teaching chemistry!!

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you asked the wrong question.

Tacky is not the word you want to use, unless you're overly worried about what Other People will think of you on this solitary expedition.

"cheapens the experience" maybe - but that is still a highly individual experience, and, although I can see what you're talking about, it doesn't work the same for me...

Comment on post starcraft, buying stuff:

I agree, though I suppose, if you're really socially conscious (like, say, my husband's family can be) you can feel vaguely guilty about it...

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pretty.... :)

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IT's not like they're going to have one group of pregnant women drink n amount of coffee/alcohol/etc per day, and one group have a larger amount, and one group have none, then check out the babies when they're born. There are some studies that are really just unethical to do.

So, yeah, while I agree that advising abstinance from alcohol is probably a good thing, we know that advising abstinance is anything just isn't going to work for those who are habitual abusers of that substance. The rest of us who are intelligent, reasonable adults will realize that too much of anything is bad - for you and the baby, and will act accordingly.

Comment on post For taesmar:

well, she's British :)

they spell it paediatric, too :)

Comment on post For your amusement:

And explain what happened to Disney World?! Isn't that like, Mecca?

Comment on post heroes quiz:

Oddly, it fits me!

Micah Sanders
You scored 62 Idealism, 33 Nonconformity, 66 Nerdiness
Can we play Scrabble tonight?
Congratulations, you're Micah Sanders! You're good-natured, intelligent, perceptive, and naturally inclined toward technology. You're also quite innocent and loving. You've got a fondness for computers and Scrabble. Your best quality: You're extremely perceptive Your worst quality: You can be a little demanding at times

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 76% on Idealism

You scored higher than 4% on Nonconformity

You scored higher than 91% on Nerdiness

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Nevermind that this conservative Nigerian archbishop is a confirmed and unrepentant bigamist...

Comment on post Safe-wii first!:

or you will create a Grem-Wii...

they go one destructive rampages, terrorizing young children by eating all their game disks and playing only suck mature games as "Grand Theft Auto"...

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Elizabeth I's boyfriend/fiancee Andrew decided to do that - I still don't know how it turned out, but he wouldn't lsten to reason and watch them in the order WRITTEN!

It's like reading Narnia in _chronological_ order, rather than the order published! I mean, you'll never know who those Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter kids are if you read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe third!

Comment on post a few links:

Britton said "I'll go hide over here, tell me when it's done"


and an addendum to "Why Geeks and Nerds Are Worth It" - not just as boyfriends, they make excellent husbands and daddies :)

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