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Posted on 2006-10-27 09:19:00
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All in all it hasn't been a great week, weightwise. I ate out Tuesday and Wednesday lunches (not particularly healthy) and had Indian food Thursday night instead of working out. I did a workout Tuesday evening and a short one Thursday evening. And cookie time (yay!) was yesterday.

So I thought I'd weigh myself this morning, just for kicks to see how good I needed to be this weekend. And I've lost more than a pound(!) since Tuesday morning.

This sounds good, but really it just weakens my perceived connection between how well I eat and how well I do for the week. Anyway, I'll enjoy dinner and a movie tonight more :-)


Comment from llemma:

I used to really struggle with this sort of thing -- counting calories from meal to meal and trying to calibrate my weight to the half-pound. Ultimately I found that what mattered most was sticking to a routine. The more I tried to skip this meal to make up for that meal, or failed, the worse my general contentedness as well as my ability to manage my weight. Instead I need to be in a place where I know what my options are for breakfast, lunch, dinner, where I work out on set days and times, and where Monday night dinner I can order pizza if I feel like it. (:

Comment from krikwennavd:

It seems important to be consistent about eating and drinking, especially in terms of when(same general times each day) and doing consistent exercise routines to keep the metabolism humming. If your body's looking to USE the calories rather than store them, weight comes off. Nice, eh?

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