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Comment on post Karma catches up:

Grrrr. I don't know why Austin should be bad for cars, but it was certainly bad for mine.

Comment on post same-sex marriage map in a textbook!:

How did this spawn the 'red dot problem?' (And congratulations!)

Comment on post link friday: same-sex marriage, Wii U!, scandals:

Those Pentatonix boys are delicious.

Comment on post #FitBit review (and my health goals):

I like the not-worrying-about-your-weight part. It's easy for us geek types to get wrapped up in quantification, but life doesn't really work that way. Good luck!

Comment on post The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment review:

I've started art modeling again to pay for my discretionary spending. Unfortunately, there's a bit of a lead time and I'm not scheduled to start until February. I'm curious if he tried to make a career of it or just did it once for the shits and giggles.

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I think you did great.

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Erica and I talk sometimes about the stress of having your own business. She says that an unhappy customer can do a lot of damage because the customer will complain to her friends well before she complains to Erica. This past week, Erica mistakenly distributed watermelons that weren't quite ripe and she had do a lot of damage control. Working for yourself just means that you have more bosses - all your clients and customers want a piece of you.

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Have you played the new version of Deadwood? I think it would be interesting to try it.

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Did you go to the Musee Mecanique?

Comment on post happier when busy, sorta:

That's why I need a job that keeps me active. I definitely have a strong tendency toward idleness.

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They talked about this on Radiolab, with Jonah Lehrer no less! There was a different study where they gave away posters to college students, either abstract art or inspirational kittens. When the students had to explain their choices, they chose the kittens. When they followed up with the students six months later, the ones who didn't have to explain and chose the art were the only ones who were still happy with their posters.

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Poincare is fun to say.

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Not entirely related, but I ordered myself some Xmas gifts and had them sent to your house. I should be getting three separate boxes. I thought I would give you a heads up.

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Congratulations! What are you going to do with your bounty?

Comment on post random amusements:

I can say with all confidence that I do not talk too much.

Comment on post kinda down:

:( I'm sorry this wedding thing is so stressful.

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I think the toast one was better than the yawning one. They have some understanding of experimental setup but they're statistics are shaky I'll agree.

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And why waste the money on advertising and t-shirts when you can simply distribute the coins?

I'm also a little disappointed that they changed the design. The new coins feature Martin van Buren. huh? They made such a big deal about Sacagawea coins, another advertising blitz that failed to yield results.

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I'll say it again: if the US gov't wants us to use the dollar coins, they have to stop making the dollar bills. If they give us a choice, we're going to use what's familiar.

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Since I didn't change my address until the day I voted, I was still listed as TX-25, so I didn't get to vote for Larry Joe. Sorry.

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I overheard the construction workers at my job site today talking about how Palin scares them. These are the same men who listen to conservative talk radio. Maybe there's hope?

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I'm sorry for my crap, then. The whole idea was that you wouldn't have to move it yourselves :(

As for wire, copper prices were going way up when I was an electrician. People have begun stealing new wire from building sites to sell as scrap. It's worth enough now to got through the trouble of stripping the wire. I'm guessing they've just begun to have trouble with theft in the store as well. Wire is heavy enough that it would be hard to steal, but it must be worth enough now to try.

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Yay house! I'm sure you guys will feel so much better when the decision is made.

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Be happy, you're more normal than me. :)

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It's such a limited world. I can see how writing your own rules would be more efficient.

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Because that's what I did and they want to be different.

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wow, cryptograms. That one sounds hard enough to be interesting.

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I have that book! I didn't realize you dabble in NLP. Just out of curiosity, do you have any projects in mind?

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Happy Birthday!

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Now I want a Wii! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until we get a house of our own with a playroom in the basement where we can install a projection TV... Anyway, as some kind display method would be included in the price its beyond our means right now.

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My boss gave everyone but me the day off. Instead, I sat in the cold office and fought with Dreamweaver. At least he bought me hot chocolate.

Comment on post heroes quiz:

Although, that changing my mind about important things part doesn't fit me at all. I tend to make decisions as quickly as possible and stick to them because life is just more comf'l that way.

Comment on post heroes quiz:

Hey, I got Mohinder too! Ross got Sylar. Hmm...

Comment on post heroes quiz:

yeah, he's sexy.

Comment on post living situation pros and cons:

As far as I can tell, the sprawl you live in is definitely a Maryland thing. I grew up in suburban New Jersey, and the towns there grew up as distinct towns, so they all have town centers where the library is within walking distance of the high school and that sort of thing. Of course, being Jersey, you have to get on the highway to get anywhere outside of your town, but I didn't bother to do that much.

Comment on post living situation pros and cons:

Hmm, buying things you don't want kind of defeats the purpose of thwarting the loyalty card - you're still spending money at the store, money that you wouldn't ordinarily spend to boot. A better solution would be to trade cards periodically or let other people use your card when you're at the store, ideally people who don't have their own cads.

