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Thanks for the Muppets. Definitely brought a smile to my face.

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It's kinda interesting to see the geographic location of the states in comparison to their relative support. It saddens me to think that, of states that I truly think of as Deep-South, Texas is the most supportive.(And no, New Mexico and Arizona aren't "Southern." If "Freebird" isn't a concert favorite, it's not the South)

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So what book/books are you using to learn your origami? I have a couple that were suggested as the best to learn from, but it looks like you jumped in pretty deep right away!

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(That's the Bizarro for 10/22)

I used to do a bunch of origami - still have some paper left over that I was planning on letting the boys play with when they get old enough to try it out.

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Ok - the Bobby McFerrin stuff is fun. I've always appreciated him as a musician, not because I enjoy his music particularly, but because I have always been impressed by his talent. He is not the first to suggest that a pentatonic scale is hard-wired in humans, though. I had that presented to me in college, and it wasn't new then by far.

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Exactly - keeping track of it daily allows you to watch a trend over any time period(The week you look at doesn't have to start or finish on a Friday) and keeps you from having quite as much chance for error. This'll keep you positively motivated if there is a bump in the wrong direction, and daily reminders are always a good thing when you're trying to keep up with something.

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This may seem overkill, but I've heard really good things about the software for tracking food intake and weight.

Also, since I know you're the geek-type, take daily measurements of your weight at the same time every day. Don't be alarmed by daily changes! But graph it, and watch the trend on a weekly and monthly basis.(Daily is too short, but the trend is easier and potentially more meaningful to track if you record it every day)

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"Knowledgability?" I thought I misheard it the first time, but he repeated himself. Sigh.

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It is socialist - collective means of ownership of infrastructure definitely, but the government(thus representing all of us) is a part owner of any business. Taxes are the government's way of making income - it owns a portion of every dollar you earn, and it spends it to collective benefit. It also has a LOT to say(in our country) with the distribution of goods.

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Taxes are socialist. Period. They are taking a measure of a person's earnings and devoting it to society, for the benefit of all.(Or at least the many) How the numbers work out to redistribute the wealth(taxing one group more than another, for instance) does nothing to change that fact.

It kinda bugs me that people can still get a negative gut-reaction from people simply by using a word that describes a policy of mutual responsibility for others. Isn't that what we want, instead of saying, "Every man for himself, no matter what?"

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Not that I'm adding anything in particular, but neither abstinence-only, nor teaching birth-control and the "horrors of pre-marital promiscuity" is going to cause a severe reduction in a teenager's hormonal desire for sex. It's built into our genetics. thing that has seemed reasonable to me is an attempt to de-taboo(to coin a new phrase) talk about sex and sexuality. The more open people are to discuss it, from all aspects, the more likely someone is to use their brains when it counts. It's not just the potential physical and emotional consequences that have to be discussed, but also the more pragmatic social and financial sides as well. The earlier we make sure people understand, and the more comfortable they are in coming to respected adults for advice, questions, etc, the more influence we can have to make sure our moral standpoint(whatever that may be) is reflected in our youth.

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I thought the plan was to return during naptime on Monday the 4th, so I'd be back in town to go that evening. If that changes, then Monday the 11th works better for me than Tuesday the 12th.(There's a time trial on the 12th. :) )

Let me know what others decide. I can always go on my own some other day.

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I'm interested. I'll need to check with Christi.

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It could also be an allergies - I used to get that a bit in Houston when pine pollen was heavy. I would take an antihistamine and the problem would go away.

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The bathroom looks REMARKABLY like ours - something about being a David Weekly.(which our house is, also) Looks nice!

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Strange that Time Warner is weird for you. That might be worth a service call? We don't tend to have dropped connection unless something is really wonky.

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Our agent was good. We sent her a list of what we thought we were looking for, and she narrowed down our search tremendously. And while MLS listings are searchable online, you just don't get a good feel for a house without visiting. A good agent will also be able to point out features/problems that you might not notice yourself. Ours gave us good advice on making an offer, and wasn't pushy at all. It helped, of course, that we found what we wanted so quickly, but she didn't even push on mortgage offers, even though she works for Coldwell Banker.

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Silly me - I would never have found myself in OK. I've always enjoyed the route that goes along the Natchez Trace if I'm not in a hurry. And I like the mountains in West Virginia, too, but I'm usually headed to the west end of your state rather than the east. Hope you have a great time on the road! I kinda miss the long road trips, but I think I'm starting to get a little old for them. Sad, but true. I no longer think of three hours in a rest stop as sufficient sleep.

