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Sounds like it is time for you to defect and get one of the new samsung android phones that is coming out in august with Froyo. Then bring your programming talents to Android and I can enjoy the benefits! ;)

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It's true he was quite a mean person. To be fair his employee that was attempting to help me was indeed helpful and nice enough.

I believe Verizon has the same yearly upgrade (but you also have to renew your contract). Verizon is a bit more expensive as well unless you get a discount from your workplace.

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I notice you are indeed holding the shovel upside down.

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Kate is a candidate, her real last name is ....Shepard! *queue dramatic groundhog* They are going for a Star Wars moment here obviously. Jack=Luke, Sawyer= Han solo.

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I bet it's Silicon Valley in the west, and some sort of Sex and the City phenomenon in the East. At least that is how I can explain it in my mind.

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Didn't you get some bracers or something? Perhaps some gloves? There were a lot of gloves.

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We will introduce a 100 GB Road Runner Turbo package for $75 per month (offering speeds of 10 MB/1 MB). Overage charges will be $1 per GB per month.

• Overage charges will be capped at $75 per month. That means that for $150 per month customers could have virtually unlimited usage at Turbo speeds.

So let me get this straight. I am paying 46 dollars a month for 22M down/2up 'Turbo' RR. After the caps I will be half the speed, pay almost twice as much, and have a cap which I can get rid of for 3 times as much money...but still half the speed.

I thought I was paying more for better service...instead I'll be paying more for worse service and restrictions. I love America.

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Aforementioned wife here--The most important thing is to limit the tylenol to less than 4000mg/day (any more and u severely increase the risk for acute liver failure). Also be sure to take the pills on a full stomach (especially ibuprofen or aspirin).

They say the most effective regimen is to alternate ibuprofen and tylenol doses (usually every 4-6 hours, but check the bottle) to limit the amount u get of each one. Good luck & feel better!

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I am pretty sure the ibuprofen/tylenol/advil are all stupidly dangerous. Though my fear of them is based on my wife telling me this is the case and severely limiting how often/how much I use them. I think they pretty much either destroy your stomach, or destroy your liver...based on which you are using. My wife said that if they went through the formal drug review process of modern times they would be prescription only because its so easy to destroy yourself with them.

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I do enjoy that this discussion of desensitization is taking place between someone who has killed 9367 creatures....3132 of them being humanoid..and someone who has killed 13,303 creatures...4682 of them humanoid.

According to quality people like Jack Thompson I am a trained cold blooded destroyer of worlds. Hell we both are. I should be pretty desensitized to death and killing, but I'm pretty sure I'm not about to go out and wreak havoc...and I'm pretty sure I'm not OK with others doing so. But there are areas of our culture where we ARE ok with killing other people because our culture has built in desensitizing(i.e. war)

Really my opinion is people are too sensitive to begin with, the more we expose them to, the more they think about things, the more they desensitize themselves...the less offended or more understanding they will be when things pop up along the way. For an extreme example in the other direction, let's talk about those training seminars they have for Manners. The entire thing is bullshit, nobody should care what fork you use first, how you split the bread, the proper angle to rest your napkin and your elbows. The entire point of it is to sensitize people to really stupid stuff...which in turn leads to them being insulted or grossed out when I use my salad fork on my steak.

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I'd say 24 does a good job of posing this question: You know this man has information you could use to save millions of people, but you are going to have to torture the crap out of him to get it, does the good of many overshadow his individual rights and who gets to make that call?

Now if you are Jack Bauer, then yes, the potential of saving many people basically makes an individual life meaningless to him. Who gets to make that call? he does. Who is accountable? Well he is, but since he saves millions of people nobody cares.

In the 24 world, I totally support torture. It is effective, fast, and saves millions of lives.

In the real world nothing is ever as clear cut, nor are the potential rewards from torture ever as drastic (maybe they are, I dont know..if they were then we do live in a scary world where we are on the verge of death every day)

I'm basically glad I don't have a job where day to day I have to evaluate whether someone should be tortured in order to potentially save lives. And I hope whoever is doing that in our government isn't influenced by 24.

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Eh, this is like holding trying to hold the daily show accountable for not asking hard hitting questions when it is a *comedy* show. Only this isn't even a comedy about real life's a suspense/drama fiction show that portrays...and really does not glamorize...the use of over the top torture and how it can be effective. It does raise the hard morale questions of when do the ends justify the means and brings up a lot of those 'impossible situation' moments.

