ok, not quite over the election yet
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Posted on 2008-11-06 10:59:00
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A lot of stuff is coming out now that the election's over. For example, apparently (and I honestly have a hard time believing this) Sarah Palin thought Africa was a country, and refused interview preparation for the disastrous Katie Couric interview. This seems to put in doubt thoughts of running in 2012. Here's more on the "civil war" between McCain's people and Palin's people.

Nate Silver on what the hell happened in Alaska - looks like the most likely scenario is that Democrats didn't show up to vote since the election had been called by then. Bad Democrats!

More of the Newsweek special election project - it's hard to link to so here are the chapters that have been released. It's really fascinating stuff if you're interested in what was going on inside the campaigns!

All seven chapters are now released!


Comment from krikwennavd:

"Knowledgability?" I thought I misheard it the first time, but he repeated himself. Sigh.

Comment from abstractseaweed:

Some are speculating that Palin could join the senate in place of Stevens. That would make for some interesting senate politics.

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