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Comment on post LJ for WebOS update:

FYI, I think your googling results are higher with google 'knowing' what you've liked/looked at before.

If I google palm livejournal, you're #6.

And for webos livejournal you're 2-4.

Comment on post the advantages of living in a medium-sized city:

So what did they decide made your car's light go on?

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

He leaves on the 13th.

Comment on post Batman in IMAX?:

Alex is. I might be. Perhaps we drive down to your place and catch a ride into the city with you while we're still trying to figure out how these roads work.

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

Friends and Family is already on my calendar, so we'll stick with that.

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

Well, if you still have two tickets, Alex and I would like them!

Comment on post Musical friends & family show?:

Alex and I want to go to one of the shows, but no idea which one yet. Any particular reason to go/not go to that one?

Comment on post the syndrome that has no name:

They filmed some significant percentage of "Smart People" on CMU's campus and in Pittsburgh. I haven't seen it yet though to see how recognizable it is.

Comment on post *twitch*:

My eye doctor says it can be all sorts of things -- including stress and caffeine, like mentioned. But if it doesn't go away within a week or so (and stress/caffeine aren't excessive) then it can mean that your glasses prescription isn't quite right.

Personally I find that if I think about it, it continues, but eventually it goes away, and at some point I realize it hasn't happened in a week or so, but if I keep thinking about it, my eyes do it...

Comment on post things are already better!:

Is PA known for birch beer?

Comment on post fun with go:

Grow cube game?

Comment on post camping, facebook:

Cool. We drove right by Frostburg. I was actually wondering when we saw some mountain bikers on the trail if it was somewhere near David's family and if he'd biked there.

Comment on post world o' stuff:

Other than the spelling, the discrete is actually important...

"S-Video cables transmit the chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) portions of a video signal along different paths, providing better color accuracy and detail than the composite video connection. S-Video signal is sometimes known as "Y/C", the symbols for Luminance and Chrominance."

Comment on post it's cooooold!:

For the pipes -- it depends on how cold it is, when the building was built, and how well they're insulated. In my building they sometimes have us drip our pipes, but I think its only if its staying consistently below zero. And yes, you do have to drain pipes that lead outdoors (like to a sprinkler system or something) or risk them bursting.

Sorry about the cold there. At least you know its likely to improve! And it seems that its still novel enough to you to be fun. We were actually at 9 this morning, and expecting half a foot of snow tonight. If only I didn't have to come in to school. At least its really good weather for baking Christmas cookies.

Comment on post lots'a thoughts'a:

Deer hunting season started Monday in Pennsylvania. But I don't think they could have run to Texas that quickly.

Comment on post Whoops, there's more!:

So cold? I don't think so! Let's see, you've got highs in the 60s-80s for the next 10 days. Want to trade?

Now if you were arguing that it was too hot to work out outside since exercise makes you warmer...

Comment on post things to be happy about:


Guess that full-time acting career will have to wait.

Comment on post busy week, fun weekend:

Your mood icon is just weird today, and not something that I would ever pair with optimistic!

Comment on post back home, finally:

Lived? As in past tense, so I've moved? Yay!

Comment on post back home, finally:

Silly Texans who confuse Cincinnati and Cleveland.

Probably mix up Pittsburgh and Philadelphia too!

Comment on post happy birthday!:

Greg's so helpful.

Happy Birthday David!

Comment on post busy, but almost trip!:

Have fun!

Didn't know you were singing. I'm sure it will be good.

Comment on post thanks all!:

Since when is your life normal?

Comment on post Birthday post!:

Happy Birthday!

Comment on post thoughts on my birthday (well, about my birthday, since today isn't my birthday):

Glad I'm not blamed for age issues. Though that still leaves plenty to be blamed for.

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

Tell you what, when you hit 10 you can start growing older again so that you'll remain in the double digits.

Comment on post I'm in a happy place!:

But he's growing younger again this year!

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Suggest one for me to use, and I may consider it.

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Beer Bike, no?

Referrer logs?

I do not have the abundance of free time that you do. When I do, perhaps a picture will happen.

Comment on post Fun search results!:

Wow. I certainly never would have tried that. And I think you have too much free time.

Comment on post successish! done!:

Me too.

Good job, guys.

Comment on post The hour is near...:

Hope its going well!

Comment on post weekend, stuff:

Didn't know the first, think I've heard the second, but have no desire to prove either one of them!

Comment on post weekend, stuff:

Good luck! Sometimes I wish I got to play with that kind of stuff. Instead I'm playing with numbers. And surprisingly enough, I'm playing with rather mundane real numbers. I do better with variables.

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