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Yeah, but I still kinda like the song. Strange...

I've also been attracted to a number of other bands of similar ilk lately, and I think I've figured out why. Unlike the majority of angry-rock bands, the ones I've enjoyed do loud music because they like it, not because they are unskilled musicians. Listen to Disturbed and see if you agree.(Ten thousand fists in the air, Land of confusion(cover), Prayer, Down with the Sickness, etc)

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Mmmm...Penny Arcade. I liked that one. :)

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It seems important to be consistent about eating and drinking, especially in terms of when(same general times each day) and doing consistent exercise routines to keep the metabolism humming. If your body's looking to USE the calories rather than store them, weight comes off. Nice, eh?

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Ok, 30 minute workouts don't need much additional fuel, that's true. When you start looking at an hour's effort, make sure to compensate, though. Otherwise you will certainly feel the lack of muscle fuel the next day. Just make sure you continue to do it healthfully. :)

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Out of curiosity, how many days a week are you doing some sort of workout? How long, and what kind of intensity?(Can you keep track of calories burned, that sort of thing?)

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Best of luck! Looks like some folks are really getting at it.

I like the idea of watching a cooking show while exercising. After all, you burn off lots of calories during a workout, right? So you need to replenish the supply so your body has something to work with tomorrow when you do your next workout! Watching a cooking show simply gets you in the mood to do it in a moderately healthy fashion, rather than hitting Taco Bell on the way home. Still, it's really tough to watch a TV show when you're out on a bike in the middle of nowhere. :)

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Of course it's not. You just finally found someone with taste.

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I had no problem at all getting a MD license. Needed one to have valid ID when I came back to the country after Ghana. They barely looked at the letter(a bank statement also), and didn't care about anything else other than confiscating my TX ID.

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This is what I recall from my folks. The point, apparently, is to make sure that they think that the normal life of the car will have it in good condition, barring accidents. My folks got hit with repairs that they thought unnecessary, until the THIRD inspection place told them the same thing.

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I hate to say it, but I did warn you about MD inspections, yes?

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Have a great time on your trip - safe driving!(ok, you'll probably see this when you are already there, so I hope it all went well for you) I'm a little jealous - I'd love a break from Texas for a bit. If nothing else, the riding would be different...

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No problem. There is obviously an issue with drug testing protocols that goes beyond this example, too. Several doctors have admitted that it would be entirely possible to dope someone fairly heavily, but in a way that cannot show positive on testing.

Further, when someone *does* test positive, it's frequently the case that they must have been involved in artificially adjusting their abilities for a while, and one wonders why they haven't shown up earlier in testing. Either they are innocent, and the test is giving a false positive, or they have been guilty for a long while, and the test isn't good enough to catch them most of the time. It leaves me feeling that there is a problem with the system that allows cheats to gamble on the odds, rather than catching them and driving them out of the sport.

I'd rather a system that automatically allows for permanent bans from sport if they are caught, but only tests for those things that can be proven rather than suggested at. All other "abnormalities" ought to be allowed, with perhaps a short suspension of wage and participation until they can test clear or provide sufficient medical history of the abnormality, justified by "health concerns." As in, "your hematocrit levels are high enough that we are concerned you could suffer blood thickening due to dehydration to a dangerous extent." and similar.

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On the other hand, there are a variety of reasons that his testosterone levels might have been out of whack, including the fact that he'd had a beer the night before.(Study showed 40-50% change in levels, albeit with larger quantities of alcohol ingested) And the vast majority of these cases end in the rider being cleared of charges. It's an "abnormality" rather than a positive drug test, which is really difficult to test for. There's not been any foreign substance detected in his samples to make the issue any less grey. Sigh. I am very frustrated with the doping control protocol in such issues. If you are interested, there's a good write-up on testing procedures here:

Look for "detecting doping"

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I really, really hate our current, apparent stance on the Gaza attacks. Basically, the US goverment is turning a blind eye to military actions against a people. Isn't that what they raised such a fuss over in WWI, WWII, Iraq, and every other time our military has been sent out of the country? Why should Israel's military excess be deemed ok?

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I'm with you. I hear it all the time, and it drives me nuts.

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Man, what is it with everyone having computer problems this Spring? It's pretty nuts how many people I know who have had one or another thing just die a miserable death. And YES, it is frustrating. I'm still looking for someone who might be suckered into diagnosing the real problem with my old laptop. Know anyone?

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Well, then. It's good for cleaning inside and out, apparently.

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I thought you could also get chamomile soap. Are you sure you read the package right?

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