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Posted on 2006-08-23 21:33:00
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So djedi and I are officially homeless for the moment. We leave tomorrow morning for our fantastic voyage to Maryland!

Good things today:
- The moving people were very nice and professional. Did a heck of a job with all of our crap, especially the darn furniture.
- Just went and saw "Snakes on a Plane". Hee hee hee. Good stuff, although a little gruesome for my taste.

Bad things today:
- ugh, don't want to go into it. anyway, it's over

So the plan is to arrive Sunday afternoon and move into our apartment Monday morning. Everything's being hooked up on Monday, so I should be posting by then! (hmm, I think I already said this. oh well)

Au revoir!


Comment from bobacita:

That's funny, Justin's driving back from Maryland tomorrow!

I wish I'd gotten to see more of you guys while you were still in Austin. Good luck in your new home!

Comment from krikwennavd:

Have a great time on your trip - safe driving!(ok, you'll probably see this when you are already there, so I hope it all went well for you) I'm a little jealous - I'd love a break from Texas for a bit. If nothing else, the riding would be different...

Comment from fairydust1:

*big hugs from us to you* Have fun setting up the new place - we want to see pictures! :)

Comment from gerdemb:

Have a safe trip!

Comment from quijax:

Good luck with your trip! Yay, you're coming my way.

Comment from anonymous:

Hi everyone. My name is Ray, from Utica, NY. I will be visiting Poland soon, and I am hoping to meet my Polish relatives. I also hope some people from here may help me in contacting my relatives before my visit. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some great people on here!

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