Basically if we start holding shows like 24 accountable and start censoring them because people are retarded enough to mimic it, that pretty much means we should scrub all of TV everywhere since most of it is garbage.

Anyways I saw on Fringe I can talk with dead people if I float in some water and take some LSD, so I'll be doing that tonight

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Soon you will all bow to the power of my mighty antennae fed television! BWAHAHAHAHA

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Abstinence only education really helps high school guys get laid.

I will explain that statement by using traditional gender roles shown to us in Hollywood movies.

You see men are smarmy, and in high school your one quest in life is to have sex with a woman. Nothing else really matters, and often prom is your best shot at completing the end goal.

Now given a choice of being raised in an environment where they teach everyone about STD's, consequences, preventative measures, teen pregnancy, and so on and so that's a buzzkill. It's enough to scare girls into not wanting to mess around anymore. Now raise them in an environment where its a simple either do it or you don't...and base it all on loooovee..and sure they probably know about pregnancy, but you can make up any sort of ritual that will ward off pregnancy and they won't know any better! BAM you're back in the game.

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Try out Rawr, they have a mage model that looks pretty accurate. Its super easy to use, has pretty icons and graphics and just imports your character straight from the armory. It also takes into account buffs/pots/etc etc etc.

If you want to see it and you're too lazy to d/l it come down to my desk and I'll show you :)

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I had this happen to me for a few weeks and it wouldn't go away to the point where I gave up caffeine. And ta went away. I have no idea if giving it up made it stop, if it was a placebo effect, or if it just stopped on its own.

I am happily back on caffeine though and no twitching...I seem to have passed it to Wong..who in turn must have passed it to you.

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Why can this argument not continue on to "Well if Ms. Bessie the cow over here was born a different species, then we'd be allowed to marry" Thats discrimination on the basis of species! Then logically the next argument is my oak tree and I are in love, you can't discriminate on the basis of Kingdom. Slippery slope completed (Not technically true if someone wants to extend this to bacteria or eukaryotes).

And to add something on why Huckabee is indeed the best man for the job.

"But I believe it’s a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God. And that’s what we need to do is amend the Constitution so it’s in God’s standards rather than trying to change God’s standards so it lines up with some contemporary view of how we treat each other and how we treat the family." --Mikey Hucky

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Chris Dodd ad:

You may notice that the entire ad has 0% content. Just babble about 'experience'. Nothing to even back up his experience.

Thats just one of the worst ones, pretty much every ad was the same emotional propaganda. I guess they are the most effective at bringing in the sheeples so they sit in the right seats for the caucus.

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While I was in Iowa this X-mas EVERY single commercial on TV (that is not an exaggeration) was for a candidate. What was considered the most effective ad? The one with Huckabee in front of a cross talking about how religious he is.

Hillary was using an ad with no words, just inspiration music/pictures, Obama 's ads showed him yelling a lot. It seemed to be inspiring to the audience, but the commercial was so short it really just seemed like he was good and angry. Chris Dodd had by far the worst one. The first thing he says is "Hi I'm Chris Dodd, some of you think I'm too experienced to be the President"


I'm glad to be back in Texas where I can safely ignore commercials for brand new Ford trucks.

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My favorite part is your standard deviation goes past the decimal by like 31 numbers.

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My hypothetical approach that I have been formulating in my mind while procrastinating the whole house buying thing was this:

1. Go to a few open houses, get a feel for what you get for what price, see house styles blah blah. Basically break myself in.
2. Do some online browsing and find houses I specifically think I would like, and go visit them.
3. If I find a sweet one, find a realtor to help me buy it, if not I find a realtor to help me find a house for real.
4. If all else fails, give up...they say renting is better than buying with heavy investments. I'm sure it'll work out. ;)

Now if only I wasn't too lazy to proceed to step 1.

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When you figure this all out, be sure to take detailed notes...then forward them to me.

I hear you can go to the bank and get a loan pre-approved before you go out shopping.

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D/L memtest

j/k ;)

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To counter the Mac love fest...I got a Macbook Pro. It was awesome for awhile. Then it started to be a little punk. For instance..

Install WoW off of CD's...oh no it was unable to verify file X...cancel install.


Try again...fails at a different point
Again...fails at a different point

Curse heavily.