Comment on post LJbackup preview!:

The rest of us have some catching up to do!

Comment on post n00btastic:

I know a Kojo, but his last name is Appiah. He has a brother named Kofi (and a sister named Chaya, but that's not as cool).

Comment on post glad that's over with!:

You're funny.

Comment on post Home, sweet home(?):

I don't know about in Maryland, but in Colorado Safeway was my default grocery. There aren't any Safeways in Philly, so I don't know how they compare out here.

As to finding game nights or such off the internet - good luck. I never did find anything like that, and I even tried to start one through Philadelphia Linkup. I made do with contra dances and found a taiko group by going to a nearby taiko concert. Just keep an eye out for any social activity that you enjoy. Maybe look for a chorus in your area or find out if the NSA has any musical groups. The more stuff you do, the more likely you'll find people. It doesn't really work the other way around. That's why I was so bummed when I couldn't find a good rowing club out here. I got a lot of good socialization through my rowing club in Colorado.

Comment on post last melodramatic post!:

Good luck with your trip! Yay, you're coming my way.

Comment on post my current obsession:

All very interesting and yet, the only thing I have to say about it is, "Jonathan and me." A common example of over-correction. One that bugs me to no end (we all have our silly pet peeves).

Comment on post I went to the 108th best high school in the country!:

I went to school in Jersey, but it's only ranked 472. I expected better.

Comment on post baby news:

Maybe the next one will be a girl? How can we expect our children to intermarry if they're all boys? Unless, of course, same-sex marriage becomes legal by the time they're of age.

Comment on post mostly computer stuff:

Your math problem does sound interesting. Let us know how it works out. If you log your outliers it could be a way for you to suss out mislabels.

Comment on post purging old memory, and pictures!:

I just assumed they felt they had to remove the hedges to prune them. When they're done, they'll put them back?

Comment on post New Year's pictures:

Did I get you sick? I'm so sorry!

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

I don't think this is the way to go because you're adding more error into the system by comparing recognized output. Imagine trying to do searches on speech recognizer output, with all its funny word choices, non-punctuation, and spelling errors. It would make the problem twice as difficult, since different recognizer outputs would have different errors. I would imagine music recognition is even worse.

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

I brought this up with my dad over dinner (get two geeks together...) and he says people are already doing it. I did a little research, and here's a page dedicated to a conference on Music Information Retrieval. There's some interesting stuff you'd need, including how to extract the melodic line from a music sample.

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Oh goodness, trying to pattern-match humming vs. a full-fledged song would take a lot of work. You'd have to be able to isolate the different musical lines in the songs to even begin to compare things. Or maybe we can assume you'll always be humming a vocal line... That might be isolatable... Hmm...

Comment on post The Two-Variable Intuition Test (ganked from and ):

Darn. I guess I'm just not as smart as I thought I was.

Comment on post The Two-Variable Intuition Test (ganked from and ):

Has anyone gotten higher than 62% on the science axis? I think the test is flawed.

Comment on post happy birthday!:

I remembered, but I forgot to do anything about it...

Comment on post play, WoW frustration, and so on:

Boulder is the * capital of the world comes up with "incest" as it's first hit. I was expecting "freak" or something like that.

Comment on post over!:

I stopped wearing my retainer when I realized that it was somehow making me bite my tongue at night. I had grooves from where I would rest my front teeth.

Comment on post Wow.:

You gonna do it?

Comment on post last days of trip:

I've not been to Disney World, but I've been to Disneyland a couple times and I remember really liking Space Mountain. I think there should be more roller coasters in black boxes. Except, not the new ones that go super fast and box your ears. I thinking putting those in black boxes would make people sick.

Does 'World have the Matterhorn?

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Welcome home! Doesn't it feel nice? (Especially when you don't have a houseguest to worry about, eh?)

Comment on post leaving soon!:

I'm glad work was good. A nice way to start a vacation.

Comment on post howdy!:

I think it's lolly-gag.

Comment on post howdy!:

Over a minute for me. David and I just did a rather quick and dirty experiment to show that the clock starts as soon as the page loads, so you need to jump on it.

Comment on post successish! done!:

Yay! I regret that I didn't play with robots back at Rice.

Comment on post good beer-bike jack:

I've never seen Martel. Or the new Wiess. I'm a dinoroar!

Comment on post paid member!:

I didn't think you were the cross-dressing type!

Comment on post darn crossword puzzles:

so cute! That's why I like Games, but I'm sitting on a year's worth of backlog (I let my subscription expire). One of these days I'll finish those magazines...

Comment on post new cd's!:

I put in an order to, so I'm getting my little boxes almost every day. I loves the little boxy goodness. But now I'm stuck in front of the telly watching Firefly when I should be updating my resume and, you know, looking for a job...

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The speed of your response is just a little bit frightening. You must be at work.

Comment on post my relationship type:

"coiffed" means you care about and spend time fixing your hair. And it looks gooood.

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