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Posted on 2006-12-05 19:25:00
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The Japanese Wii manuals safety pictures are hilarious! So darn cute. And here are some equally cute fake Wii safety pictures! I still don't have one, though.

I put up a new version of a sample LJbackup - the only thing of note is the stats page now includes the longest posts. Interestingly, my longest posts is a friends-only meme I posted, probably because the word counting is pretty primitive and inaccurate (counting HTML tags as words, etc.)

Same-sex marriage appeal in Maryland was argued yesterday. It's pretty neat being in a state where this is even remotely possible! Here's a fun quote:

"Our laws should reflect what is best for children, not what is best for adults," she said.

Awesome. Everyone: sex is outlawed! Think of the children!!!


Comment from cifarelli:

You know, some of the arguments gay-marriage opponents make seem to me that they ought to be arguments in favor of allowing gay marriage:

"An invalidation of Maryland's law would have the unfortunate consequence of placing these issues outside the arena of public debate, outside the legislative and democratic process," Zarnoch said.

Well, yes I think these issues SHOULD be outside the arena of public debate and the democratic process. But that's what I get for looking at it as a civil rights issue. We don't debate whether African Americans or Hispanics or disabled people can get married. So why debate it about gays?

She said children who are raised "in the home with their married mother and father in a low-conflict marriage" are more likely to succeed in school and to avoid such social hazards as illegal drug use.

Well, yes, I'll agree with that statement. However, there are a darn lot of children in this world who don't have that kind of family, and we haven't made it illegal for married mothers and fathers in high-conflict marriages to have kids, or for single parents or unmarried-but-living-together parents to have kids. How is barring gay couples from adopting children going to increase the number of children with married mothers and fathers in low-conflict marriages? It isn't. So this isn't even really an argument to make in relation to gay marriage at all.

And your quote is the second half of the statement I just quoted. When she argues in favor of banning everyone but married mothers and fathers in low-conflict marriages from having kids, then I'll consider her argument (and reject it, but at least then it would be a logically consistent argument).

However, I know I'm preaching to the choir. I wish the non-choir-members could see all the holes in their logic.

Comment from copperwolf:

Re: Wii safety manual -- I think my favorite picture is "Do not stick a four-leaf clover into the holes in your Wii case."

Comment from liz_gregory:

or you will create a Grem-Wii...

they go one destructive rampages, terrorizing young children by eating all their game disks and playing only suck mature games as "Grand Theft Auto"...

Comment from llemma:

I can't say that I disagree that family-related law ought to protect children before it protects adults. Not that the debate isn't stupid and the woman isn't stupid, just that I hate when the right makes these types of straw-man arguments, and so I like for us white hats to avoid them where we can. If I had reason to believe that allowing gay couples to marry had an actual negative impact on non-theoretical children, I might well oppose it.

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