Copy all the files off the CD onto the HDD and try again
Fail at 20%
Fail at 63%
Fail at 3%

Ok maybe its the CD' the entire game from blizzards official torrent.

Ok maybe its OSX, bootcamp windows on the box, use the CD's
Torrent the game and install

Become a angry mac hater

So far the only possible explanation I have for this is that my HDD is bad, or my RAM is bad ( I did buy aftermarket RAM)

Boot up into the full system hardware diagnostic test thing

So now I either remove the RAM i put in and narrow it down to a Mac problem...or I just give up on installing WoW.

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Ok after reading the comments on WoWhead im convinced that its either this staff...or the dagger+offhand combo

Basically the lower city rep mace versus the staff
"This combo has 25 more damage than the staff, but I lose 23 spell hit for 15 spell crit I don't need, and I'm losing a whopping 35 intellect."

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Oh, it is awesome, but with the dagger from prince + offhand from badges i would get to 250 spell damage before the enchant which is insane.

If I ever actually got the shadow labs mace I would be at 200ish.

But the staff is a big freaking upgrade to my current staff. :)

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I think the spellstrike gear is really good, pants/helm...I know a guy that can make the helm on our server. Its pretty expensive though.

If it makes you feel better on gear, I basically don't need shoulders/robe/boots/belt/trinkets. The amulet i want is a trash loot drop for only shadow damage out of kara.

This leaves:
Gloves from Attumen
Dagger from Prince my offhand is from heroic badges
Legs from Opera
Hat from someone probably...dont remember. ;)

So thats only like 4 things we'll compete on...not overly bad.

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Wow, I figured mages would have some talent to boost that more. Shadow priests have something that closes the gap a ton. Basically talents get me to 93% and i need around 72 spell-hit to close the gap. Of course more spell hit gear means i can dump that talent and put it in higher dps talents.

Without it maxed you are probably missing a good portion of your crits, you can calculate out your actual crit % based on your to-hit. 20.6%*86%= 17.7% actual crit rate. So you are being mitigated of 13% of your normal damage, 3% of it is crits. I am of course ignoring your crazy ass frost crit insanity.

As much as Bri mocks my choice of valuing spell hit as infinity-with-limits(don't go past your max, better for s.priests & mages) I think I'm right..but I tend to get bored after 5 minutes of theorycrafting.

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What I'm looking forward to is when you write up a Facebook App MUD. Then I can never be bored again.

/attack rat
/loot rat
[You loot bracers of extremeness]
/equip Bracers of Extremeness
[You see Greg Stoll and a Water Fountain]
/attack Greg Stoll
[you die noob, greg rules the facebook MUD world]

thats how I envisioned it at least.

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Happy Birthday!! (on time)

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"As with all of our Snickers advertising, our goal was to capture the attention of our core Snickers consumer"

I would love to sit through the meeting where they whiteboard this stuff. I imagine some sort of pyramid structure, color coded by age and gender. The pyramid is surrounded by a circle labeled 'Living', which is further surrounded by a diamond labeled 'body hair'. Part of the diamond overlaps with a octagon called 'movies' and the overlapping part is shaded with an arrow pointing to it labeled "Core Snickers Consumers"

They then proceed to decide core consumers really love Lady and the Tramp. And chest hair. That much is at least clear in their diagram.

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What's even more fun is being in an ENTIRE state that doesn't have any of those teams. Say..Iowa. But don't worry Nebraska is right next door with...NOTHING. :)

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I love OK Computer...and if you like that then be sure to pick up The Bends. You were right to buy the album...Radiohead has fricken wonderful flow throughout the album so be sure to just sit and listen to the whole thing sometime. /fanboyoff

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For what its worth (probably nothing) the drop box extends past the frame on some LJ themes..for instance go to my LJ and hit friends..its borked on mine.

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Poor Austinites...we had a girl from New Mexico and a girl from Louisana go to Iowa State in my coed dorm. They both transferred after one winter because they didnt know a high of -10 (with windchill) existed. :)

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I think you will enjoy this as much as I did. (Its a new one)

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Cool, one more real world link to something that didn't make sense (not that it does now) in the Lost series.

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Another movie V for Vendetta reminded me of...simply because of the dystopian society and the leader screaming through TV screens was Equilibrium. Largely considered a matrix rip off, it rips off another popular book far more.

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