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How come you never say anything when you're in SF?

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Time to learn Android programming? :-) It's a bigger market to sell to!

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25% ?! Most gay villages are not even that gay. According to this article:

there are only two zip codes in the entire country that are more than 25% gay! (I live in one of them :P)

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Have you seen prop 8 the musical?

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Well, Texas does get only 97 cents back for every dollar it sends to the US in federal taxes. And Texas has plenty of nukes and plenty of oil and energy. It's really not a clear-cut question :-)

Don't forget that liberals also joked about secession in the aftermath of the 2004 election. I think it's a little unfair that as liberals we can make jokes about immigrating to Canada when the leadership is the opposition party, but that we then mock conservatives when they are put in an analogous situation.

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I like how this was tagged "gay projects"

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Comment on post adieu genetic Mona Lisa:

It's every graphics nerd's favorite playboy pinup!

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You have: Fast Food, Cafeteria, Buffet, Sit Down

I would highly recommend adding (or perhaps replacing cafeteria with) "counter service" The vast majority of places I eat lunch at fall into this category, and not really into one of the other 4.

In fact, this would be a feature that is missing from Yelp. I always want to search for only counter service restaurants.

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The link "About" is broken unless you are at Austin. For instance, it links to "" instead of to ""

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He was probably just keeping his money in the freezer because it was giving better returns than stocks and bonds.

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You can buy $250 or $500 of dollar coins at face value with free shipping:

US Mint

The Fatwallet crowd has been going nuts about this, because you can buy $500 with your 1% rebate credit card, pocket the $5 reward, and redeposit the $500 in coins. Or, better yet, buy $500 with your 0% APY card, deposit the coins into a high yield savings account, and earn interest.

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I would pay to attend a Broadway musical making fun of Kurt's mom.

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Greg, you are insanely skilled at making useful web applications. It makes me want to learn some practical skills of my own!

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Sad to say, but I think that it's over. I don't think that it's possible to defeat prop 8 without the support of Los Angeles County since LA county is about 1/3rd of the state in population and tends to be more liberal than the state as a whole. Boo.

I was really optimistic about this not passing, but now I'm not sure where that optimism came from. CA is a minority-majority state, and most minorities lean socially conservative (especially with regard to gays).

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You'll be happy to know that Carol and I switched our registration to CA and already mailed in two no votes on 8. :-)

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Have you seen the prop8 donation database?

There are about 14 Austinites who donated in favor of 8, and about 130 against it. Unfortunately the 14 in favor have rather deep pockets...

Curiously, Apple's celebrated $100,000 donation shows up as being from Austin. Huh.

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The Economist?

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There are some hilarious pro-8 ads running here. They are like "If prop 8 doesn't pass, then your children will be forced to learn about gay marriage in schools!"

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I think there was a little bit of envy motivation when we were trying to beat the USSR to the moon :-)

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Isn't "usury" usually interpreted to mean an outrageous amount of interest, rather than any amount of interest at all?

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There is certainly stuff in the bible about taxes and lending:;;

I guess that spending could also be a moral issue because it could be gluttonous or motivated by envy.

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Gah, I never should have been allowed to learn of this "Desktop Tower Defence." A pox on you if I never graduate with my PhD!

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It's possible to win a debate?

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The Wire - every episode
Lost - still on season 1
Friday Night Lights
Deadwood - a few misc episodes
30 Rock - every episode
The Daily Show - online
Battlestar Galactica - every episode
The Sopranos - a few misc episodes
Arrested Development - every episode
Studio 60
South Park
Veronica Mars - every episode
Six Feet Under
Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Dallas Cowboys
The Colbert Report - online
Mad Men
The West Wing

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Capital City
River City

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I would think board positions is easier. But the problem seems wicked hard. I'd just find a crude upper bound and call it a day :-)

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I don't think that employers should be required to extend their spousal health insurance benefits to somebody's more-than-one spouse. This would seem to be a consequence of legalized polyamory.

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I'd let the market bottom out before I bought a house, anyway. But I read every day, so my head is full of doom and gloom :-) But think about this: as a two-engineer household, your household income is (easily) in the top 10% nationally. So the neighborhoods that you are "priced out" of are not a function of your relative income at all, but rather a function of inflated prices due to the unusual lending policies of the last decade. Things are certainly not as bad (in terms of inflated prices) in Texas as they are elsewhere, but why not wait until it's really a better deal to buy than it is to rent?

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Car troubles are what transform road trips from mundane to adventuresome.

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Ok, I'll bite. Why on earth are you forcing your route to take the Indian Nation Turnpike instead of just taking I-44 over to I-35?

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I actually did notice that the word "Rockets" was emphasized at the last Rockets game that I attended.

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Not that it really matters, but wouldn't 4*13!^4 be a better upper bound, since there are 4 ways to pick who goes first? Or are those not considered different?

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Texas has a DMV? I thought the DPS handled all the driver's license stuff here.

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I think it's funny that we were in Nashville at around the same time. I spent Thursday night there, after a long-haul from Baltimore (including a tire blow-out in Kentucky!).

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Man, I can't wait to live in a blue state!

But Howard County is slightly more conservative than Travis County...

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Check this out! Houston is the third skinniest city in America. I wonder if this will cause Men's Health to retract their claim the Houston is the first or second most fat city. I guess we're not sure whether Houston is very skinny or very fat, but it's definitely extreme. :P

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I've been to #44!

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Both I-20/I-30 and I-35/I-45 are at least cases of odd- or even-numbered two-digit interstates merging into one another. A more egregious violation occurs when two same-parity two-digit interstates actually cross. The list of all such violations shows that there are none in Texas.

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I-20 and I-30 meet a few miles west of Fort Worth.

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It is hard to believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger is obese... (BMI 31)

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I've seen "The Wedding Banquet" which is also directed by Ang Lee. Have you? I think "Banquet" and "Brokeback" are the only of his movies to have gay themes. He's such a versitile director! Who would ever expect "Hulk" and "Sense and Sensibility" to spring forth from the same mind?

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I am reminded of the following article at Wikipedia:

btw, I have never before seen Shanghai spelled with two 'i's. But I googled it and apparently a few hundred people have done it before you. Interesting.

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Home team, 8th inning, down by 5, runners on 1st and 3rd.

You only have a 0.02197 chance of winning. Fortunately, if you get one more of your guys out, your chances improve to 0.02343. :-)

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